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One Direction Debut You and I Vid

After endless teasers One Direction released their brand new video for the single " more

Elle Fanning: Maleficent Featurette

In a brand new featurette Elle Fanning dishes about what attracted her to the movie more

Captain America Cast Talks The Winter Soldier

Captain America Cast Talks The Winter Soldier

Mar 31, 2014 Kidzworld interviews the stars of Captain America: The Winter Soldier talking action, emotion, tight spandex suits and reuniting for their second more

The Nut Job: Character Bios & Animated Squirrel Pictures

The Nut Job: Character Bios

Apr 07, 2014 Check out The Nut Job Character Bios & adorable Animated Squirrel Pictures on Kidzworld! more

Disneynature's Monkey Kingdom Trailer!

Disneynature's Monkey Kingdom Trailer!

Apr 10, 2014 The trailer for next year’s Disneynature film, MONKEY KINGDOM, is now available on Kidzworld! more
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All About the Easter Bunny

All About the Easter Bunny

Apr 11, 2014 The Easter Bunny may only work once a year, but he's more than just a delivery boy with a basket full of eggs. Find out more about this holiday hare more

Bullying Crossword Puzzle

Bullying Crossword Puzzle

Think you know all about Bullying? We've created this Bullying Crossword Puzzle to test your knowledge of Bullying and standing against it. more

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Jelly3 posted in General:
Yes to both of you!  Yaay! :'D  Let's get the party started! :'D
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Wooper1255 posted in Fantasy:
Omg, it okay if I can be another character? Name: Serenity Daughter of: Merida (From the movie Brave) Gender: Female Age: 13 Looks: Personality: Just like her mother Merida! She is tom boy, brave, and has courage! She will protect anyone she cares for, and devotes her life to them! She is like a ninja, you see her and then you don't see her. She easily scares people and you never know what she's going to do next. She is a rebel and cherishes her bow and arrow.
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Wooper1255 posted in General:
 Let's break the rules of this forum post! EVERYONE WHO POSTED ON THIS FORUM WINS!!!!!!!!!!!! >: D
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naruto200 posted in General:
Yes. :D :3 Party On!
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