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LEGO EXO-FORCE: Deep Jungle Kit Reviews

Meca One's robot warriors have kidnapped Sensei Keiken and taken him to the [kwlink]deep jungle![/kwlink] To get their wise leader back, [kwlink]EXO-FORCE[/kwlink] pilots Hikari, Takeshi, Ha-Ya-To and Ryo grabbed awesome new mechs and set off to rescue him. These new [kwlink]LEGO kits[/kwlink] let you join the battle at the base of [kwlink]Sentai Mountain[/kwlink] and our reviews let you know which ones are the best!

8111 River Dragon

LEGO EXO-FORCE: Deep Jungle 8111 River Dragon Spinning turbines give Ha-Ya-To's mini-mech underwater speed! With just 112 pieces, this easy-to-build kit is a cheap way to get your hands on a sweet mech and even has a transforming mini-robot. Just don't ask how Ha-Ya-To survives underwater when his mech is full of holes!

Rating: [rating]
Age: 7 and up.
Price Range: [rating][/rating][/rating]

8112 Battle Arachnoid

LEGO EXO-FORCE: Deep Jungle 8112 Battle Arachnoid More like three kits in one, this robo-spider has a detachable flying pod for the Iron Drone pilot plus a super-cool mini-robot with yellow claws and a smiling skull inside a jar. Sweet! Unfortunately, the mini-robot looks awkward when it's attached to the spider. Also, the spare green jar makes it hard to hold the spider and impossible for the flying pod to land. But, pull the annoying bits off and suddenly this 131-piece kit is perfect! (plus you have a really, really cool scuttling claw-robot thing to play with!)

Rating: [rating]
Age: 7 and up.
Price Range: [rating][/rating][/rating]

8113 Assault Tiger

LEGO EXO-FORCE: Deep Jungle 8113 Assault Tiger Armed with a buzzsaw, rocket-launcher and transforming mini-robot, Takeshi's new mech is ready for action. This 163-piece kit makes an impressive mech that's really sturdy and great for battle posing, even if it doesn't have any way to grab things. The mini-robot is fun too, although it doesn't look very good stuck to the mech's arm.

Rating: [rating]
Age: 7 and up.
Price Range: [rating][/rating][/rating]

8114 Chameleon Hunter

LEGO EXO-FORCE: Deep Jungle 8114 Chameleon Hunter Not only does Hikaru's mech have a flamethrower, the massive claw can grab enemies and spin them until they [kwlink]puke![/kwlink] With 188 pieces, this kit makes a great mech, although the mini-robot strapped to its arm is a bit clunky. Just pop the mini-robot off and this kit is great!

Rating: [rating]
Age: 7 and up.
Price Range: [rating][/rating][/rating]

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LEGO EXO-FORCE: Deep Jungle Kits
LEGO EXO-FORCE: Deep Jungle Kits
LEGO EXO-FORCE: Deep Jungle Kits

For more fun, check out: exoforce.lego.com

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