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What’s Coming to PlayStation VR? Iron Man VR Demo Available Now

Get a taste of Tony Stark’s world now, with more experiences coming this Summer.

May 22, 2020

PlayStation VR has been a slow but mostly consistent provider of some really fun and immersive experiences since it launched back in 2016. While many PC exclusive VR headsets have hit the market and exceeded what PSVR is capable of, for being a console headset there are still so many great games to discover on the platform. Summer is looking to be no different, and a smash-hit season for PSVR fans.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR – Demo Trailer 



Must Play PSVR Games

PSVR has a whole swath of games that make it quite the viable option for gamers looking to dip into VR. There was doubt at first around whether or not it could compete with the big guys in the PC VR space, but PlayStation VR has cemented itself as more than a solid option for people looking to step into this new frontier. One of the first big hits, Batman: Arkham VR put you into the shoes of the Dark Knight, Star Trek Bridge Crew makes you an honorary member of Starfleet as you join your friends on a journey across the stars, and my favorite time-bending shooter, Superhot VR, is the best action movie simulator you can get, and alone makes the whole package worth it. Astro Bot Rescue Mission brings stellar 3D platforming to VR and is quite possibly one of the best VR games on any platform, and you simply cannot ignore the massive hit that is Beat Saber, the virtual reality rhythm game that meshes guitar hero with lightsabers. This is just a short list of games, there are even more immersive adventures available no matter what you are into.

Beat Saber is endlessly fun, and a great workout!Beat Saber is endlessly fun, and a great workout!

Iron Man VR and Summer 2020

Like I said earlier, Summer 2020 is looking to be a huge season for PSVR. A charming if not a bit scary looking game, Budget Cuts VR sees you take on the role of an office worker, evading and use common office work tools like letter openers to defend yourself against invasive robots. Star Wars fans get a chance to experience Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series and live out their virtual reality Jedi Knight dreams as they explore the lava planet of Mustafar, hone their lightsaber skills and eventually face off against Lord Vader himself. Marvel Games looks to continue their streak of high-quality superhero games with Iron Man VR, and if you want a taste of that now you’re in luck. Now on the PlayStation Store, you can download a demo of the game that includes the tutorial, a full mission from the game as well as a couple of optional missions.

The new Suit Up bundle gets you everything you need to play Iron Man VR.The new Suit Up bundle gets you everything you need to play Iron Man VR.
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By Noah Friscopp