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Kendall Jenner: Runway Bullies

Teen model and celeb sister Kendall Jenner recently hit the catwalk for New York more

Meghan Trainor Covers Shake it Off

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Blended Blu-ray Review

Blended Blu-ray Review

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Suicide Prevention Week

Suicide Prevention Week

Sep 07, 2014 Do you know someone who is thinking about suicide? There is help out there, so get the facts on where you can go and who you can talk more

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Dolphin Tale 2’s Cozi Zuehlsdorff

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Dolphin Tale 2’s Cozi Zuehlsdorff

Sep 10, 2014 Direct from Clearwater, Florida, Kidzworld interviews the cast of Dolphin Tale 2. Next, 16-year-old lead actress Cozi Zuehlsdorff who plays Hazel. more

Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah

Sep 22, 2014 L'shanah tovah! Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year but don't expect any fireworks, instead you can break out the apples, slice them up and start more

Dolphin Tale 2 Movie Review

Dolphin Tale 2 Movie Review

Sep 12, 2014 Kidzworld was invited to Clearwater, Florida where the film was shot to mingle with the cast and watch “Dolphin Tale 2” early. Check out our review! more

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i live for anime!!!
Name: Touka Matsune Nickname: Rabbit Age: 14 going 15 Gender: Female Looks:  Touka has long bangs that covers her right eye. Her hair is really short, like a boys, and it's deep purple. She is considered a cute, normal girl that wouldn't be considered to be one of the orphans. She is rather short, and is slim, which makes her fast. She has delicate curves, making her chest and hips feminine, but nothing spectacular. Her skin is pale, and the deep blue color of her eyes only makes it look more pale. She has quite the mature face, and is often considered older than 14. Personality: Touka has a rash attitude which comes from her hard life. She has a rather reckless and ruthless personality. Even so she cares for her friends deeply and will do anything for them, even if it means taking a large risk of dying. She's often angry and many of her emotions come out as anger, when she worries, for example. She hates it when people whine and/or complain, considering her terrible past, and all the things she had to go through.  Touka suffers from ornithophobia, which is an abnormal, irrational fear of birds. She can be around birds, but she hates getting close to them and she would never in her lifetime pick one up or pet it, even if it was dead.  Talents: Touka is an amazing singer, but she can also paint. Beast:  Ghoul A ghoul is a type of beast that looks human, but is far from being one. A ghouls tongue doesn't work like a humans, so they can't eat normal human food. They have to eat humans. All ghouls have a kagune, a sort of weapon that comes out of their backs and is very powerful, if used correctly. Touka's kagune takes the form of fire coming out of her back, so it looks like she has wings. But she only has one wing, the left one was cut off at the lab. She can cause serious damage by either focusing her Kagune in a single focused attack or firing a flurry of shards. Knives and simple blades cannot harm a ghoul, the only thing that can harm them is if a dead ghouls kagune has been turned into a weapon. Ghouls are unable to use their Kagunes when hungry and will have to rely on their strength and speed alone. A Ghouls eyes will turn black where the white should be, and the rest is red. A ghoul has a great sense of smell, and can tell beasts apart from human with by just smelling them. Other: A ghouls organs were transplanted into Touka, that's how she became a ghoul. She also made a mask that looks like a rabbit which she wears during her fights. That's where she got her nickname from.  Code: Ayaya
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hugebear posted in General:
[photo:5795514] Loves you. Aw [size=88] [color=red] ♥ [/color] Potato is wuved :D [/size] :D
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Omg so many c':  -One piece -Fairy Tail -Bleach -Special A -Naruto but I havent watched it for ages Okay...not that many but still quite afew c:
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but really we don't want to  miss you seniors
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