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The Best PlayStation 4 Games

Apr 27, 2017

By: Max Cannon

Though the Xbox has the power and the Nintendo Switch has the portability, PlayStation has the best library of console games. What really puts PlayStation ahead of the pack is the commitment to quality single-player adventures, but in this list, we'll also highlight a massive multiplayer phenomenon. Check out our top 5 favorite games on PlayStation 4!

5. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Uncharted 4 was the reason I was excited to play my PS4 because of how much I adored the original trilogy. While there were definitely aspects of the game that left me feeling underwhelmed (something the excellent spin-off Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was able to fix,) Uncharted 4 still left me most impressed because of the insane quality felt in every inch of the game. The personal focus mixed with some exciting and bombastic setpieces made for one of the PS4's best games to watch as well as to play. 

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Review

4. Horizon Zero Dawn

A genuinely impressive design decision from the team over at Guerilla Games, Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the prettiest games to ever grace the open world genre. What always sticks with me about the game is how fun the moment-to-moment gameplay is. You'll definitely have a great time while looking at gorgeous vistas but the tension of taking down a massive robot-dinosaur hybrid is thrilling and engaging from beginning to end. Be warned, it's still a challenging game and the DLC is even harder. Horizon is arguably the best open-world RPG of this generation and an instant classic. 

Horizon's open world felt like a breath of fresh air during this generation.Horizon's open world felt like a breath of fresh air during this generation.Courtesy of PlayStation

3. The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian truly surprised me. I've been a fan of the developer's classic titles like Shadow of the Colossus but The Last Guardian's troubled development process made me doubt the potential of the finished product. Though the controls may be problematic for some, and the camera could use some work, the emotional story of Trico and a kidnapped boy trumps any of the small issues throughout. While Uncharted chases the ideas of a blockbuster adventure, The Last Guardian captures the atmosphere of a beloved anime film.  One of the most moving stories I've ever seen in any medium.

Despite a difficult development, The Last Guardian is outstanding.Despite a difficult development, The Last Guardian is outstanding.Courtesy of PlayStation

2. Ratchet and Clank

This is the best entry in the long-running PlayStation series and that's even cooler considering the game is a remake of the original PS2 title. While the accompanying film was just decent, the source material was some of the best family-friendly entertainment you could get on your PS4. This third-person platformer/shooter is well-known for establishing the Insomniac brand following Spyro the Dragon and preceding the upcoming exclusive Spider-Man game. Also, if you're a long time PlayStation Plus subscriber, or just since March of this year then you may already have the game in your library!

Ratchet and Clank was recently a free game with PlayStation Plus.Ratchet and Clank was recently a free game with PlayStation Plus.Courtesy of PlayStation

1. Fortnite

I don't think anyone saw a game like Fortnite being as successful as it has become. From the creators of Gears of WarFortnite is a 100 player fight to be the last player standing. What initially seemed like a free-to-play ripoff of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds became a polished and well-performing social phenomenon. The rap superstar Drake is even open about his love for the game which is clear evidence of how far the love for this title has spread. If you have a PS4 there is no reason to skip this game, it's fun, free, and family-friendly!

Fortnite is the biggest thing in gaming since Minecraft.Fortnite is the biggest thing in gaming since Minecraft.Courtesy of Epic Games
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