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Rocket League is Coming to the Switch

Oct 31, 2017

By: Max Cannon

Psyonix's indie smash hit Rocket League is coming to the Nintendo Switch and bringing a handful of special extras along with it. The game is already available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC but it'll be right at home on the portable Switch when it launches on November 14th.

Mario and Luigi get their own battle cars on the Switch.Mario and Luigi get their own battle cars on the Switch.

Rocketing onto the Switch

Rocket League is the sequel to the lengthily titled Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars and is easily described as soccer with cars. The original game was a PlayStation 3 exclusive and when Rocket League first released it had started as a free-offering through PlayStation Plus back in July of 2015. Once the game had spread onto other platforms the only noticeable commission was the Nintendo Switch until E3 when the Big N let us know that the game was coming to their new console but with a few extras.

Rocket League® - Nintendo Switch Battle-Cars Trailer


As you can see in that above video, there are exclusive cars incoming designed around Nintendo properties. First off, we've got a matching red and green pair of Mario and Luigi themed battle cars. And for those of us that will take anything Metroid we can get between now and the inevitable release of Metroid Prime 4, we'll get access to a Samus themed battle car. We can also assume that there will be more extras to come in the future and with certain online battles you'll be able to show off your Nintendo themed cars on platforms like PC and Xbox One.

A Cross Platform Goal

The best feature of Rocket League will be the game's cross-platform play which means that gamers on the Nintendo Switch will be able to play with gamers on Xbox One or PC but at the moment it looks like PlayStation isn't willing to get on board with that. This is a nearly identical scenario to what's going on with Minecraft between these big companies. Apparently PlayStation couldn't reach an agreement with Microsoft, the owners of the Minecraft IP, and PlayStation is sitting out on cross-play with that game as well, though Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox can all team up to play together, though you'll need an Xbox Live login.

A Metroid-inspired vehicle.A Metroid-inspired vehicle.

There's no word at the moment if you'll need a special login to make sure of cross-play with Rocket League but as it stands it should be easy as can be to play with other Rocket Leaguers regardless of if you have an online subscription on other devices. If you're going to need a special login it'll probably be through Psyonix, Rocket League's developer, with a special account. We'll have to wait to see how the game wants to play this out. Again, look forward to the game's release on Switch on November 14th.

Have Your Say!

Are you going to download Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch? Have you gotten to play the game on other platforms or will you be using cross-play? Share your comments below!