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Reese Hartwig: Earth to Echo’s Adorable Funnyman

Reese Hartwig: Earth to Echo’s Adorable Funnyman

Jun 27, 2014 Kidzworld interviewed teen Reese Hartwig who plays loveable Munch in the new teen/kid empowering sci-fi adventure film “Earth to Echo”. more

EARTH TO ECHO Themed Summer Party Guide!

EARTH TO ECHO Themed Summer Party Guide!

Jun 30, 2014 Tomorrow is July 1st—and what always feels like the official start of summer! And you know what that means…parties and celebrations galore! Check out more

Winter’s Tale Blu-ray + DVD Review

Winter’s Tale Blu-ray   DVD Review

Jun 24, 2014 Talk about your timeless romances, this one lasts more than a century. Winter’s Tale, based upon the popular novel, has it all; fantasy, action, good more

Top 10 Teen Movie Romances

Top 10 Teen Movie Romances

Jul 07, 2014 Puppy love, first love, love at first sight - teen movies are almost always about taking risks for the right someone. Check out the Top 10 Teen Movie more

Planet of The Apes Cast Talks Humanity and Humor

Planet Of The Apes Cast Talks Humanity and Humor

Jul 08, 2014 Kidzworld got behind-the-scenes info from the upbeat cast of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes! more

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Cutiebee12 posted in Celebs:
Yes, they should. Because My mother said that Jay-Z is controlling Beyoncé and both of them are doing child sacrifices........... don't blame me, it is true........
reply 2 minutes
Nisya- posted in Celebs:
reply 8 minutes
mystry27 posted in TV Shows:
yes i love it to it is gud tv show and i like nobita & shizuka 
reply 35 minutes
Krantiveer posted in TV Shows:
My favorite TV show....Best one is Doraemon ....Its a Japanese show with its main character as Doraemon a cat robot...he has his amazing 22nd century gadgets with help of whom he always helps his best friend nobita a well known failure who cries whole day...he loves to have Dora cakes and bean jam buns..nobita has his friends Shizuka ,Sunio,Gian and Degisukhi..Shizuka is a pretty girl whom Nobita loves,Sunio is fox mouthed friend of Nobita who along with Gian a stout ,fool nobita whereas Degisukhi is an intelligent,smart and sensible boy of whom nobita is jealous.Besides these nobita's parents and teacher keep on encouraging him to study and often scold him for not doing so..i love to watch this awesome show and hope you would love it tooo :love
reply 39 minutes

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