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Causing Chaos in the Untitled Goose Game

Who knew a cute little animal could bring so much destruction?

Oct 07, 2019

Modern games frequently put players into larger than life situations. Saving the world, taking down an army of enemies, or teaming up with friends to best 100 other players are just some of the experiences that make up many of the biggest games hitting store shelves. However, one game was perfectly poised to defy expectations with a cute new character at the center: Untitled Goose Game

One little Goose can cause a lot of devestation in this short puzzle-game.One little Goose can cause a lot of devestation in this short puzzle-game.Courtesy of House House

To-Do List: Annoy Everyone

Developed by a small team calling themselves House House, Untitled Goose Game puts you in control of an obnoxious goose causing chaos in a small English town. Controls are simple, you'll pick up objects, flap your wings, and most importantly, you'll honk at the denizens of this adorably cozy setting. You'll be stealing people's glasses, locking them out of their home, and causing excessive destruction. And there's oddly something relaxingly comfy about the whole thing.

Go Wild with Untitled Goose Game - Kidzworld Weekly News


If you're confused, let me lay out the gameplay for you. You'll start off with a collection of seemingly simple challenges on your in-game to-do list. The first major one is to essentially annoy a sweet little gardener by throwing his rake into the lake, moving his lunch around, and eventually causing him to smash his own thumb with a hammer. There are secret objectives that you'll likely knock out as well, including locking that same gardener on the wrong side of his own gate. I can't stop thinking about how much cuteness is at the center of this chaos.

It'd feel mean if the game wasn't so gosh-darn cute.It'd feel mean if the game wasn't so gosh-darn cute.Courtesy of House House

The Goose at the Center of it All

What's especially funny about this game is how the popularity of its lead character has taken off in such a big way. The Goose has already been memed into a potential Super Smash Bros character, an opponent of the mighty Thanos, and even mirrored by real-life stories of equally aggressive geese breaking into people's cars. While the stories happening in reality could likely be a little threatening, the artistic style of the game keeps things feeling smooth and relaxing. Calming piano flutters along with many of your actions in the game and when paired with the games simple but effective art style it reminds me of something I'd see on PBS.

Even Thanos isn't safe from this obnoxious Goose.Even Thanos isn't safe from this obnoxious Goose.Courtesy of @SwitchTilde

If you're looking for an opportunity to pick up the game then you'll soon have more options than players that got the game early. Though the game launched at $14.99 on the Nintendo Switch eShop and Steam store, it'll now cost a few bucks more at $19.99. However, you'll likely be able to play the game on any system of your choosing if recent rumors are true. Untitled Goose Game is probably headed to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and mobile devices sooner rather than later, now we'll just have to wait and see if a bargain is coming to those machines too.

Despite the appearance, this can be a tough and tricky game at times.Despite the appearance, this can be a tough and tricky game at times.Courtesy of House House
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By: Max Cannon