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Marvel's Avengers Game Gets New Trailer!

Check out the short but sweet teaser below!

Feb 18, 2020

Crystal Dynamics, the team behind Tomb Raider are taking on the bold project of letting players step into the shoes of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Letting you experience both single-player, story-focused missions as well as four-player co-op action, Avengers is taking on quite a tall order. Focusing on one character like in Marvel's Spider-Man meant the gameplay was fine-tuned to perfection. Managing the different heroes' powers The game was delayed a few months to make sure everything is as good as can be before launch, but here is another quick look at the game.

Marvel's Avengers New Trailer



Ms. Marvel

Most of the trailer is of scenes we have already seen previously, namely the battle on the Golden Gate Bridge where the Avengers face Taskmaster. We do get some footage of Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel)'s "Biggening" powers in action. She is much less experienced than the Avengers, but that lets us, the players relate to the story more. Each of the other Avengers gets a spot to shine too, but the footage cuts away before we can see much.

Kamala Khan in action!Kamala Khan in action!

Pre-Order Bonuses - Legacy Outfit Pack

If you choose to Pre-Order the game, you’ll get access to a bunch of costumes based on the heroes’ most classic looks. Thor sports his winged helmet, Black Widow’s belt is adorned with a very prominent Widow logo, Cap wears his uniform from World War 2, Hulk’s famous purple shredded pants are on display, Tony is wearing a modern take on his first appearance Iron Man MK 1 armor, and Ms. Marvel is wearing her very simple but bold costume from her first issues. Pre-ordering also guarantees you access to the game's beta later this year. It is always best to wait for reviews before deciding, so check out Kidzworld's review around September 4th, 2020

Legacy Outfit Pack.Legacy Outfit Pack.

The game's final box art.The game's final box art.
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By: Noah Friscopp