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Block Masters Video Series

Aug 19, 2016

Do you eat, sleep and breathe Minecraft? Then the Block Masters original video series can help you perfect your favorite pastime with tips, tricks, and walkthroughs. Check out the videos on Kidzworld.

Minecraft Mania

As any fan can tell you, Minecraft can get pretty addictive - you'll want to play it all day and night, and when you're not playing it, you probably want to talk about it or watch vids of other people playing the game. For those of you who aren't fully immersed in the world of Minecraft, the fun has just begun!

Block Masters Video Series

The game's first-person player perspective will launch you into a world of your own creation. You're in control - deciding where to live, when to eat, and what to do. You can build your own home bases that allow you to venture out, take risks, and of course run and take cover when it doesn't work out. Experience the thrill of the chase and the freedom to run and explore their adventurous side when you jump into the world of Minecraft, Block Masters will be there to show you the best ways to play!

Block Masters

Block Masters is going to show you how to tap into your creative side even you're thinking INSIDE the box! Block Masters is essential watching for any Minecraft fan, and a great tool if you're just getting started. Block Masters is an original video series produced by Playwire Media. The videos give you unparalleled access to the biggest Minecraft influencers online, and you can learn their tips, tricks, and walkthroughs, learning to build amazing creations. 

Block Masters Video SeriesBlock Masters Video Series

Breakfast World

Block Masters: Series One will cover tips and tricks from the hottest new Minecraft server - Breakfast World! Breakfast World is a new Minecraft server themed around, you guessed it, breakfast. This new world includes multiple mini-games, challenges, hidden secrets, character add-ons and more, and we said it once, but it's worth repeating, everything is modeled around your favorite (or at least first) meal of the day.

Block Masters Video "Breakfast World"



PSSST! Check back often, new videos will be uploaded every week and Block Masters series 2 starts this fall!

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