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Ariana Grande on Cat Valentine

Now that Ariana Grande has finally said goodbye to her iconic Nickelodeon character more

Can Miley Cyrus Handle Her New Baby Pig?

ICYMI singer Miley Cyrus just got a brand new adorable piglet, Bubba Sue, and it's more

Fresh Vid: Taylor Swift's Shake it Off!

Fresh Vid: Taylor Swift's Shake it Off!

Aug 19, 2014 Check out the video for Taylor Swift's new song Shake it Off! more

Brenton Thwaites Bio

Brenton Thwaites Bio

Aug 13, 2014 Aussie hottie Brenton Thwaites landed the lead role in the movie adaptation of the Y.A. novel The Giver. Find out more about Brenton Thwaites in his more

Justin Bieber Believe Tour Dance Experience

Justin Bieber Believe Tour Dance Experience

Aug 11, 2014 Want to move like Bieber? Believe Tour Dance Experience will help you do just that; the video, led by Justin’s choreographer and creative director more

School Lunch Superfoods

School Lunch Superfoods

Aug 21, 2014 Only one thing at school beats the 3 o’clock bell … lunch time!!! And there is definitely one thing that makes lunch exciting … the moment when you more

Top 10 Summer Camp Movies

Top 10 Summer Camp Movies

Aug 01, 2014 Summer camp can be an unforgettable experience, whether you're making friends or going on an adventure. Take a look at the Top 10 Summer Camp Movies! more

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9 You ish the awesome multitasker :D 4
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blakbutterfly posted in Debating:
"AlphaT" wrote: Thing is, we don't have lockers. It's not the time that's the fact, we used to have ten minute class changes, and even then more people were late to class then when we switched to five minute class changes. In that case, I believe that its the students carelessness, not inability to go to classes on time. I don't think they are facing much problems! If they can't reach their classes in 10 minutes but can in 5 minutes, I see where that's going. o.o I would suggest your school to be a bit more democratic and ask the students what would get them to classes on time, of course, I don't mean bribery. I don't think they would work on 15 year old (you are 15, right? o.O) anyway. Honestly, I don't think 5 minutes between classes is a problem anymore. Unless your school is larger than a normal school with loads of stairs and seems like a maze. [edited]
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Team Audi #46
Team Audi #46 posted in School:
"Run away," Eli asked confused, "Like I was scared. Have other people done that in the past?"
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