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Justin Bieber: Crash and Arrest

Instead of just relaxing this long weekend, Justin Bieber was arrested for dangerous more

Billboard magazine: 5 Seconds of Summer

ICYMI Aussie hotties 5 Seconds of Summer are on the cover of the August edition of more

Megan Fox Talks Turtles

Megan Fox Talks Turtles

Aug 05, 2014 Kidzworld snaps up Megan Fox talking turtles, fight training, journalism, Transformers and more in this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles interview. more

If I Stay Prize Pack Giveaway!

If I Stay Prize Pack Giveaway!

Enter for a chance to win the If I Stay Prize Pack Giveaway! more

Justin Bieber Believe Tour Dance Experience

Justin Bieber Believe Tour Dance Experience

Aug 11, 2014 Want to move like Bieber? Believe Tour Dance Experience will help you do just that; the video, led by Justin’s choreographer and creative director more

Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie Review

Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie Review

Aug 01, 2014 Kidzworld reviews the entertaining, funny and action-packed new Sci-Fi movie from Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy. more

Chloë Grace Moretz Stars in If I Stay

Chloë Grace Moretz Stars in If I Stay

Aug 18, 2014 Kidzworld interviewed popular teen actress Chloë Grace Moretz’s and got her comments on her new tearjerker film “If I Stay” based on the best-seller more

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"musicgenuis12" wrote: (I going to be rough with this character. Sorry.she have a strict personality). Name :Aurora Traper Age:17 Gender:Female Appearance:Black,silver and red hair. Red like button up shirt with yellow boots that are able to run or jump,so mostly snow boots use for walking on ice.wears a bracelet that wraps around your arm. personality:She's crule,mean. Harsh. May be seen nice or faking to be kind and sweet. Always says"Shut your mouth soldier",that's how you know its her. bio:She is and always be the leader of the Solivet Union leader.she runs her own small army with men a little bit older than her.. other:Owns a rotriler (Dog. Can spell it right). why she wanted to join the Usrl : never did. Never will. She have her own team. weapon of her choice:A bow and arrow ,arrow can explode when it touch something.gun.knife the can reach far.boomerang with sharp spikes that can bleed. But she can handle it   Accepted,  
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Zendaya jumped into the manhole and landed on her feet "Cool,truly impossible to not break your leg"she said walking over to feed the dogs
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261sapphire posted in Fantasy:
“*hears something going on and tries to yell for help*........HE- *gets cut off by one of the scientists and bit his hand* HELP! *remembered that his whole body was still chained up*" Said Sonic.exe
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"nano144man" wrote:(James went a tiny bit crazy, and Madison is a vigilante,) (Okay, thanks. I won't be on anymore today.) 
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Best Thing About Going Back to School?

  • Buying new back-to-school clothes.
  • Seeing all my friends again.
  • The thrill of doing homework again.
  • There's nothing good about going back to school.