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Pokémon GO Is Live

Pokémon GO has finally hit all platforms!

Jul 07, 2016 Nintendo's Pokémon has jumped into the real world with Pokémon GO. Get the scoop on the new iOS game on Kidzworld!...read more

New Pokémon and Competitions

Pokémon Sun and Moon bring new additions later this year!

Jun 19, 2016 Pokémon Sun and Moon are coming at the end of year. New characters and ways to battle are headed to the game; read all about it on Kidzworld!...read more

The Vampire Diaries Announces Shows End

The Vampire Diaries Announces Shows End

Jul 26, 2016 The Vampire Diaries announces the show's end at the San Diego Comic Con - find out more from Kidzworld!...read more

Ice Age: Collision Course Movie Review

Ice Age: Collision Course Movie Review

Jul 21, 2016 Check out Kidzworld’s movie review of Ice Age: Collision Course. Is little Scrat still adorable? Will the Ice Age family of characters stick together ...read more

Best Talking Animals In Film

Best Talking Animals In Film

Aug 01, 2016 While kids are anxiously awaiting the release of NINE LIVES, we’ve put together a list of our favorite talking animals in film! Check out the list on ...read more

Top 10 Summer Activities

Top 10 Summer Activities

May 17, 2016 Summer is here, and the weather is hot, hot, hot! But don't let the heat get to you down. Kidzworld lists the top 10 summer activities to keep you act...read more

Barbershop: The Next Cut Blu-ray Review

Barbershop: The Next Cut Blu-ray Review

Jul 26, 2016 Barbershop: The Next Cut returns to Chicago’s south side and the folks at the shop trying to thrive in a now gang and violence-heavy hood. Check Kidzw...read more

Batman - The Telltale Series Releases in August

Telltale's Batman game will coming sooner than thought.

Jul 15, 2016 Telltale Games has made its mark on their episodic adventure games. If you're looking to see when they officially add Batman to the roster, look no fu...read more

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"gpc78" wrote: 1924.A mysterious cosmic electromagnetic howl is heard.1945.A war ends but somewhere above us, another starts.2012.Humans start trying to contact aliens.That was where it all began. Since WW2 ended, SW1 started. Space Wars. Honest. Evacuation exists up there too. This is why they sent 10 children down to Earth, the only place in the galaxy war wasn't raging. Soon they adapted to Earth ways. Except one thing. They all have a power that co-ordinates with their home planet. This they must hide. They live together in a house, pay rent and look at the stars worriedly, wondering what has happened to their family and whether they will ever get to go back to space.CHARACTERSName: TBCGender: FemaleHomeworld: KaradoniaPowers: Can talk to the stars.TAKENName: TBCGender: FemaleHomeworld: NovakPower: Light manipulationTAKENName: TBCGender: FemaleHomeworld: Munda Power: Can flyTAKENName: Jen HalliwellGender: FemaleHomeworld: SolaroPower: Can control ice like Elsa.TAKENName: TBCGender: FemaleHomeworld: CavanatPower: PyrokenesisOPENName: Thomas Edward George HemingwayGender: MaleHomeworld: GauravPower: Can talk to animalsTAKENName: TBCGender: MaleHomeworld: The Faith MoonPower: HypnotismTAKENName: TBCGender: MaleHomeworld: ElgoogglPower: Earth[Trees, plants and flowers]TAKENName: TBCGender: MaleHomeworld: Astro MundiPower: Earth[Rocks and dirt]OPENName: TBCGender: MaleHomeworld: UnityPower: TeleportationTAKENRULES~No Mary Sues or Godmodding, I will kick you out~~I might ask for an example post and that's fine, Don't be offended~~Don't strop if I say you're not advanced enough, just delete your posts and go~~If you want a major plot twist pm or comment me first~~This symbol ^ on a form section means those sections are optional~~The minimum of characters is two, a boy and a girl~~Put "Sick Dying Dead" in the Code part of the form~FormName[First AND last]:Nickname^:###### - 18]:Gender:Bio:Persona^:Pet^:Anything Else^:Appearance[Picture and description]:Clothing Casual:Clothing Sleep:Clothing Other:Anything Else^:Job[Nothing serious, something like a waitress]:Likes:Dislikes:Pet Peeves^:Code:Other: Name: Stella BirdNickname: None, but her mom used to always call her "Stella Bird" Age: 17Gender: FemaleBio: Karadonia is the light planet while Novak is the dark one. Novak attacked one day so Stella's parents had no choice but to send her to Earth. They told her that she could talk to them whenever she wants, hence her power. (This reminds me of Superman lol)Personality: Stella is an immature person who's insanely fun! She does get in the way sometimes, but she makes everything alot more fun! She is intelligent though and will be serious when talking about Space Wars. (I almost said Star Wars XD)Pet: Has a Blue Macaw named StarAnything Else:Appearance: | PHOTO COMING |Stella has naturally straight red hair with a blue streak. She has sparkling ocean blue eyes, freckles on the bridge of her nose and a natural blush. She has a calm, yet immature expression plastered on her face.Clothing C: Cerulean tee, White skinny jeans, Slick and shiny pink belt, Cerulean high-topsClothing S: Shirt she wore that day with some shortsClothing Other: ?Anything Else: Job: Zoo attendant (works with birds)Likes: Birds, Blue and pink colors, Roller coasters, Stars, Star (her macaw)Dislikes: Animal abuse, Space Wars, No funPet Peeves:Code: Sick Dying Dead Other: Will make my other character soon
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Deus Ex:
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PunMaster posted in Fantasy:
Blade chuckled. "Don't you see? It's a matter of survival~ He'll soon understand. I had opportunity, and I took it. It's like asking the lion why it would kill the gazelle. Why lion, would you kill this innocent beast, who did nothing to you? My dear friend, it was a matter of survival, because everything has to survive, and to survive you must eat. Does this put it into prospective for you better, dear?"
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ishani15 posted in Friends:
1 she is 22 10 years older than me
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