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The Sims is Hitting the Small Screen in “The Sims Spark’d”

The four episode reality game show will hit TBS and Buzzfeed this month!

Jul 10, 2020

In an unexpected move by Electronic Arts, the publisher behind the ever-popular The Sims franchise, “The Sims Spark’d” is a reality show based on the game that will take contestants through several challenges that will be played out right in The Sims 4. There have been only a few attempts to mix the worlds of video games and reality TV, namely PlayStation’s “The Tester” that ran from 2010-2012. Unlike that show, which launched exclusively through the PlayStation Network, “Spark’d” will get a full television release on TBS, with an online version hitting Buzzfeed’s “Multiplayer” channel that already is home to a whole bunch of Sims 4 content. It is hard to imagine a better place for this new, experimental show to live online.

"The Sims Spark'd" Trailer



The Judges

Like many of your favorite reality shows, “Spark’d” will feature a cast of celebrity judges that stand between the contestants and a huge prize of $100,000. The first being Kelsey Impicciche, who is featured on the Buzzfeed Multiplayer channel for her “100 Baby Challenge” series where she has challenged herself within The Sims 4 to raise 100 kids in one game. The next judge is Dave Miotke, a veteran game developer who has worked on The Sims series for 15 years. Rounding out the panel is Tayla Parx, a prominent voice actress for The Sims that has lent both her acting and singing voice to the game’s signature “Simlish” language. The show will be hosted by Rayvon Owen, a longtime Sims player and a former contestant of the hit show "American Idol".

The players will be judged on who creates the most compelling stories or completes the challenges given the best in The Sims 4.The players will be judged on who creates the most compelling stories or completes the challenges given the best in The Sims 4.

You Can Play Along!

If you want to take part in the fun at home, The Sims 4 will be featuring in-game challenges based on the show for you to complete starting on July 17th. The best part is, the members of the community that complete these challenges the best will be entered for a chance to star in a future season of the show! The Sims seems like a perfect game to entertain fans both new and old with its inviting, charming gameplay that brings out the most fun aspects of daily life. The show won’t just be your typical gameplay video on YouTube, though. Expect all the twists and turns that you’d find in any other reality competition show. The series premieres July 17th

$100,000 is on the line for these contestants.$100,000 is on the line for these contestants.
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By: Noah Friscopp