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The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom :: XBox Live Arcade Game Review

Reviewed by on Feb 23, 2010
Rating: 5 Star Rating

The world (and its pies) are yours for the taking! But will pastries be enough to make this a satifying game? Read our review and find out!

Violets are blue and roses are red, but this game is black and white! The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom is a game that you can download from the XBox Marketplace to play on Live Arcade. The game is done in a silly silent film style, with black and white graphics and funny rhymes telling the story.

I Spy Good Pie!

You play as Winterbottom, gentleman pie thief. One day, you accidently come across a pie that allows you to defy time and space by creating clones. Now joined with an army of yourself, you can go around and collect all the pies in the world!

Don't Be Alone, Make Some Clones!

By holding down the R button and performing some actions, you can create a clone that will repeat that action over and over. This way you can have clones hit switches, help you jump higher, or act as a human ladder.

The only thing between you and pie are the various stages and puzzles that you must solve using your clones in creative ways. Each new world comes with different challenges and [klwink 7293]new abilities[/kwlink] for Winterbottom, making sure that you won't get bored!

This Game's Not Lame!

The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom is a very rewarding game. There are easy and hard levels that can be solved in many different ways. Each of the stages and puzzles feel fresh, the time control abilities are very interesting, and the game does not get boring. In fact, it can feel a bit short, as the 51 levels can be completed in less than 5 hours by most gamers.

However, there are still bonus levels that can be unlocked. These [kwlink 9910]bonus levels[/kwlink] keep track of your time and the number of clones used and you can compete with your friends for the best record.


Price: 800 MS Points on XBLA

ESRB Rating: E for Everyone

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