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ARMS is Coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with Min Min!

More characters are hitting Smash soon, starting with Min Min from ARMS!

Jun 24, 2020

It is always exciting when new characters are announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate marked the series’ biggest roster of characters ever, with so many franchises throughout the history of gaming represented in the biggest crossover event ever. Nintendo’s mainstays are there, but so many iconic heroes and villains from the likes of Castlevania, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, and more clash in this historical game. Even more characters are on their way to the battlefield, with the more recent Nintendo game ARMS making its debut in Smash with Min Min, the spring-armed brawler. When Min Min arrives next week, she’ll mark the 6th new DLC fighter hitting the roster, with more to come.

Min Min Official Trailer




It was only a matter of time before the fighting game from back in 2017 made its way into Smash. It was a success, but it sort of faded away once more highly anticipated games eventually hit the Switch like Super Mario Odyssey. With Min Min’s addition to Smash, it is clear that Nintendo is going to take another try at an ARMS game. It is such a unique idea, just like Nintendo is great at, that could easily be improved in a sequel.

ARMS was one of the first Nintendo games announced for the Switch.ARMS was one of the first Nintendo games announced for the Switch.

Min Min’s moves

Nintendo’s unique boxing game, ARMS, controls unlike any of the other games represented in Smash, and because of this, Min Min controls unlike any other character on the roster. Despite being a punch focused fighter, Min Min is all about staying back and striking from a distance thanks to her extendable arms. Both the A and B buttons on the Joy-Con controller control each of her arms, something that has never been done before. She can even extend her arms while in the air, making her an aerial threat as well.

Min Min's arms can also be used to grab onto ledges.Min Min's arms can also be used to grab onto ledges.

Min Min has three different weapons that she can equip to either keep foes away, chip away damage, or execute a ring-out. The trick is, while her attack is going, Min Min is left exposed and open for attack. The trade-off between long reach and flexibility is going to be really fun for Smash fans to master, as there really hasn’t been any character like her before.

Vault Boy from the Fallout series will be playable as a Mii costume.Vault Boy from the Fallout series will be playable as a Mii costume.
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By: Noah Friscopp