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Metroid: Zero Mission Now Available For Wii U Virtual Console

Jan 14, 2016

Metroid: Zero Mission released today, January 14, for the Wii U Virtual Console. It can be purchased and downloaded for $7.99 (US).

Off-TV play is supported also, so you won't have to stop playing this epic entry in the Metroid series if your family wants to use the television. Check out the trailer below.

Metroid: Zero Mission Trailer


For those unfamiliar with Metroid: Zero Mission. It was a remake of the classic NES game, originally released on the Gameboy Advanced back in 2004 with graphics and gameplay more in line with Super Metroid. Making it a must play for fans.

Danger lurks everywhere.Danger lurks everywhere.Courtesy of Nintendo

Samus is ready to blast them to pieces.Samus is ready to blast them to pieces.Courtesy of Nintendo

It's been a long time since Samus Aran has had a proper adventure. Hopefully the release of the Nintendo NX will bring with it some new space adventures. Until then, at least we have the awesomeness of Metroid: Zero Mission.

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