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Remedy Entertainment Has Started Its Next Game

Apr 22, 2016

By: Max Cannon

No Time To Stop

Even though Remedy Entertainment's new game - Quantum Break - isn't even a month old, the Finish developer has apparently been working on a new game for the past 9 months. According to the LinkedIn profiles of 2 members of Remedy's development team, an unannounced game has been in deep in the creation process since August 2015 at the latest.

Game development doesn't happen quickly, even with a team of people as experienced as Remedy's. Most games are in development for 2 years at least, and most big budget games are announced way ahead of their releases though that has been changing in recent months. Could this mean that Remedy will have a new game to show at E3 2016? Or there is certainly the chance of this being Quantum Break related DLC.

Could Remedy be working on more Quantum Break related content?Could Remedy be working on more Quantum Break related content?Courtesy of Microsoft

Remedy is a studio in a peculiar place, as they are not owned by Microsoft but have released Microsoft exclusive games since 2003's Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. This means Remedy could put their games on the PlayStation 4 as well as the Xbox One, if they so choose. Games of the past could potentially make their way to Sony consoles as well because Remedy has held on to the Alan Wake IP. That means Remedy owns the rights to the game, not Microsoft, and they can take the game wherever they would like to, including competing companies.

In an earlier interview this month the head writer of Remedy Entertainment, Sam Lake, mentioned that "there are discussions about multiplayer." That would definitely shake things up at a company that has produced exclusively single player games. And excitingly enough, the original Max Payne - which is arguably Remedy's most iconic game - was just released on the European PlayStation Store for PlayStation 4 with HD graphics and full trophy support. It'd be reasonable to assume that the classic PlayStation 2 game will make its way to America soon, most likely this coming Tuesday when the store updates, but potentially sooner. 

The original Max Payne has made its way over to the PS4.The original Max Payne has made its way over to the PS4.Courtesy of Digital Spy
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