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Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Launching in November!

The price and release date has finally been revealed.

Sep 11, 2020

In a year where new consoles were known to be on the horizon, it has taken quite a long time for players to get solid news about either the new Xbox Series X or the PlayStation 5. Not only do we now know when the Xbox Series X is coming out, but that a smaller, cheaper option is going to be available as well. Still no news on the PS5, but let's break down all the news that Xbox fans will want to know about before this November 10th.

Xbox Series S - World Premiere Reveal Trailer



Xbox Series S

We’ve known about the mammoth-sized Xbox Series X for a while. The biggest and best Xbox yet is set to provide stunning visuals, uber smooth gameplay, and a large library of games all playable through Xbox Game Pass. For fans that want a smaller, sleeker, and cheaper option, the Xbox Series S fills that need. The S is all digital, meaning you can’t play disc-based games. But, if you do all your gaming online or with Game Pass anyway than this might be a good option. It is 60% smaller than the X, making it the smallest Xbox to date. Even though it is not quite as strong as the X, still offers the super-fast loading, performance, raytracing features, and most important of all, games.

The Series S is much smaller than the Series X, but is still quite powerful.The Series S is much smaller than the Series X, but is still quite powerful.

Game Pass and the Release Date

If Game Pass wasn’t already a good deal, EA Access is being added to Game Pass later this year. A bunch of EA games will be playable on both the console and PC. Good news for players who want both in one place. Both the Series X and Series S are launching on November 10th. The X will cost $499 US, and the smaller S will be $299. You can pre-order both starting September 22nd.

Music lovers can also combine Spotify Premium with Game Pass.Music lovers can also combine Spotify Premium with Game Pass.

Most Exciting Launch Titles

It is typical for the beginning of new consoles to have not had too many great games to pick up right away. The new Xbox Series has some gems though! Gears Tactics, the superb strategy take on Gears of War is arriving on a console for the first time with the X and S. This along is a better launch title than most systems get, but if that isn’t enough you can download Fortnite with brand new raytracing and even smoother performance. Avengers, Dirt 5, Tetris Effect and the typical yearly sports titles like NBA 2K and FIFA round out the list but there are a bunch more games set to launch shortly after the console drops. 

Gears Tactics is a great launch title.Gears Tactics is a great launch title.
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