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New Batman Arkham Game Coming? & The Dark Knight in Fortnite

The Dark Knight just celebrated his 80th birthday, and he isn't going anywhere any time soon.

Sep 24, 2019

By: Noah Friscopp

For being 80 years old, Bruce Wayne is looking pretty good. The Caped Crusader's 80th anniversary marks 8 decades of crime-fighting by DC Comics' most celebrated masked vigilante, and the good news is there is still plenty for fans to look forward to especially in the world of video games.

A New Arkham Game Coming?

Before Marvel's Spider-Man hit the PlayStation 4, the Batman Arkham series were the undisputed kings of superhero games. Rocksteady, the studio behind the three main games, Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight have moved on from the series. WB Montreal, the studio behind the underrated 2013 game Arkham Origins, is due for another shot. Rumors have been circulating the internet for a while about the studio tackling another game starring Sonic the Hedgehog voice actor Roger Craig Smith. Based on the small teases that have been recently shared, Batman will have to contend with the shadowy group known of the Court of Owls, who made their debut during DC Comics' New 52 series of comics. Every Arkham game features many threats for Batman to face, so there will no doubt be more villains to take on as well. The Court of Owls storyline is considered easily one of the best Batman stories of the modern era, so hopes are high that WB Montreal can do the tale justice.

Batman is tested to his limits in The Court of OwlsBatman is tested to his limits in The Court of Owls

Some people thought Arkham Origins didn't quite live up to the high bar set by Rocksteady's games, but a second shot at the early years of Batman's career would be a welcome addition to the series. Origins' detective investigations, fully explorable city and fantastic boss battles made the game stand out from the rest. There is also a possibility we'll see the game during PlayStation's State of Play live stream later today, based off some cryptic messages from WB Montreal's social media pages. If you haven't played these great games, Epic Games is offering them all (except for Origins) for free on their store, including Arkham Knight's season pass.

Arkham Origins has some of the best boss fights of the seriesArkham Origins has some of the best boss fights of the series

Batman in Fortnite

The Battle Royale giant that just won't quit is also joining the birthday fun with new skins and items to buy and earn as well as some changes to the map. Two skins let you don the cape and cowl, one based off the Bat's more traditional black and grey look from the comics and one from the live-action spectacular The Dark Knight. Tilted Town has been edited, the city is now a miniature Gotham City complete with famous landmarks and locations from DC Comics' history like Crime Alley. Other goodies include a Catwoman skin, a Batman-themed pickaxe, and a Batwing shaped glider to hop off the Battle Bus in style. All these items and skins look great, but I gotta say it is a bit odd to see these in a third-person shooter. The no guns rule is out the window on October 6th when the event ends along with Battle Royale's 10th season. This isn't the only comic book-themed event that has hit Fortnite, there was also a couple of limited-time runs centered around Avengers: Endgame and Infinity War but those were much larger and provided whole new game modes and weapons rather than just new skins.

The Dark Knight is the latest crossover to hit FortniteThe Dark Knight is the latest crossover to hit Fortnite

The Bat's Legacy

Batman has resonated greater and with a larger amount of people than perhaps any other superhero. No matter what medium be it comics, games, or TV shows or movies you can find a great Batman story to enjoy. The notion that anyone can do good, even without superpowers and even after experiencing something horrible is a universally appealing thing, and that is a big reason why he has stuck around this long. There have been countless versions of the character, but one thing always remains true. Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up.

Crazy to think Batman has been watching over his city for 80 yearsCrazy to think Batman has been watching over his city for 80 years
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