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Yu-Gi-Oh :: How to Build a Killer Deck Part 5

May 25, 2016

In the second round of the finals match against Charles Easton's Synchro Cat deck, you can really see the consistency of this deck shine through as Easton was forced to pass several times in a row due to bad card draws while Matt Peddle could work with almost anything he got. In the third and deciding round of the finals, Peddle could have won when he had the chance to force Easton to randomly discard from his hand. Unfortunately, he randomly selected the only card that was not helpful and Easton won the game and the championship the next turn.

Good Cards For Any Deck

The following cards are excellent support and staple cards that should be considered if they fit your theme and strategy well.

Monster Cards

  • D. D. Warrior Lady - She only has 1500 Attack, but she can remove any monster she battles from the game.
  • Airknight Parshath - A 1900 Attack, one-tribute, monster that damages your opponent even when he's blocked. And, he lets you draw a card each time he damages your opponent.
  • Asura - A 1700 Attack monster that can attack all of your opponent's monsters at once.
  • Breaker the Magical Warrior - A 1900 Attack monster who can also counter a Spell Card.
  • Sangan - A weak monster that lets you search your deck for another monster when he's destroyed.
  • Spirit Reaper - A weak monster. But if it damages your opponent they discard a card! Also, it cannot be destroyed in battle.
  • D. D. Assailant - A 1700 Attack monster that will remove any monster that destroys it from the game.
  • Rescue Cat - A weak card that you can immediately tribute to summon two beast monsters for one turn. If you summon a tuner beast monster, you can get a strong synchro monster with this kitty!
  • Cyber Dragon - You can bring this monster out in a pinch if you have no monster and your opponent does. A great second turn card.
  • Dark Armed Dragon - A powerful card that requires you to have exactly three dark monsters in your graveyard to summon. If you are packing a lot of darks, pack this one too!
  • Marshmallon - It cannot be defeated in battle and does 1000 damage to your opponent if they attack it face down!
  • Night Assailant - A flip effect monster that can destroy your opponent's best monster with an optional ability to get monsters from the graveyard back to your hand.
  • Plaguespreader Zombie - A useful tuner card that is available almost all the time after it visits the graveyard.
  • Goyo Guardian - A super strong synchro monster that is a must have for any deck.
  • Krebons - A great tuner monster that can save your life on the defense.
  • Summoner Monk - A great, nearly no risk effect monster that summons more monsters for you.

Spell Cards

  • Mystical Space Typhoon - Destroy a Spell or Trap Card, this card is so handy it hurts.
  • Heavy Storm - Wipes out all Spell and Trap Cards on the field.
  • Book of Moon - Flip a creature into face-down defense position. Great for messing with monsters that have a huge Attack and a low Defense, plus you can re-use your own flip-effect monsters.
  • Nobleman of Crossout - Remove a face-down creature from play. If it's a flip-effect creature, each player searches their deck for copies and removes them from play as well.
  • Lightning Vortex - Use this and discard another card to destroy all of your opponent's monsters.
  • Monster Reborn - Take back your strongest monster or your opponent's strongest monster from the graveyard!
  • Smashing Ground - Destroy an opponent's face up monster with the strongest defense
  • Fissure - Destory an opponent's face up monster with the weakest attack
  • Brain Control - Pay 800 life points to control your opponent's monster for a turn. A good time to tribute it or synchro summon!
  • Giant Trunade - Return all spells and traps to the player's hand. Handy to use if Heavy Storm is too costly.
  • United We Stand - Perhaps the only good equip card because it is so powerful.
  • Swords of Revealing Light - If you are playing a slow, defensive game, this card is a must.
  • Gold Sarcophagus - Allows you to grab the card you want after a few turns. Great for a slower deck.

Trap Cards

  • Mirror Force - Activate when your opponent attacks, negate the attack and destroy all of your opponent's monsters in the attack position.
  • Torrential Tribute - Activate when a monster is summoned to destroy all monsters on the field.
  • Sakuretsu Armor - Activate when your opponent attacks you, to destroy their monster.
  • Dust Tornado - Destroy a Spell or Trap card on your opponent's side of the table and immediately set one of your own.
  • Solemn Judgement - A catch-all emergency card that can prevent summons, spells, and traps at a high life point cost.
  • Crush Card Vrius - A good defensive card if you are playing a slower deck.
  • Ojama Trio - Stop your opponent's swarming by blocking three of their monster slots with this card.
  • Gravity Bind - A good defensive card for an appropriate deck.
  • Magic Cylinder - A great card that can stop your opponent from making a comeback.
  • Bottomless Trap Hole - A great card that can destory monsters with 1500 ATK or higher when they get summoned

Forbidden and Limited Cards

This is something that you must follow if you want to participate in tournaments. There is a list of cards that are forbidden. That is, you cannot have them in your deck. Also, there are cards on the list that are limited, which means you can only have one or two of them in your deck instead of the usual three. This list is constantly updated and changed, which means you will need to stay on top of things. Luckily, Kidzworld.com will keep you up to date with all the changes. Be sure to check out the current banlist that came out March 2009!

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