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Metroid Prime Trilogy :: Boss Guide Part 1

Oct 27, 2016

For most people, it has been awhile since they played any Metroid game. Since that is the case, it can be easy to forget how to tackle a certain boss. This guide will give a helpful reminder. For the sake of keeping this article short, only the hardest and most important bosses will be mentioned here.

Most of the tips will be short. Usually, you can rely on your scan visor to help you figure out what to do. The rest of most boss fights will be avoiding attacks and returning fire. Most bosses have simple patterns. Once you figure out how to damage them, just keep doing it over and over until they are defeated. Good luck!

Metroid Prime

  • Flaahgra: Attack it repeatedly to stun it, then hit the red dot on the bottom of the shiny dishes with missiles or charged shots to flip them up. When they are all up, Flaahgra will fall over and can morphball and roll down the small tunnel to plant bombs and damage it a lot.
  • Thardus: Switch to Thermal Visor to lock on and see weak points. After attacking the weak points for a bit, it will turn blue and you will need to switch back to your normal visor. Go back and forth between visors and keep attacking. Wave beam is the best for this fight.
  • Omega Pirate: Charge up your attacks while jumping to avoid his attacks. Aim for the four armor pieces, super missiles work too. When he goes invisible, use the X-ray visor to find him and stop him from going to the phazon pools with a super missile.
  • Meta-Ridley: Lock on from afar and charge up. Avoid his attacks and shoot when he's close. Eventually he will lose his wings and you will need to jump a lot to dodge his attacks. Hit him with a charged shot when he opens his mouth and then hit him in the chest with a super missile for massive damage.
  • Metroid Prime: Shoot its eyes with different beams depending on its color. When it is yellow, use the power beam, wave beam is for purple, ice is for white, and plasma is for red. Go to morphball and hide in a hole to avoid its dash attack. Jumping should allow you to avoid everything else.
  • For the second stage, change your visor so that you can lock on. Keep a safe distance and jump over its attacks. Use the ice beam and power bomb to handle metroids and jump into the phazon pools and use hypermode to attack Metroid Prime whenever you can.

Metroid Prime Echoes

  • Bomb Guardian: Keep locked on so that you can dash behind it and shoot the tail. Charged shots to the tail, followed by missiles to the head, will do the trick.
  • Jump Guardian: This boss will always fire three shots, so shoot back whenever you can. Charge up when it is jumping around and jump over the shockwave it makes when it lands and shoot it. Use the radar to help keep track of where it is.
  • Boost Guardian: It cannot be hurt in ball or puddle form. When it is a puddle, morphball bomb it. When it is a ball, avoid it by hiding behind pillar and bomb it when it slows down. After enough bombs, it will go back to normal and you can damage it again. Light beam and super missiles are good for this boss.
  • Grapple Guardian: Shoot charged shots at its eye and hide behind the blue pillars for protection. Get behind it whenever you can and hit its weak spot with a super missile. Be sure to avoid the dash attack afterwards.
  • Power Bomb Guardian: Stay in morphball, climb the spider rails and bomb the four slots. Bomb the Inglets in your way and always move back and forth on the rail to avoid attacks.
  • Spider Guardian:Morphball bomb the boss enough and eventually bomb slots will activate and you can slowly lead the boss to its destruction.
  • Amorbis: Watch the ground carefully to avoid its attacks. Shoot the armor off its body with charged shots and missiles. After the armor is gone, stay back and shoot missiles at it. After the mask comes off, go into morphball and let it suck you into the mouth where you can bomb it. You will have to deal with two Amorbis and then three at the same time before it is down for good.
  • Chykka: Charge up your light beam and attack it. Use dark beam on its attacks that come out of the water. Shoot it after it jumps out and keep attacking it before it goes back. Use the space jump to avoid the tidal waves.
  • For the second phase, use partially charged shots. Stun it and get behind and lock on multiple points with the seeker missile to break off a wing. After all the wings are gone, it will fall in the water. Lock on the egg sac and shoot with charged light beams. Rinse and repeat.

Still Stuck?

Do not worry! Check out Part Two of the Metroid Prime Trilogy boss guide with the final bosses of Echoes and all the hardest and most important bosses from Corruption.

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