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More Star Wars Games Announced

May 06, 2016

By: Max Cannon

In a recent financial meeting, Electronic Arts gave their investors - and us - an idea of what we can expect for upcoming Star Wars games. Though many of the games themselves are still a mystery we have a solid timeline for when developers plan to release their games. And it seems like EA is planning at least one Star Wars game a year for the foreseeable future. 

First off is a sequel to one of the most adored franchises in Star Wars gaming: Star Wars: Battlefront 2CFO of EA, Blake Jorgensen, stated that the game would be released "next year." However that could mean 2016 or 2017 as businesses often start their year in April, but regardless we'll be seeing that game very soon. Excitingly enough, we'll also be seeing "bigger and better worlds" and content from the "new movies."

Star Wars: Battefront recently returned players to a franchise that was very missed.Star Wars: Battefront recently returned players to a franchise that was very missed.Courtesy of EA

A Sign of Things To Come

Whether this means content from Rogue One or the distant Star Wars: Episode VIII we still don't know but we can count on seeing more variety than we did in the original release of Dice's Star Wars: Battlefront. Jorgensen also made sure to remind everyone of Visceral's upcoming project, though he gave a similar time frame as he did with Battlefront. For those uninformed, Visceral has worked on a game with Battlefront developer, Dice, and more famously was the team behind the Dead Space games. With such a successful trilogy under their belt whatever they are cooking up in the Star Wars universe is highly anticipated. 

Finally, last week on May 4th, EA announced a new 3rd person Star Wars game coming from Respawn Entertainment, creators of Titanfall. Even more famous than Titanfall, Vince Zampella created Respawn Entertainment after leaving Infinity Ward and heading up the creation of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 & 2. As influential as that game was for multiplayer it would be incredibly exciting to see the team strike gold again.

Though I'll always miss the idea of the canceled Star Wars 1313 game being released, as EA's acquisition of Star Wars properties halted production on the title, I'm excited at what's to come! And it looks like we can expect a lot of variety!

Concept art from the now cancelled Star Wars 1313.Concept art from the now cancelled Star Wars 1313.Courtesy of EA
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