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Space World 2001 Scoop

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
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Nintendo is throwing a big party to show off all of its games, systems and future plans. Catch the news on the Gamecube delay, when youll see Zelda, the new Gamecube colors and more.

Space World 2001 is a yearly Nintendo game-fest where the latest and greatest Nintendo games and consoles go on display. Everybody gets to see what's new, what's coming up and what's just starting to be made. There's also news about big events, like the Gamecube launch. Here's the scoop:

1It looks like something has finally gone wrong for Nintendo. The Gamecube is gonna be arriving on Nov. 18, 2001 rather than the fifth, thanks to a problem with shipping them to stores. I guess those carrying handles aren't as useful as they'd hoped. On the upside, there's gonna be about 100,000 more of them and they'll have a solid supply for the rest of the year.

1When the Gamecube launches it's gonna be available in two colors. Classic indigo (purple) or the new jet black color. If you're in Japan you can even score a spice (orange) colored cube.

1Luigi's Mansion, Pikmin and Wave Race: Blue Storm are gonna be available right away. Other games are going to be coming out closer to Christmas. Keep an eye out for: Super Smash Brothers Melee, SSX Tricky, Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet and a Gamecube version of Phantasy Star Online from Sega.

1Bad news is that the latest Mario and Zelda games won't be out for a while. Mario Sunshine (the upcoming Mario game) isn't dropping in Japan until Summer 2002 and Zelda won't drop until Christmas 2002. Good thing super-girl Samas is coming out in Metroid Prime sometime next year, hopefully before Mario or Zelda's hero Link.

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