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5SoS's Calum Hood: Child Poet?

Bet you didn't know that 5 Seconds of Summer's Calum Hood is a poet, well, kind of. more

Ansel Elgort Pranks Jimmy Kimmel's Niece!

Talk about the world's greatest uncle - Late Night TV Host/Comedian Jimmy Kimmel more

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Sleeping Beauty

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Sleeping Beauty

Oct 07, 2014 Sleeping Beauty the Diamond Edition is out on Blu-ray and DVD. Kidzworld learned some great fun facts about the film! more

October Holidays

October Holidays

Oct 01, 2014 There are a ton of holidays taking place in October besides Halloween, so if you're looking for something other than All Hallows Eve, why not try more

Quiz! Autumn Trivia!

Quiz! Autumn Trivia!

Oct 19, 2014 When the once green leaves on the trees start to turn brown, yellow and red and fall to the ground, you know that autumn has arrived, and it's time more

Zoe Saldana, Diego Luna and Ice Cube Talk Life and Death

Zoe Saldana, Diego Luna and Ice Cube Talk Life and Death

Oct 16, 2014 Check out Kidzworld’s interview with the voice actor stars of the colorful and meaningful new animated movie “The Book of Life”. more

MOCKINGJAY | The Rebel Warrior Posters!

MOCKINGJAY | The Rebel Warrior Posters!

Sep 01, 2014 Yesterday, Lionsgate released six REBEL WARRIOR POSTERS for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 featuring the fearless rebels of District 13: GALE, more

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(I think this Rp is dying. :c)
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GirLovesPiggy posted in Fantasy:
Elaina let out a sigh, shrugging as she watched the group. She then turned her attention to her kids who were just looking around at the candy.
reply 9 minutes
Jomeimei posted in Fantasy:
Two figures walked alone, one taller than the other, and limping. Females, judging by their shadows that sliced through the dusty ground like knives through butter, the sun beat down, yet they walked with purpose towards the shop.  The door creaked open, and Maia and Kendra walked in, Kendra clutching her reopened wound on her stomach.  [ Hold it.... ] The heroic action movie scene stopped then, and Maia went demon mode. She snatched up the nearest flat surface she could find [a clipboard] and slammed it over Takumi's head. "What the heck were you thinking, you one track brained tsundere?! WHO gave you permission to leave sick people areas?! NOT ME! Go cry in the corner and think about your life and you've done to my sanity!" She steered Takumi by his shoulders into the nearest corner, and put her hands on her hips with a huff.  Kendra remained silent the entire time, and she was already leaving trails and puddles of blood on the floor. With a sound, she collapsed onto the cash register.
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Jomeimei posted in Fantasy:
Name: Maia Blackwell   Age: Sixteen   ​Personality:   I Do Advanced Math Too, So Get Off My Lawn-Maia is a hotheaded, sarcastic, and sly person. She has that sort of 'Bow down to your queen' attitude, but is otherwise, likable. Maia has a huge ego, and is extremely prideful, and protective of her friends.   No One Likes Being Alone-She's the kind of girl to laugh in someone's face when they fall, then fall with them to make sure they have company. She takes being in a group very seriously, and has a strong sense of justice. Maia also prefers to use plain logic to outsmart someone. She hates people who play dirty, and often tries to match them fair and square by cheating as well.   Hulk-Maia has an extremely short temper, angry Maia is not a pretty sight. In fact, she is sometimes known as the 'Hulk' because of this. Maia is also incredibly good at aerobics, and is always seen pulling some sort of tricky stunt.    Bio: <- That's a joke right?   Weapon: Because Maia is of an Asian origin, she tends to keep her hair held up by a pair of titanium, sharp chopsticks that unfold not huge, blades fans.    Strength: More physical than mental. She's the kind to charge in without a plan, and that can be her fatal mistake. She really can't handle jokes or insults, and she's emotionally unstable. On a rate from 1-10, her physical ability is 7 and mental is 4   Speed: Maia is actually more fast than she is strong. On a scale of 1-10, it's around 9 or 10   ​Appearance: At sixteen, Maia is already quite attractive. Her hair is about waist length, and pitch black, slightly purple in the light. Although she's lived in the sun for a long time, her skin is still as pale as cream, and she's only tanned around her shoulders. Maia's eyes are pale, ice blue, framed by dark lashes that makes her skin look whiter, her eyes look paler, and her hair look darker. Despite this, Maia has a quite listless build, tiny, barely making average height (despite her nickname, the 'Hulk')   Other:   
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