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Pokemon, WoW, Lightsabers, Neil Gaiman, Bolt & Xbox 360

Jun 23, 2008

Rockin' gaming fun and lots of animals are the real deal in this week's gaming news. For starters, Guitar Hero On Tour arrives for DS, plus Disney's Bolt movie comes to video games. If that's not enough, we have news on Neil Gaiman's incredible world of Coraline, downloading Deoxys, new Pokemon cards, WoW loot, new Star Wars games and family gaming fun for the Xbox 360! > Check it all out, plus the list of all the new games that drop this week for every game system from Nintendo DS to Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, PSP and even for your PC!

Shiny Treasure!

The new Hunt for Illidan set for the World of Warcraft card game is bringing three cool new prizes with it! If you can get your hands on the hard-to-find loot cards, you'll be able to use the codes to unlock these items in the WoW online game.
  • The Path of Illidan - Leave glowing green footprints as you run around with this common loot card.
  • D.I.S.C.O. - Flashing lights, obnoxious music, swanky 70s dance moves. All yours with this uncommon loot card.
  • Ethereal Soul-Trader - This rare loot card unlocks a ghostly pet that helps you collect Ethereal money - which is the only thing you can trade for the Ethereal Soul-Trader's ten unique items!
  • Fantastic Gaming From Neil Gaiman

    The incredible fantasy author behind awesome creations like Stardust and The Wolves in the Walls, Neil Gaiman, is diving into video games with Coraline! Based on the upcoming stop-motion movie by Universal Pictures about the reality-challenged Coraline struggling with her real-world family problems and her way-crazy fantasy world. Coraline arrives in theaters and video games at the beginning of 2009 - stay tuned to Kidzworld for more info!

    Waking up the Legends

    A new batch of Pokemon cards arrives this September with Pokemon Trading Card Game - Diamond & Pearl- Legends Awakened set! With powerful new legendary Pokemon like Regigigas, Heatran and Giratina, Mewtwo LV.X and the Bombardment and Metal Surge theme decks, this 140-card set is ready to rock. It arrives on August 20 and we'll have a review for you when it does!

    Deoxys, I Choose You!

    If you want to duel with the legendary, and powerful, Pokemon Deoxys, you need to get your butt in gear and head out to a GameStop store near you! US Pokemon fans will be able to download this incredibly rare Pokemon onto their DS Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl games on June 27-29, all you have to do is check out your local GameStop.

    Bzzt! Wheeow! Hrrmmm...

    The sights and sounds of the awesome Star Wars lightsaber weapons are unforgettable, if a little hard to spell. But, the animated adventure of the Star Wars: Clone Wars movie that hits theaters this August will be coming home with the Star Wars The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels for Wii and Star Wars The Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance for Nintendo DS. Both games make the lightsaber combat come to life, with Wiimote-controlled lightsabers or stylus-based combat moves.

    Rock Out! On... DS?

    Activision's new Guitar Hero: On Tour music game for Nintendo DS comes with a wacky plug-in Guitar Grip and guitar-pick styles that lets you bust out the tunes on your handheld game system. Combined with multiplayer options like co-op gaming, guitar duels and even a Signing a fans t-shirt mini-game, this game really lets you live like a rock legend! Check out this trailer for a look at the fun.
  • Guitar Hero: On Tour - Launch Video (large) - .wmv file (60MB)
  • Guitar Hero: On Tour - Launch Video (small) - .wmv file (15MB)
  • Get Your Sbox 360 Wet

    No, wait, don't! Keep that sucker dry, but check out the cool aquatic fun of Sea Life Safari for the Xbox Live Arcade. It's a downloadable splash of fun that arrived on June 18. It lets you join Professor Willis' underwater dive team as a deep-sea photographer and jump in the water to take pictures of gorgeous and rare underwater critters. It's like someone mixed Wild Earth: African Safari with Endless Ocean, set the microwave to "Xbox 360" and served it up. Yum, yum, yum, gaming fun for the whole family!

    Bolting to Games

    Disney's new Bolt movie about a super-powered dog, who only has his powers as part of a TV show, is coming to video games! Based on the upcoming movie starring John Travolta and Miley Cyrus, you'll be able to play as Bolt the dog. With surprising super powers, mini-games, multiplayer modes, more DGamer online chat action and more, expect a heap of fun when this hits stores!

    Icky Black Shadows

    More news on the Spider-Man: Web of Shadows game from Activision! Check out the new trailer.
  • Spider-Man: Web of Shadows - Behind-the-Scenes Video - .mov file (125MB)
  • Spider-Man: Web of Shadows - Behind-the-Scenes Video - .wmv file (80MB)
  • What Video Games are Dropping This Week?

  • June 24 - Big Beach Sports for Wii.
  • June 24 - Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity for PS2.
  • June 24 - Fading Shadows for PSP.
  • June 24 - Falling Stars for PS2.
  • June 24 - Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift for DS.
  • June 24 - Hellboy: The Science of Evil for PS3 and Xbox 360.
  • June 24 - Mega Man Star Force 2: Zerker X Ninja for DS.
  • June 24 - Mega Man Star Force 2: Zerker X Saurian for DS.
  • June 24 - Midnight Play Pack for DS.
  • June 24 - My Weight Loss Coach for DS.
  • June 24 - Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2: The Phantom Fortress for PSP.
  • June 24 - Wall●E for PC, PSP, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.
  • June 26 - Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm for PC, Xbox 360.
  • June 27 - Purr Pals for Wii.
  • June 29 - Guitar Hero: Aerosmith for PS2, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.
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