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Origins of Slang

Discover some meanings of your favourite slang words!

May 26, 2015 Ever wondered where certain common slang words come from? Read on to find out on Kidzworld! more

How to Prevent Forest Fires

Learn how you can prevent forest fires!

Jul 03, 2015 As the summer gets hotter and dryer, it becomes more and more important for us to think carefully about how we can prevent dangerous forest fires. more

Pixels Movie Review

Pixels Movie Review

Jun 24, 2015 Kidzworld watched Pixels, the new Adam Sandler film about a bunch of older guys who get to reclaim their youthful glory as early video game champions… more

How to Take a Great Photo

How to Take a Great Photo

Apr 20, 2015 Lots of people are camera shy, but are you shy of using a camera? Taking fantastic photos can be easy with a few simple rules that will make you snap more

Read Your Way to a Better Grade!

Read Your Way to a Better Grade!

Apr 28, 2014 Did you know that the very best way to improve your spelling, grammar, writing, and grades is to read books? Kidzworld as helpful tips! more

All About Sunscreen

Kidzworld teaches you some of the negative and positive effects of sunscreen!

Jun 11, 2015 As the weather gets hot and the sun comes out, it's important to think about applying sunscreen. What is sunscreen and what are its positive and more

Take a Staycation!

Kidzworld has some tips for your summer staycation!

Jun 11, 2015 Not going anywhere special this summer? Good news! You can make your staycation fabulous by following these tips! more

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nini8988 posted in Fantasy:
as victorias vision blured she was picked up and dragged out the room to a unknown area she blacked out on the was there
reply 4 minutes
Jades heard her name and spun around fast "huh?!" james chuckled at what marsh said kat looked at them then ran to her room and slammed the door
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xordinaryangelx posted in Food:
McDonnalds... :love
reply 22 minutes
After her first period class, Celestia decided to go and introduce herself to some of the other students. She smiled as she slowly sauntered around the school, her pale face alight with happiness. She couldn't wait to meet her classmates. After a short amount of time, Celestia came across a small group of people, who happened to be having a conversation of their own. She walked over, bobbed a light curtsy, and kept a light smile on her face. "I'm sorry, I'm not interrupting anything, am I?" She asked, a look of concern sweeping away her happiness.
reply 26 minutes
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