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All About The Water Cycle

All About the Water Cycle

Nov 24, 2015 Do you know where rain comes from? Or what happens to water when it evaporates? Learn All About The Water Cycle on Kidzworld!...read more

Are You an Introvert or an Extrovert?

Every been called an introvert or an extrovert? Kidzworld finds out what that really means!

Jan 18, 2015 Have you ever been described an an introvert or an extrovert? Read on Kidzworld to find out where those terms come from and what they really mean!...read more

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Nintendo 3DS Game Review

Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam Nintendo 3DS Game Review

Jan 22, 2016 Whoever says three's a crowd clearly hasn't played Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. Read Kidzworld's full 3DS game review right here!...read more

All About February

Kidzworld learns all about the month of February!

Feb 01, 2016 February is here, and those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are delighted that spring is finally within sight! Get ready to learn all about the fine ...read more

Maika Monroe is Ringer in The 5th Wave!

Maika Monroe is Ringer in The 5th Wave!

Jan 19, 2016 Kidzworld talked with actress Maika Monroe who plays the part of tough fighter with a soft center Ringer in the movie The 5th Wave based upon the firs...read more

Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday)

Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday)

Feb 03, 2016 Mardis Gras is French for Fat Tuesday and it means you should pig-out on this day. Mardi Gras is the day before Lent, the 40 day period between Ash We...read more

Homemade Valentine's Day Gifts

Homemade Valentine's Gifts

Feb 02, 2016 Valentine’s Day is a great time to show your loved one how you feel, but what do you do if you're broke? Don't worry, Kidzworld's got you covered with...read more

Superhot Release Date Announced!

Superhot Release Date Announced!

Feb 01, 2016 The insane bullet-time shooter Superhot has a release date and it's coming soon. Watch the new trailer here on Kidzworld!...read more

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SublimeDemonz posted in General:
White Walls by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
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bffeaea posted in Fantasy:
Alicia hesitated. "Weather." Alicia looked at the sky it as dark and wasn't safe out there. "It's dark you better stay the night. Umm... I can grab a spare bed form my room no you can sleep next to River," Alicia grabbed the bed and placed it on the ground, she spread a blanket over it. She ran to all the windows and locked them and locked the doors. It was a treehouse but still.
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I never really stay anywhere I suppose I'm more of a flapper than I thought. I took a second to consider. "Just the nearest city frankly. It doesn't matter which. It just probably would be best if I got out of the forest." I looked to the girl with the bow "what's your name ?" 
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Which game released on nearly every platform imaginable and features some very recognizable super heroes?
  • Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare
  • X-Men vs Street Fighter
  • LEGO Marvel Superheroes
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