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Mark Ronson: Uptown Special Album Review

Reviewed by on Jan 19, 2015
Rating: 4 Star Rating

British DJ Mark Ronson kicked off 2015 by dropping his album a week early - and if you like the hit single Uptown Funk, then Uptown Special wont disappoint! Kidzworld has the album review.

Uptown Special is British DJ/singer and musician Mark Ronson's latest studio album, and featuring tons of collaborations he really lets his friends shine - in fact, you'll feel like you're at mo-town inspired party with all your favorite artists of today when you hit play on this album! The lead single "Uptown Funk," featuring fantastic vocals by Bruno Mars is already taking over the charts. Bruno is seamlessly channeling some classic Michael Jackson-style moves and vocals on the track, and the incredible upbeat horns make this a tune that immediately makes you want to get up and get down. Mark and Bruno worked together on a lot of songs for Bruno's Unorthodox Jukebox - so clearly they're a musical dream team.

Mark Ronson is a producer, singer, DJ and musicianMark Ronson is a producer, singer, DJ and musicianCourtesy of Billboard

Other artists featured on the album include rapper Mystikal, Stevie Wonder, Prince and Mike Snow and Kevin Parker from Tame Impala. Many of the songs lyrics are penned by celebrated novelist Michael Chabon - that's a pretty impressive all-star cast. One of Mark Ronson's greatest talents is not only getting great artists to work with him, but also pumping up the retro feel and borrowing styles and sounds from anywhere and everywhere. Many of the songs on Uptown Special will leave you wondering how no one had written them before!  Almost every track is bouncy, energetic, 80's boogie-inspired and funky. As his fourth studio album, it's safe to say that Mark Ronson has perfected his sound. The DJ set feel of the album makes it danceable and interesting the whole way through. Rumor has it he has another album coming out fast on the heels of this one, so we can't wait to see what he'll do next.

Uptown Funk is the debut single off Uptown SpecialUptown Funk is the debut single off Uptown Special

Track List

  1. Uptown's First Finale
  2. Summer Breaking 
  3. Feel Right
  4. Uptown Funk
  5. I Can't Lose
  6. Daffodils
  7. Crack in the Pearl
  8. In Case of Fire
  9. Leaving Los Feliz
  10. Heavy and Rolling
  11. Crack in the Pearl Part II

Uptown Special Album rating: 4

Uptown Special dropped January 13, 2015Uptown Special dropped January 13, 2015Courtesy of Sony

Check out "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars!


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