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Great Group Halloween Costumes

Anything that looks just okay by itself can look so much cooler as a group.

Oct 16, 2019

Over the years, Kidzworld has provided many awesome Halloween costume ideas. One of the most popular features has been the group costume. Group costumes are great for many reasons. Anything that looks just okay by itself can look so much cooler as a group.

Bring the Squad!

Embrace the Halloween spirit by dressing like the original monster squad: The Addams Family. This timeless group brings opportunity to minimalists and maximalists, alike, as an anti-Halloween friend can simply wear Wednesday’s trademark black dress and pigtail braids, while a creepy enthusiast can dress as Cousin Itt or Uncle Fester. With the new Addams Family Movie in theaters now, this costume becomes all the more relevant.

Addams Family group costumeCreepy, kooky, altogether spooky, it's the Addams FamilyCourtesy of Fancy Dress Blog

While not as spooky, the "Stranger Things" group has come to represent Halloween. Dressing as these ‘80s teens can be as simple as going through your closet to find a baseball cap or bat.

Stranger Things group costumeFor three seasons, the Stranger Things crew has been THE group Halloween costume Courtesy of IMDB

With the recent release of the record-breaking Avengers: Endgame, dressing up as the superheroes will likely never again be this popular. With the composition of the group changing, this costume could include a large variety of characters outside the traditionally-recognized Avengers.

Malfoy family costume Harry PotterEveryone has dressed up as Harry or Hermione, but how many Malfoys have you seen? Will you and your friends be the first?Courtesy of Fandom

While we’ve seen various costumes depicting Harry Potter and his friends throughout the years, one featuring the Hogwarts teachers is far less common. This costume could feature Professor McGonagall, Trelawney, Hagrid, Dumbledore, and Snape, among others.

Finally, the epitome of Halloween classics: the Peanuts characters from the Halloween special, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. This costume can feature the group with sheet-ghost costumes -- one poorly-cut (Charlie Brown) and one dirty (Pig Pen). Others can wear dollar-store-bought witches’ masks.

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie BrownGhosts and witches take on a whole new meaning when you're channeling Charlie Brown and his friends Courtesy of Warner Home Video

Have a Big Group? Have no Fear.

With the Zodiac trend back in full force, represent the constellations by dressing as your zodiac sign. You might choose to represent the animal, object, or concept represented by your sign (such as scorpions, lions, etc.) or you might adhere fairy lights to a black T-shirt to recreate the constellation, itself.

Get into the scary Halloween spirit by picking a favorite villain. These villains can be supernatural, natural, cartoon, live-action -- the options are essentially limitless.

The Joker movie costumeThe two sides of The Joker - a perfect pair costume, if you have the right color suitsCourtesy of Fancy Dress blog

Or, go for the classic Hallows’ Eve villains: show up as a group of witches, vampires, ghosts – things that might be lame on their own but are cool in a group. You can even commit to a modern version of the witch trend by dressing as characters from "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina".

Literary friend groups can also find their place in this holiday by each dressing as a character from his or her favorite book.

Another witty look can be found in the art of the pun costume: each group member dresses as a literal representation of a pun. This look has been sported by the “dorky” guy in every 2000s rom-com TV show: Jim from The Office (with a Facebook costume, writing “book” on his face, as one of many examples), Ted from How I Met Your Mother (with his politically-motived and many-times-repeated “hanging chad” costume)… the list goes on. At the dawn of a new decade, though, puns are in and no longer dorky! So, rock that pun-fit!

For Unstoppable Pairs

Sometimes, the best Halloween look is having one best friend by your side. So, here are some looks for you and your bestie… 

The Polar Opposites: if you guys can never seem to agree on anything (except for how much you love each other) this costume is for you! Be it night owl and morning bird, hot and cold, loud and quiet, or book worm and social butterfly, take your differences and make them into something beautiful.

The Complementary Pair: if you bring out the best in one another, let the world know with this costume! Some classics include peanut butter and jelly, french fry and ketchup, and two halves of a pair (glasses, pants, etc.)

The Silly Subtleties: If you want a more low-key costume that gets funnier the more you think about it, this costume is perfect. Prove how well you know each other by dressing up as each other or go a step further by dressing up as the other’s favorite meme or Vine.

scary movie character group costumeGo as your favorite scary movie characterCourtesy of Fancy Dress Blog

The Lazy Last-Resorts

It’s late afternoon on October 30th -- the day before Halloween. You and your friends frantically rummage through the racks of your local thrift store looking for anything that might inspire a decent group costume.

We’ve all been there. There are a few classic options perfect for easy, in-your-closet last-minute costumes. Beware: you might find your costume doubles on the street, so be to add your own creative flair.

First, a more innovative take on the tired “colors”: crayons. Add a Crayola label to a solid-colored T-shirt, and maybe some matching deelie boppers. On the rainbow note, M&Ms or Skittles can be viable options, as well.

Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, Fred, and Scooby: the Scooby gang is a simple and fun costume that can be recognized almost anywhere.

Scooby Doo gangGot a party of five? Channel Scooby's friendsCourtesy of IMDB

Go Greek (or Roman) and dress up as your favorite gods and goddesses. With a pillow case toga and one or two distinctifying accessories, such as a flower crown or a bow-and-arrow, you can embody the ancient deities, themselves.

If your friend group keeps up with internet humor, go for the meme costumes: each participant dresses as their favorite meme, Vine, or TikTok. Whether you keep it timely or go into the meme archive, this costume is sure to get laughs.

You can also pull the ultimate, time-tested lazy costume: throw on a jersey and “dress up” as your favorite sports star. To add a distinguishing factor, carry around the ball/racket/stick/etc. unique to your sports star’s sport of choice.

cosplay costumesCos sometimes you just gotta cosplayCourtesy of Doil Oh via Unsplash
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