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The Magnetic Telescope

A professor is using a giant magnet which results in a ball of fire hitting the city. The professor refuses to stop using his magnetic telescope because he has invested 30 years of dreaming and planning in it. The police try to stop him but he puts up a barrier and starts to pull a comet in to look at it. The cops then smash the dynamo and cut the wires causing the comet to go crazy and rain destruction on the city. Superman rescues Lois from the rubble where the Magnetic Telescope was housed and tried to punch the comet away. When that fails Superman then uses his strength to restart the dynamo and his own body to replace the wires and Lois uses the Magnetic Telescope to send the comet back into space. When she goes to thank Superman the lights come on and she discovers she is talking to Clark Kent and wonders how he got there.

About Superman (Classic)

CLASSIC CARTOON: Don't miss the original cartoons that let the world see Superman fly for the very first time!