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Nintendo Closes Out the Summer With New Games

Aug 31, 2018

By: Max Cannon

With this week's Nindies Showcase, Nintendo had a handful of quality-looking independent games to show off. If you're looking to get up to speed on Nintendo's latest announcements, you're in the right place!

Starting Off With Some Welcome'd Ports

You'll often hear the term "port" thrown around in the world of video games, this basically means that a game was initially on one system and moved to another or "ported." The Nintendo Switch already has a reputation for swimming in too many ports but I'd say the games shown off during the Nindies are welcome ports to the console, especially if you haven't played them before. The first was Hyper Light Drifter: Special Edition, coming on September 6th, which is getting new content on the Switch and, to keep up that retro style, the next game we saw was Towerfall for Nintendo Switch which will include all of the DLC for the game and launches on September 27th

Hyper Light Drifter's retro visuals are right at home on the Nintendo Switch.Hyper Light Drifter's retro visuals are right at home on the Nintendo Switch.Courtesy of Nintendo

Towerfall was developed by Matt Makes Games who you may remember as the developer behind the awesome platformer Celeste, so the Switch release of Towerfall will include Madeline and her dark reflection Badeline as playable characters! Those aren't the only ports coming in hot, Supergiant Games is bringing their beloved Bastion to Switch on September 13th and Transistor at an undetermined time this November. It's also worth pointing out that Undertale, an RPG focused on witty dialogue, is coming to Nintendo Switch on September 18th.

Undertale's snappy writing comes to Switch soon.Undertale's snappy writing comes to Switch soon.Courtesy of Nintendo

New Games This Week

Nintendo surprised everyone with a pair of games that hit the same week as the Nindies Showcase, you can pick up both of these games now! First off is the MetroidVania type game, The Messenger, which feels partially inspired by the original NES's Ninja Gaiden games both in visuals and platforming. Excellent character design and challenging gameplay made this title a standout in the Nindies montage that began to play out the video. But that's not the only game you're able to play now.

The Messenger has a look similar to a high end NES game.The Messenger has a look similar to a high end NES game.Courtesy of Nintendo

Into the Breach is a tactical RPG that closed out the Nindies showcase developed by Subset Games, the team behind FTL (Faster Than Light.) This game, which is said to be pretty tough, is an RPG that seems to base around destroying giant monsters on an evolving map. For example, you can take out a cluster of enemies by washing them away with some water held back by a dam, a really clever addition to the genre. If that's confusing to you, I'd suggest checking out the gameplay from the end of Nindies Showcase which you can watch below, there were so many announcements and new games in there that you'll want to watch the video to see everything for yourself!

Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase Summer 2018

Have Your Say!

What did you think of the Nindies Showcase? Did any of the games excite you or are you waiting for those big budget games? Share your thoughts on the showcase below!