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Minecraft Dungeons Game Review

The block-filled world of Minecraft meets high-intensity Action Role-Playing in the newest game from Mojang.

Reviewed by on Jun 03, 2020
Rating: 3 Star Rating

What do you get when you cross Minecraft with Diablo? The newest game from Mojang Studios: Minecraft Dungeons! Find out what Kidzworld thought of the new Action-RPG!

2020 is a big year for Microsoft and the Xbox. We are on the verge of a new console generation with the Xbox Series X and PS5, but Microsoft also has a big lineup of games to get us there. The latest creation from Minecraft developer Mojang is the second game they’ve released this year taking a beloved series and placing it into a new genre, the last being the superb Gears Tactics. Unlike Gears though, Dungeons is also available on the Nintendo Switch, and PS4 so everyone can join the hack and slash action. Does Minecraft Dungeons, the Action-RPG twist on classic Minecraft gameplay stand up? Let’s find out!

Minecraft Dungeons Launch Trailer



The Story

Minecraft Dungeons has a much clearer story than Minecraft itself. The story sees you as your chosen hero (including the default characters from the base game Steve and Alex) battling against the Arch-Illager, a villager who gained immense power after discovering the Orb of Dominance, a powerful relic that grants the Illager a vast army of underlings that you must defeat. The story is nothing special, but having the basic hero’s journey play out helps give you a decent enough reason to set out on your journey. Each of the familiar mobs from Minecraft make their return, as well as some new baddies that you must overcome. Skeletons fire their bows and arrows, Creepers rush you and explode, etc. The Minecraft world is an immediately great fit for this type of game, and the enemies translate very well to the new style. 

You can equip different outfits to change your abilities.You can equip different outfits to change your abilities.


Dungeons isn’t shy about its inspirations, citing Diablo, Torchlight, and Left 4 Dead as the games that inspired its feel the most. You control your character from a top-down perspective, and on the PC click where you want your character to move. The trouble is, is that you also click on which enemies to attack so you’re often shuffling between movement and combat in a somewhat awkward way, but fans of this style of control might be more used to it. One of the key differences between Dungeons and Diablo is the freedom you have to swap out different abilities. You can swap weapons and abilities at will which gives you a ton of freedom in how you can play the game. There are a ton of different weapon types, far more than in Minecraft proper. You can equip both a traditional weapon, as well as a ranged one to take down pesky mobs out of reach. Arrows are plentiful enough, but you still want to mainly use your melee. I loved bouncing between each style of attacks, shooting Creepers with arrows to keep them away, and slashing zombies with dual blades. It almost makes me wish Minecraft itself had this level of customization when it came to the combat.

Throughout the various procedurally generated levels, you hack and slash your way through hordes of familiar Minecraft mobs, collect plenty of loot, and explore beautiful but ultimately linear environments. As you progress you can up the difficulty of the areas you find yourself in, and this is where the game really shines as you are forced to use every tool available to you to slay the hordes of mobs the game throws at you. The core experience is there, and the Minecraft setting is a fairly effortless recreation with its enemies and weapons feeling right at home, but it doesn’t last long enough to reach the heights of the games that it was inspired by. As someone’s first jump into this genre, it might be perfect though. Health potions are infinite, you just have to wait for the timer to refill, and the colorful and friendly look is inviting for players of all ages.

The action can get downright hectic, but that is where the game shines brightest.The action can get downright hectic, but that is where the game shines brightest.

Final Thoughts

Minecraft Dungeons feels like a solid foundation for a really good Action-RPG, but just doesn’t quite live up to the games it was inspired by. The blocky yet detailed world that the adventure takes you through makes Minecraft an obvious choice for a genre change, but other than the freedom you get to swap what would be traditional RPG classes, you can get most of the same thrill elsewhere. If you are looking for a more bite-sized role-playing experience though, it fits that bill quite nicely especially if you are new to these types of games. Especially in the era of Game Pass, if you and your friends are looking for a fun new game to tear through, it is hard not to recommend all gripes considered. In a gaming landscape full of games that overstay their welcome, Dungeons might be a nice surprise even though I think it didn’t quite hit its full potential.

The game is best played with friends, but solo players can still have a good time.The game is best played with friends, but solo players can still have a good time.


  • Minecraft’s signature blocky look
  • Hordes of familiar and new enemies to slay
  • Fun co-op
  • Character build freedom


  • Linear levels
  • Very Short

Minecraft Dungeons Game Rating: 3

Minecraft Dungeons' Box Art.Minecraft Dungeons' Box Art.

Available now for PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch!

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*Microsoft provided a copy of the game for us to review