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Kendall Jenner: Vogue 2015

Move over Kim Kardashian, your little sister Kendall Jenner is taking over your more

ICYMI: Sam Smith's Like I Can Vid

UK crooner Sam Smith is one of the most exciting artists to break this year, and the more

This Week in News: Jurassic World Trailer, Star Wars and LEGO Batman

This Week in News: Jurassic World Trailer, Star Wars and LEGO Batman

Nov 27, 2014 Kidzworld got news about the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, a female Wonder Woman director, dinosaurs and more! Here’s what you more

If I Stay Blu-ray Review

If I Stay Blu-ray Review

Nov 21, 2014 Talented 17-year-old cellist Mia and her family are in a fatal car accident. She is caught in “limbo” between life and death. Should she stay? Check more

Christmas Day

Christmas Day

Dec 18, 2014 Christmas is the Christian holiday that celebrates the day when Christ was born. Today, December 25th has taken on a bit of a different spin, with more

Tech Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Tech Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Dec 02, 2014 Some people love tech toys so much it's hard to get them to look up from their latest gadget - even when it's to give them a new one! Check out more

Penguins Of Madagascar Movie Review

Penguins Of Madagascar Movie Review

Nov 26, 2014 It’s Skipper, Rico, Kowalski and Private…on the big screen! Kidzworld reviews “Penguins of Madagascar”, an action-packed animated adventure starring more

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SPOILER (If you don't mind me joining.) The Basics  Name: Charlie Huang   Nicknames: Hermes (An athletic thief)   Age: 21   Gender: Male   Species: Human   The Looks   Eyes: Charlie is of Chinese descent and possesses dark brown eyes.  They almost always contain a somewhat mischievous glint in them.  He has a tendency to wink, as well.   Hair: Charlie doesn't really care too much about the state of his hair, so it's somewhat messy, but still manages to look good.  Because of his descent, his hair pitch black.   Posture: Charlie's posture portrays his personality.  He has that kind of regal posture that can make people either role their eyes or admire how confident (more like cocky) he is.   Height: Charlie is about 5' 10', a little over the average height in Beijing (as of 2010 XD).   Build: Charlie runs around a lot in the streets, so he is quite skinny.  He somehow manages to steal all the food he needs, so he looks healthy enough.   Noteworthy Scars: n/a, although he does have the tendency to get himself hurt.   Health: Despite being a street rat, Charlie is quite healthy because of all the running around he does in order to steal things & eating his fruits & veggies from various vegetation.  I suppose you could say he's a vegetarian, since he never saw meat in his lifetime.   Wardrobe: Charlie usually has rags for his clothing.  It's more like comfortable pants, a t-shirt, & a jacket or vest to keep him, well, comfortable.  He mainly wears tennis shoes, which are quite worn out by now.   Other Notes:  Charlie is a world class thief who works for himself only.  Most people would consider him morally corrupted.  He would only help others if they offer something in return & he's a bit on the cocky side.  He is a technological genius, which he uses to his advantage.  He also happens to be very athletic & adaptable to street life & escaping others.  Charlie speaks fluent English & Mandarin. (If you want me to edit anything, go ahead & tell me.)
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Team Audi #46
"That makes sense," Eli commented, "The guy still impresses me." Eli looked at Rebecca and saw that she was wincing, "That headache seems pretty bad. You should sit today out. Get some rest," he said as he grabbed plate for him and Rebecca, since he knew she wasn't going to listen to him.
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Name: Mackenzie Nicknames: Kenzie, Kenz Age: 13 Gender: Female Species: SIR unit robot. Appearance:  (She does have feet, they just isn't in the picture. She is about 2 feet tall.) Personalty: You'll see. Bio: All that is currently known is she made robots in the form of her enemies' worst fears to get revenge upon them, although she stopped doing that after awhile and started a sort of army of good robots that are like family to her, the robots often act strange and malfunction, while the revenge robots don't as often. Powers: Laser eyes, super strength, X-ray vision, flying. Sometimes her powers malfunction. Other: Bella is her sister, Echo is her daughter from the future. Mackenzie has built a time machine, and some other devices. Mackenzie has a storage space in her head she can open and close, and can turn her head all the way around. Name: Echo Nicknames: None Age: She is a baby, although she can talk because of her being a robot. Gender: Female Species: SIR unit robot. Appearance: Somewhat shorter than her parents, dark purple star on top of the antenna on her head, aqua blue eyes, eyelashes, dark purple things on her shoulders, aqua blue star on her stomach, dark green bracelet-like-thing on her right wrist and medium aqua blue bracelet-like-thing on her left wrist. Personalty: You'll see. Bio: All that is currently known is Echo is from the future and got stuck in the past with her past mother and father, and her future mother and father may be on some sort of secret mission. Mackenzie's time machine currently refuses to go back into the future, except for a few or so times, although it won't let Echo go with her or stop Echo from getting stuck in the past for some reason. Powers: Same as Mackenzie and GIR's. Other: Echo has a rubber piggy toy she named Piggy, who she seems to be best friends with. She claims Piggy can speak with her and that sometimes Piggy, or herself have dreams with ghosts speaking to them in the dreams, warning them about things or telling them about Echo's parents in the future, Echo describes what she can remember about the ghosts Piggy tells her she sees or that she sees herself. So far Mackenzie and GIR have heard Piggy speak once or twice before, and her aunt Bella has heard Piggy speak once. Echo also has a storage space in her head and can spin her head around fully, like all the SIR unit robots in her family can. Name: GIR Nicknames: None Age: 13 Gender: Male Species: SIR unit robot. Appearance:  Appearance in defense mode:  (Kenzie and Echo have a similar look when they're in defense mode.) Powers: Same as Mackenzie and Echo's. (There is also Doom and the other ones but I'm not gonna make their forms right now. May change some things in their forms.)
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shae508 posted in Fantasy:
(Sorry. Stupid mobile. She doesn't need wings. It's fine. :))
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