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Best and Worst Video Games of 2003

Jul 10, 2018

Some games rock so hard they'll numb your fingers and deprive you of sleep. Other games will make you curl up into a ball and wish you could forget they ever existed. That's these video games. Whether they're for the PS2, Gamecube, Xbox, PC or Gameboy Advance they all have one thing in common - an extra dose of suck.

#5 Disney's Party for the Gamecube

When Mickey, Minnie and the rest of the Disney gang party it should be a blast, right? Well, not with this Gamecube video game. The fun factor takes a major dive right away when you're introduced to an annoying ghost with a horrible voice. It sinks even lower when you find out that it takes five minutes of fiddling around to get into a short mini-game. This party game is a party pooper!
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    #4 Star Wars: Flight of the Falcon for the Gameboy Advance

    The Force is so weak with this game that it'll make Star Wars fans cry. It's all about 3D space missions in the legendary Millennium Falcon from the old-skool Star Wars movies, but the Gameboy Advance can't handle it. The action is slow, the levels are boring, the sound sucks and the only dude on the planet who actually likes this game looks like Yoda.

    #3 Battlestar Galactica for the Xbox

    The worst Xbox game of the year belongs to Battlestar Galactica. We had pretty high hopes for this one, but the more we think about it, the less cool it gets. Sure Battlestar Galactica is wicked to look at, but these days most games for the Xbox are. The thing that blows about this one is that it's way too hard, and that equals interstellar bummer. You know, speaking of interstellar, looking back, we'd give it even less stars, like two.
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    #2 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the PS2

    The turtles have all been trained in super-cool ninja martial arts by a mutant rat so they must have tons of moves they can pull and lots of stealth action, right? Nope, fire this stinker up and all the turtles can do is walk forward and punch out villains who are all using the same handful of boring oatmeal for a brain. It's worse than anchovies on your pizza!

    #1 Rugrats Go Wild for the PC

    The Rugrats Go Wild PC video game is the lamest game of 2003!
    Courtesy of THQ
    How much does this game suck? First, it won't install if it doesn't like your computer and the tech support guy's advice is to go buy a different game. Then, whenever the Rugrats kids speak up, which happens a lot, the whole game stutters while the game CD loads the file. Oh, and don't even try playing your own music CDs in your PC while you're playing this game, if you don't have the game CD in the drive it's not going to work. Whoever made this game needs a dirty diaper in their Christmas stocking!
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