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DC Universe Online Coming to Nintendo Switch

You can soon play the super hero MMORPG on the go!

May 24, 2019

By: Noah Friscopp

A Growing Universe

The Switch's library keeps on growing every week, and this Summer it gets a fairly big addition with DC Universe Online coming to the portable console. It is not the first MMO to hit the Nintendo eShop, with games like Warframe already available to download for free and soon Final Fantasy XIV, but DC Universe’s uniquely console focused control scheme it is a natural fit and I, personally, can’t wait to give it a go.  

DC Universe Online Announcement Trailer


The Gang's All Here

The game first released on PC and PS3 in 2011, and has since gotten numerous updates and changes that make it prime for portable play. Bashing hordes of bad guys (or good for you villainous types) with a variety of powers and weapons remains one of the most fun gameplay experiences you can find in an MMO to date, often feeling more like an action game than your traditional point and click MMORPG. Blasting enemies, exploring the huge open world cities and looting new and unique armor pieces means the fun lasts long, and the cast of characters you meet and battle is large, with the big names like the members of the Justice League and many of their most famous nemesis’. In addition to the big names, you also find yourself doing missions for lesser known characters from the DC Universe such as Booster Gold and Captain Cold just to name a couple. It feels like there are inspirations from every end of DC Comics’ vast library of characters and storylines, with even more episodes available to play after you finish the main story.   

Which side will you choose?Which side will you choose?

What Kind of Hero or Villain Will you Become?

Customizing your unique hero or villain is what I fell in love with in DC Universe Online. The in depth character creator lets you create the perfect character pulled straight from your imagination, with numerous movement modes, costumes and body options to create a ton of different hero combinations. Want to be a speedster like The Flash? You can! Fancy high flying like Superman? That is an option as well. My personal favorite movement ability is acrobatics, where you can climb up any building and glide away with the grace of The Bat. There are six different powers to choose from out of the gate, fire, ice, gadget abilities liked the cape crusader himself, mental powers, control of nature, and the arcane spells of a master sorcerer. More are available to purchase like Green Lantern’s light and mystifying celestial might, but the base power sets are more than enough to get you started in either Metropolis or Gotham City.

Creating your character is half the funCreating your character is half the fun

Brightest Day or Blackest Night

In addition to your powers, you can choose a variety of weapon types from shields, hand blasts and most everything you’d want to play with in a super hero (or villain) game in between. Last but certainly not least is who you choose to take as your new character’s mentor. The Man of Steel Superman, , and Wonder Woman are all available for the heroes side, with Lex Luthor, Circe, and the Clown Prince of Crime The Joker lending their dastardly counsel to the villains. Depending on who you choose, changes where you begin your journey. Metropolis was a bright and hopeful city before Braniac showed up, the game’s main villain and Gotham City is just as Bat-fans would expect. Cloaked in the darkness of an endless night and crawling with less than friendly foes to face off with. I find Gotham City to be a much more interesting location to soar and fight in, but the choice is all up to you. The customization makes sure your story and character are exactly how you imagine it.

Custom heroes ready to battle evilCustom heroes ready to battle evil

With Marvel’s new action RPG also coming this Summer, DCUO should be a great free alternative for anyone looking for an action packed and hero filled gaming experience on the Nintendo Switch. Look for it on the eShop this Summer! 

Share Your Thoughts Below!

Are you going to dive into the world of DC Comics on Switch this Summer? Who is your favorite DC hero or villain? Let us know down below!