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Fresh Vid: Taylor Swift's Shake it Off!

Our fave country queen has turned full-on pop princess with her latest single "Shake more

The Next Big Thing featuring Shawn Mendes!

The "Next Big Thing featuring Shawn Mendes" Channel launches on the free ShowMobile more

Megan Fox Talks Turtles

Megan Fox Talks Turtles

Aug 05, 2014 Kidzworld snaps up Megan Fox talking turtles, fight training, journalism, Transformers and more in this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles interview. more

EXCLUSIVE: Cameron Monaghan is Asher in The Giver

EXCLUSIVE: Cameron Monaghan is Asher in The Giver

Aug 11, 2014 Check out Kidzworld’s exclusive interview with young actor Cameron Monaghan who plays the important role of Asher in the new movie adaptation of the more

Top 5 Highest Paid Athletes In The World

Top 5 Highest Paid Athletes In The World

Jul 27, 2014 We all know pro athletes make lots of money, but just how many millions do the top earners make? You might be surprised who tops the list! Find out more

Fresh Vid: Taylor Swift's Shake it Off!

Fresh Vid: Taylor Swift's Shake it Off!

Aug 19, 2014 Check out the video for Taylor Swift's new song Shake it Off! more

Guardians of the Galaxy Get Real

Guardians of the Galaxy Get Real

Jul 29, 2014 Kidzworld got the insider info from the cast of the fun new Marvel Sci-Fi comedy/actioner Guardians of the Galaxy! more

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Ling giggled again. Hunter smiled back. (Want to time skip to after school? :3)
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I_unknown_I posted in School:
Name: Alexander Zambrano     superhero name: Kuroneko     age14-17) 14     looks:  additional: has black cat ears and a black tail   personally: dark at times but can be nice. Can be overprotective over his friends.   powermax up to 3-4) Cat like reflexes and senses, agility increase.   bio: He was born in Northern Japan and was raised there. He had a friend named Okami and she and him stole and robbed. He transferred to a new school. He has been put into a small depression.    weapons: Two pistols (Five Seven model). Two butterfly daggers.    other: Has gadgets.    
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OklahomaRules posted in Lyrics:
Ok, one question. Did u wrote this? If so then Awesome Job!!!
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AtoutLeMonde posted in Fantasy:
( can i make a character) 
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