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Game News: 2004, 02, 29 - 03, 06

Dec 27, 2006

Video games strut their new stuff at the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3), but what about toys? They get to rock the planet with the newest LEGO, action figures, and more, at the American International Toy Fair. It hits once a year in New York City and packs in enough toys to amaze even Santa. The latest Toy Fair was from Feb. 16th-18th, 2004, and here's the 411 on what's hot:

Barbie and Ken Breakup News!

The biggest thing in the toy world happened just before Toy Fair 2004 when, on Feb 13th, Barbie and Ken hit splitsville. Mattel announced the breakup, but didn't give details on why except to say that Barbie is going to get back to her roots and start dating again. The new doll in Barbie's life is an Australian surfer dude named Blaine.

Bratz Kick-It To #1 Spot

If you're a brat, then you've probably heard of these stylin' dolls. The Bratz are a bunch of way cool fashion-smart dolls. These Bratz dolls have totally taken over. The company that makes Bratz are working with 20th Century Fox to make a Bratz home video for 2004 and a movie for later on.

Got Scooter? Razor Does!

The company behind the two-wheel scooter craze of 2000 is back with more wheeled madness. They revealed three new scooters and here's the 411:
  • Ground Force - A motorized machine with a top speed of 12mph that's perfect for riders who're looking for some go-kart action.
  • Pocket Rocket - With two wheels and a top speed of 15mph, this electric bike is a blast.
  • Mean Machine - Get low to the ground with this three-wheeled pedal-powered scooter.
    Check your friendly neighborhood Toys 'R Us for an up-close look at these toys.

    Bandai Powers up with the Power Rangers!

    The toy-zords at Bandai are going prehistoric with the Power Rangers DinoThunder toy series. You'll be able to battle evil with new action figures, megazords, cards and more - all loaded with dino-power to really put the bite on evil.

    Bandai is also releasing Teen Titan superhero action figs, Strawberry Shortcake singing and talking dolls, more cool Gundam toys and the Knights of the Zodiac!

    Click Here for info on Beyblade toys and what toy astronauts use in space.

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