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Far From Home Suits Added to Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4

Web sling in the new Upgraded and Stealth Suits from the new movie

Jul 04, 2019

By: Noah Friscopp

Fans looking for another reason to hop back into Insomniac Games’ stellar Spidey adventure will be happy to learn that two new suits from the new movie Spider-Man: Far From Home have been added to the game for absolutely free.

The Upgraded Suit

Peter Parker’s new Upgraded Suit is the main one focused on in most of Far From Home’s trailers. It is very similar to the Stark Suit in the game already, but with the sleek changes of black replacing the iconic blue and a white spider emblem on his back, not unlike the main Advanced Suit from the game. The more you play with this one, the more the details come to life and the darker colors give it a unique feel to the other red and blue costumes. Swinging through the city during night time especially makes the suit come to life against the dark sky and flashing lights of New York City.

The Upgraded Suit swinging through New YorkThe Upgraded Suit swinging through New York

The Stealth Suit

If a little more unconventional Spidey suits are more your style, check out Far From Home’s spin on the Stealth Suit. The dark tone and cobbled together design takes huge inspiration from Spider-Man Noir, who you might recognize from Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse which just hit Netflix. Peter B. Parker’s suit from that movie is also available to unlock if you have the DLC. If you haven’t seen Spiderverse yet, definitely do, it is a joy. Rounding out the, other “Stealth Suit” from the game, the Noir Suit, the Widow Suit, and a few others, the Far From Home Stealth Suit is perfect for players who love asking “does it come in black?” Sneaking around in the game’s stealth sections with this suit on will no doubt make you feel like a bonafide super spy, that just happens to have the ability to shoot webs.

Stealth Suit in the shadowsStealth Suit in the shadows

All MCU Costumes So Far

Spidey’s various outfits from the Marvel Cinematic Universe are all here in Spider-Man PS4. From Peter’s first go at the blue and red, the Homemade Suit, to the Stark Suit, and even Iron-Spider, Spider-Man for PS4 let’s you don Tom Holland’s looks no matter which is your favorite. The Upgraded and Stealth Suits bring the total number of wearable suits to about 40 in total, being the biggest closet of costumes in any Spider-Man game to date.

The Stark Suit from Civil War and HomecomingThe Stark Suit from Civil War and Homecoming

What Other Costumes Could be Added?

It is unlikely that we will see any more suits added to the game after these unfortunately, Insomniac is no doubt hard at work on a proper sequel that will bring all new twists, turns and villains for Peter Parker to face and no doubt even more costumes. We most likely won’t see news for this game until the next generation of consoles are released, but when we do you’ll hear about it here. Until then, if you need some more Spidey, check out an interview with Far From Home’s cast Tom Holland and Zendaya here

Will Miles Morales don his Spidey suit in the sequel?Will Miles Morales don his Spidey suit in the sequel?
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