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Self-Esteem: How To Feel More Confident About Yourself

Be the “you” you are meant to be - Everyone else is taken.

May 22, 2019

Self-esteem is confidence in one’s own worth and abilities. How much you feel valued and accepted by others and yourself, inside and out, affects your self-esteem.

How well do you know your inner self?

You’re unique.  There’s only one “you” in the world.  Everyone else sees the outside you:  Your actions, the image you portray, and the way you look. Body image, or how you feel about your outer appearance, is part of self-esteem.  The “inside” you knows all your feelings, secret ideas, hopes and dreams. It’s who you really are.  Having a good self-esteem allows you to accept your “real” self and to live your life to the fullest.

be who you are and say what you feel Dr. Seuss

Why is having a positive self-esteem important?

Those who have a positive self esteem do better in school, have better relationships, and are happier and more confident.  It’s important to feel good about your “inside” self, and to like the person you are.  Liking who you are means knowing that you’re worthy of love, respect and acceptance, even though you make mistakes.  You can appreciate and be comfortable with who you are, even during those times when others may not appreciate you. 


No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent.

Bullying & Self Esteem

Some kids might think that bullying is a normal part of life, but it’s not.  It’s never normal or okay.  Every single person has the right to feel safe and to feel good about themselves.  Having a positive self-esteem will give you the confidence and strength to stand up for yourself.  If you feel good about who you are, others won’t have power over you.  Remember that bullies tear down others because they, themselves, suffer from a low self-esteem.

Everyone is different, that's what makes the world interesting.Everyone is different, that's what makes the world interesting.Courtesy of Sammie Vasquez

What are you good at?

Does it seem easier to find the good in others over ourselves? This is common, because we are our own toughest critics!  Don’t beat yourself up over your weaknesses—Everyone has them.  Everyone was born with their own set of strengths and talents, and this is what makes the world interesting.  Your strengths and weaknesses make up who you are as a person—embrace them. 

Not sure what your strengths are?  Try new activities and hobbies to get in touch with your natural talents. You will eventually find them.  And when you do, be proud of your abilities.

Surround yourself with friends who lift you up.Surround yourself with friends who lift you up.Courtesy of Alexis Brown

Improve your self-esteem!  Here’s how.

Take care of your 1) physical health and 2) emotional health. Taking care of yourself both physically and emotionally will work wonders for your confidence. 

Each day, try a few of these suggestions:

  1. Feed your body something both delicious and healthy.  Your body needs the right nutrition to function well.  You’ll feel better and have more energy.
  2. Move.  Choose a form of exercise and make it something enjoyable.  Why?  You’ll be less stressed, and feel and look better, which will make you more confident.
  3. Have fun.  What brings you happiness?  Not temporary enjoyment, but real happiness?  Spend a little time each day doing something you love.  (Stumped?  Start by thinking about your strengths and talents.) 
  4. Spend time with people who lift you up—The people who accept you no matter what you say or do; The ones who encourage you and who are happy when you succeed at something.  Don’t waste your precious time and energy on those who make you feel bad about yourself.
  5. Write in a journal.  Write about how you’re feeling and focus on the good things in your life.
  6. Count your blessings, not your blemishes.  Celebrate your individuality.  Doing the activities in #3 and #5 will help you with this! 
  7. Stop comparing yourself to others. Social media can suck you into this bad habit. You may need to get off social media for a while in order to do this. 
  8. Aim for accomplishments rather than perfection.  Don’t try to be perfect.  You’re going to make mistakes—everyone does.  Use your mistakes you make as an opportunity to learn and do better next time. 
  9. Do something for someone else.  Help a friend or a good cause.  It may sound cliché but helping others will make you feel happier and more confident.

What do you love to do?  Focus on your talents.What do you love to do? Focus on your talents.Courtesy of Steve Johnshon
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