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Nintendo 3DS Hardware Add-on Revealed!

Sep 15, 2011

Nintendo had quite a bit of news to share during their Tokyo Game Show press conference this week. Announcements included some bad news, such as Kid Icarus 3DS being delayed until next year, but there was also some good news, such as the 3DS getting a software update that will enable 3D video recording. However, the most interesting announcement has got to be the reveal of a new hardware add-on for the Nintendo 3DS, the Extended Slide Pad add-on.

Double the Slide Pad...

The slide pad is the official name of the analog circle pad that acts as the joystick for the Nintendo 3DS. The new add-on will add a slightly smaller slide pad for your right hand so that you can play games that requires two joysticks. The add-on also adds more shoulder buttons, you can have access to R1 and R2, as well as L2 buttons now!

The Extended Slide Pad add-on is a snap-on tray that will make the whole system a bit longer and thicker. This might make the 3DS a bit hard to carry around in your pocket. The add-on is due out in Japan this December at the cost of 1500 yen, or roughly $20. It will be powered by a single AAA battery.

Double the Fun?

It has already been confirmed that the upcoming Monster Hunter 3DS game will support the new add-on. Dynasty Warriors, Kindom Hearts 3D, Resident Evil: Revelations, and Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater are also on board with the new add-on. While not a game announced for the 3DS, two analog slide pads is also ideal for a Katamari Damacy game.

As you may recall, the DS Lite came out not too long after the release of the original Nintendo DS, fixing a lot of early issues with the system. Perhaps we can expect an updated 3DS in the future? An XL version is not totally out of the question.

Have Your Say

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