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Foods to Fight Your Cold

Kidzworld learns about the top foods to eat when you're fighting a cold.

Jan 09, 2016 You need to eat when you have a cold, in order to keep your body strong. Did you know, though, that some foods can actually help you fight your cold? ...read more

Loot Crate Unboxing: Alien Invasion Theme!

Loot Crate Unboxing: Alien Invasion Theme!

Feb 06, 2016 Kidzworld is doing Loot Crate unboxing videos! What did we get in our first mystery box of the month? Watch our new video to find out!...read more

Presidents Day

Presidents Day

Feb 10, 2016 February 15th is Presidents Day! Think you know your presidents? Did George Washington wear a wig? Do you know how many death threats Lincoln received...read more

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Movie Review

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Movie Review

Feb 05, 2016 Kidzworld reviews the literary classic/horror/comedy mash-up movie Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Is it exciting? Is there romance? Are the female a...read more

Winter Health Tips

Have a happy winter with these help tips!

Nov 30, 2015 It can be hard to stay healthy when the temperatures drop, but following these tips on Kidzworld will make it a lot easier! ...read more

All About Ice Skating

Learn all about ice skating with Kidzworld!

Dec 10, 2015 Ice skating is a super fun way to get some exercise during the winter! There's a lot to learn about your newest favorite activity, though! Learn All A...read more

The Finest Hours Movie Review

The Finest Hours Movie Review

Jan 28, 2016 Check out Kidzworld’s movie review of The Finest Hours, a true-life sea rescue yarn starring Star Trek’s Captain Kirk Chris Pine as a by-the-book, unl...read more
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Fun Ways to Get Fit!

Kidzworld can help you have some fun while working out!

Feb 01, 2016 It can feel like a lot of work to eat healthy and get a good amount of exercise, but there are lots of ways to exercise that are much more fun than yo...read more

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Well.. It's weird cs that songs is instrumental..! :'DDBut each part reminds me of the most important memories in my life. I meant in the past and in the present too..! :'3.. And things which I would like to doing in the future!! :0
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bffeaea posted in Fantasy:
(Ok)Alicia woke up. It was day time and the sun was out and she hated  the day. But she loved the night. It was magical and mysterious. Just like her. She looked out side her treehouse and spotted a bird looking up at her. Alicia tossed some birdseed on the forest floor and went to her kitchen. She didn't have running water or electricity but she found a way to make breakfast. She gulped down some milk and ate some granola. She climbed down her treehouse and ran to the beach. She went to bed in her swim suit so she was fine. She dove in the water and saw her tail appear. She floated in her back for while and did a breaststroke. 
reply 8 minutes
gpc78 posted in Fantasy:
"bffeaea" wrote:(Did u already start or...)only  slihtly
reply 13 minutes
bffeaea posted in Forum Games:
(My name)
reply 13 minutes
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Which game released on nearly every platform imaginable and features some very recognizable super heroes?
  • Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare
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