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Game News: 2006, 01, 01-07

Dec 27, 2006

Welcome to 2006! The new year is here, Christmas is over and it's time to check out what's coming up. We have the info on the hottest new games and toys that'll be showing up this year, from the PS3 and Nintendo Revolution to new Pokemon and Neopets games and even cell phone mayhem. Check it out.

2006 = the Year of the Playstation 3!

Sony's super-cool PS3 is coming this year. It's going to play everything from games to movies, music and more. It'll be online, it'll look awesome and, rumor is, it'll cost a fortune!
  • Click here for the 411 on the PS3.
  • Nintendo's Revolution is Coming

    Has Nintendo gone insane? Nobody will know until the Revolution arrives. It's a low-power, low-cost game system that can download hundreds of Nintendo games from the web. The controller is wacky and the whole system seems, well, weird.
  • Click here for the 411 on the Nintendo Revolution.
  • Cell Phone Game Explosion

    Electronic Arts is heading into cell phone games and that means that there'll be a heap of new games in 2006! From Madden football to the best hockey and basketball games, EA's gonna bring 'em to you this year. The only question is, can your cell phone handle 'em?

    World of Warcraft, the Card Game!

    World of Warcraft is the best online multiplayer game ever. It's an entire fantasy world of orcs, elves, heroes, villains, and huge monsters. And, in 2006, it's becoming a card game too. The game geeks at Upper Deck have been working on it since Gen Con Indy 2005 and they'll be sending it to a game store near you in 2006.

    RUMOR: Pokemon Miniatures Game

    Collecting 'em all might get cooler this year 'cuz the Pokemon peeps are rumored to be making a whole new Pokemon game! This one isn't a video game, or a card game, it's a miniatures game, so you'll be able to collect little plastic Pokemon and use them to battle your friends' Pokemon. It's not confirmed yet, but you'll get all the latest info here!

    RUMOR: Neopets Miniatures Game

    Miniatures games are popping up all over and, in 2006, one might be popping up in Neopia! The Neopets have an awesome website, a fun card game, and even a PS2 video game. In 2006, word is that they might be expanding with a new miniature game. Stick around and we'll bring you the latest news as we get it!

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