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January 2017's Geek Fuel Subscription

Jan 30, 2017

By: Max Cannon

Every month Geek Fuel sends out a subscription box full of swag that has something for every nerd out there. From comics to gaming and everything in between, there's going to be something that tickles your fancy with Geek Fuel - including a free Steam download every month. Check out what we got our hands on this month, and if you're interested in signing up yourself just head over to www.geekfuel.com.

The included magazine with a Carrie Fisher cover.The included magazine with a Carrie Fisher cover.Courtesy of Kidzworld

January's Geek Fuel Box

Last month was full of sci-fi and, though we've got some sci-fi this month, there's a lot of variety this month! We've got a couple of trendy fashion magazines, a well written tribute to Carrie Fisher, and some cool super hero figures. 

If you loved seeing Rogue One and was a big fan of a certain droid, than you'll be excited at the idea of getting your hands on this K-2SO shirt. You can also show off your respect for Princess Leia with a minimalistic looking pin. 

The design for January's shirt.The design for January's shirt.Courtesy of Kidzworld

A Princess Leia pin.A Princess Leia pin.Courtesy of Kidzworld

A Q Fig, similar to the beloved Funko Pops, is bundled in with this month! There are 4 different DC possibilities this month: Mr. Freeze, Harley Quinn, The Flash, or Green Arrow. Take a look at The Flash one from this month! Keeping familiar with the inclusion of Geek Fuel themed pins, we've gotten our hands on the He-Man themed pin!

The Flash's Q Fig!The Flash's Q Fig!Courtesy of Kidzworld

Geek Fuel's He-Bot pin!Geek Fuel's He-Bot pin!Courtesy of Kidzworld

Our final physical goodie is for those looking to clean up in the nerdiest way possible. The Legend of Zelda themed soaps shaped like Rupees, the currency from the series. 

The box of Rupee Soap.The box of Rupee Soap.Courtesy of Kidzworld

The box of Rupee Soap.The box of Rupee Soap.Courtesy of Kidzworld

Each month a Steam game is stuffed into the box. This month's game is Ninja Pizza Girl, a stylish platformer that's paired with a dubsteppy trailer.

Ninja Pizza Girl - Gameplay Trailer


An awesome month for Geek Fuel. Big thanks to My Subscription Addiction for providing the pictures and if you're interested in getting your hands on some of this cool stuff than check out www.geekfuel.com.

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