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Top 10 XBox 360 Games 2011

Dec 15, 2011

There are a lot of amazing games out for the XBox 360 right now, even if we are just looking at the family friendly games. One of the big reasons for this is the Kinect motion camera, which lets you be the controller!

Number 10: From Dust

Harness the power of nature to protect your tribe and help them flourish. Manipulate land, water, and even lava to shape islands and prevent natural disasters in real time.

Number 9: Madden 12

Of course, there are many great sports games for the XBox 360 to choose from, but Madden is a favorite. This year's edition features more realism in terms of character animations matching their real life counterparts and a new collision system that makes tackles look more realistic.

Number 8: Kinectimals Now With Bears

If you already have the original Kinectimals, you can purchase just the Bear Island add-on instead of buying the whole game! Now you can play on the Kinect with a wide variety of bear cubs, including pandas, polar bears, and black bears.

Number 7: Orcs Must Die!

Orcs Must Die! is an action-packed game inspired by the tower defense strategy. The difference is, you don't get the traditional top-down view. Instead, you play a War Mage who is in the thick of the action. Summon traps on walls and floors or use your crossbow and sword and take the fight to the Orcs.

Number 6: Kinect Disneyland Adventures

With Kinect Disneyland Adventures, you can visit Disneyland anytime! Almost all of your favorite attractions are here, including Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Haunted Mansion, It's a Small World, Space Mountain, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Explore the theme park, meet the mascots, and play lots of mini-games!

Number 5: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

The craziest mash-up fighter of all time gets even wackier with the inclusion of characters such as Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney. Choose your favorite Capcom and Marvel characters and duke it out in action-packed battles with friends at home or online.

Number 4: Sonic Generations

One of the best Sonic games in a long while. Sonic Generations features the best of the past and combines it with everything good right now. Play as classic Sonic and run through levels in two dimensions or play as modern Sonic and enjoy things in 3D.

Number 3: Just Dance 3

Work your body in front of the Kinect with Just Dance 3! This friendly party dance game allows up to four players to all dance together at the same time! Featured artists include Katy Perry, Cee Lo Green, and Beyonce.

Number 2: Rayman Origins

Rayman Origins is a beautiful platformer game that supports drop-in/drop-out co-op for up to four players. Good, silly fun. What more can you ask for?

Number 1: Bastion

Bastion is a fairly simple RPG game made by an independent developer and released on XBox Live Arcade. However, it manages to deliver a wonderful gaming experience through its story. The narrator literally narrates every little thing you do! From smashing pots to standing still and doing nothing, Bastion is definitely worth checking out.

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