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Steve and Alex from Minecraft are Joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

The block builders are mining their way into the fight.

Oct 07, 2020

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is already the biggest crossover of gaming icons in history, and the fact that more fighters are coming just feels like icing on the cake. The latest announcement has revealed that Minecraft’s Steve is joining the all-star fray. Along with Steve, players can pick Alex, Zombie, and the Enderman as alternate skins. With every new fighter comes a new stage as well, so now Minecraft’s block-built world is a battleground for some of gaming’s biggest icons.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Official Minecraft Steve Reveal



Steve’s Moves

All the new Minecraft characters are authentic to their game. Steve’s animations are straight out of Minecraft, and players will recognize his jumps, attacks, and crafting right away. He cannot jump as high as other fighters, but he can place blocks below him to create a ledge. The Minecraft characters wield familiar tools like the iconic pickaxe, sword, and axe that can be crafted and upgraded throughout the match by mining the stage itself! Steve’s weapons don’t last forever though, and if all of your tools break during the battle, you’ will be left fighting bare-handed. Combining tools with Minecraft’s more advanced gear like lava buckets, flint and steel, and even Redstone contraptions make Steve (and Alex) one of Smash’s most unique and creative movesets.

Alex and Steve with their iron tools.Alex and Steve with their iron tools.

Zombie, Enderman, and a New Stage

Alongside the human characters Steve and Alex, you can use this moveset as a Zombie and an Enderman. These characters fight just like their Steve counterparts. Steve and Alex also have three unique costumes for themselves. Between six versions of Alex/Steve, and a Zombie, and an Enderman, there are plenty of ways to enjoy these new characters. This is true for the new Minecraft stage as well, which can change between the different biomes you can explore in that game. Fun Fact: the team behind Smash had to adjust every single stage so that the new abilities like mining and dropping blocks would work. It seems like more than any of the DLC fighters so far, a ton of work went into this one!  

Shake things up with Minecraft's famous monsters.Shake things up with Minecraft's famous monsters.
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By: Noah Friscopp