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Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

Make some super cool gift-giving choices with Kidzworld!

Nov 20, 2015 Need a unique and interesting gift for a friend or family member? Look no further, Kidzworld has the scoop on some the coolest gifts around!...read more

Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier are in The Outfield

Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier are in The Outfield

Nov 12, 2015 Check out Kidzworld’s exclusive interview with social media stars Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier who co-star in The Outfield, a full-length baseball fi...read more

Science Project: Homemade Bath Salts

Learn how to make your own bath salts with Kidzworld!

Nov 16, 2015 For a science project that's easy, fun, and practical, try making your own bath salts! You can keep them for yourself or give them away as gifts! Lear...read more
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One Direction: Made in the A.M. Album Review

One Direction: Made in the A.M. Album Review

Nov 15, 2015 One Direction's latest album Made in the A.M. features the singles "Drag Me Down," and "Perfect" - find out more in the Kidzworld Review!...read more

All About Color Blindness

Kidzworld learns all about color blindness.

Nov 16, 2015 Kidzworld learns all about color blindness, a common condition that affects a person's ability to perceive red, green, or blue light. ...read more

Michael B. Jordan and Sly Stallone Talk Creed

Michael B. Jordan and Sly Stallone Talk Creed

Nov 20, 2015 In Creed, the saga of Rocky Balboa continues as he mentors the son of his arch rival and friend Apollo Creed. Can the young boxer achieve his dad’s fa...read more
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All About Rabbits

All About Rabbits

Nov 02, 2015 Do you know the hare-story behind bunnies? How'd they get to be so darn cute! The answers are just a hop away in All About Rabbits on Kidzworld!...read more

MINIONS New Mini-Movie Competition

MINIONS New Mini-Movie Competition

Nov 23, 2015 Universal Pictures Home Entertainment premiered the all-new Minions mini movie Competition. Watch it on Kidzworld!...read more

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Sabrina smiled, "Let's go." She teleported away. Rayla and the rest of the group teleported to the party. Rayla got up on the stage and looked at the group. She spoke in the microphone, "Hello guests of this party."
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William chuckled before leaning in and k"ssing Victoria.
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Leona found a seat before sitting down. She watched the people and sighed. 
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Amber walked into the room and raised an eyebrow, "Who was the chick?" Hazel shrugged, "Leona." Rayla smiled, "Hey Am." Amber smiled at Rayla, "Hey Ray. Are we ready?" Rayla sighed, "I think so."
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