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Taylor Swift: Parade and Family

Taylor Swift can literally do it all - she performed "Shake it Off" and 'Welcome to more

Anna Kendrick: Home for the Holidays!

Into the Woods starlet Anna Kendrick shared some special photos on her Instagram of more

Jingle All The Way 2 Exclusive Clip

Jingle All The Way 2 Exclusive Clip

Nov 26, 2014 Watch an Exclusive Clip, Larry Takes a beating from Jingle All The Way 2 on Kidzworld! more

Super Smash Bros for Wii U Video Game Review

Super Smash Bros for Wii U Video Game Review

Nov 21, 2014 Super Smash Bros. for Wii U hits stores today! Read Kidzworld's game review, right more

Big Hero 6 Movie Review

Big Hero 6 Movie Review

Oct 23, 2014 Check out Kidzworld's movie review of Disney’s Big Hero 6. Is this superhero film super? Are you going to love Baymax? We’ll give you the scoop! more

Rabbids Giveaway!

Rabbids Giveaway!

Nov 21, 2014 Kidzworld has teamed up with Rabbids to offer you a fun giveaway! Enter for a chance to win a $500 gift card or copy of the book! more

If I Stay Blu-ray Review

If I Stay Blu-ray Review

Nov 21, 2014 Talented 17-year-old cellist Mia and her family are in a fatal car accident. She is caught in “limbo” between life and death. Should she stay? Check more

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Name: Myles Lewis Age: 19 Looks: (Coming) Personality: Myles is your standard awkward nerd boy. He gets far too excited about things that nobody else understands or appreciates. He has an inability to interact with members of the female species, and he's wicked smart. Myles is dedicated to both people and the things that interest him. Despite the mass judgement he receives from other people, Myles is unapologetically himself. He expresses what he believes in and stands up for the people he cares about. Myles can come off as a know it all at first, and he does take an immense amount of pride in his knowledge, but he happens to be very sensitive to the feelings of others and is a brilliant friend. Myles doesn't have a lot of life experience but he does have the ability to understand and empathize with the people he loves and is always there when people need him. Other: Nope!
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Broken heartz
"Oh nothing" he laughed. 
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Logan found some clothes that might fit Juliette. They were his sisters. He gently knocked on the door, "I have some clothes that might fit you. I'll leave them outside the door for you." Logan said and set the clothes down outside the door. He then moved away from the door and walked down the hall.
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Olivia looked up at him, "What's that look for?"
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