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Survivor All-Stars Cast Profile (pg.2)

Dec 27, 2006

Survivor All-Stars Mogo Mogo Tribe

Survivor All-Stars Panama

Colby Donaldson

Age: 29
Previous Survivor Show: Australian Outback.
Survivor History: Texan Colby Donaldson finished second to Tina Wesson. Colby won a whopping eight individual challenges and five individual immunities in the Australian Outback. Besides his killer strength, Colby is known for sticking to his morals and taking Tina Wesson into the final instead of Keith Famie, which cost him the win.
Simon's Prediction: Powerhouses usually get dumped early on, but chicks love Colby, so Mogo Mogo tribemates like Jenna Morasca, Shii Ann and Kathy may keep him around. If Colby can play down his strength until it counts, he'll win it all.

Survivor All-Stars Panama

Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien

Age: 49
Previous Survivor Show: Marquesas.
Survivor History: Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien surprised everyone by making it to a third place finish. Kathy won a couple of individual challenges and immunity, but is best known for peeing on a tribemate after he was stung by a sea urchin.
Simon's Prediction: Kathy is one hardcore mom-type. She's gonna make it to the merge, for sure.

Survivor All-Stars Panama

Lex Van den Berghe

Age: 40
Previous Survivor Show: Africa.
Survivor History: Lex finished in third place on Survivor Africa, which was amazing for a guy who came across like a psycho. His best bud in Africa was Big Tom. Lex Van den Berghe is best known for being the most tattooed Survivor contestant ever.
Simon's Prediction: Lex might have come across a little like a nut-job but I think he's actually crazy in that smart, fox way. Lex Van den Berghe could win it all this time around.

Survivor All-Stars Panama

Shii Ann Huang

Age: 29
Previous Survivor Show: Thailand.
Survivor History: Shii Ann was the seventh person voted out of Survivor Thailand and wasn't that big a force on the show. Shii Ann was best known for thinking she was a smarter than everyone and forming an alliance with the opposite tribe before they actually merged. Oops.
Simon's Prediction: Shii Ann as an All-Star? That's gotta be a joke! She was destined to lose then, and she's destined to lose now. She might even be the first one voted out this time.

Survivor All-Stars Panama

Jenna Morasca

Age: 22
Previous Survivor Show: Amazon.
Survivor History: Despite taking her clothes off for food, whining and crying constantly, and being about as smart as a bag of hammers, swimsuit model Jenna Morasca won Survivor Amazon.
Simon's Prediction: Let's face it - Jenna's got it all. She's a total hottie and she's a millionaire. Unfortunately, she won't be able to pull off the "helpless me" act again - not with a million already in the bank. Jenna Morasca will go before the merge (and I will be sad).

Survivor All-Stars Panama

Richard Hatch

Age: 42
Previous Survivor Show: Season One, Pulau Tiga.
Survivor History: Richard Hatch was arrogant, obnoxious and naked. But, despite being a total jerk, he won the very first Survivor.
Simon's Prediction: Sure Rich is a bit of a hosebag, but now he's also a Survivor legend. His arrogant, and probably naked, antics will keep him around until the merge.

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