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One Direction: UK's Most Successful Band

For the third year in a row Britain's most famous boy band has been also been named more

Big Sean Dishes on Falling for Ariana Grande

It's no secret these days that Big Sean and Ariana Grande are sweethearts, but more

Alexander Blu-ray Review

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible... Blu-ray Review

Feb 09, 2015 Can you relate to Alexander when his bad luck spreads to the whole family? Take home Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day on more

First Look: Frozen Fever

First Look: Frozen Fever

Feb 03, 2015 The first look images and video featurette from FROZEN FEVER are now available on Kidzworld! more

Humpback Whales Movie Review

Humpback Whales Movie Review

Feb 19, 2015 Check out Kidzworld’s movie review of the new IMAX nature doc Humpback Whales. It’s awesome! And to think, these, smart, loving and powerful giants more

Top 10 Love Songs 2015

Top 10 Love Songs 2015

Feb 01, 2015 They call it a heart "beat" for a reason - being in love will make you want to dance and sing it to sky! Valentine's is just around the corner, so it' more

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"What do you mean, like, goodbye?" Toy Chica said and then gasped. "I forgot!!! Jeremy said he was going to have day shift this week!!!!!" she said excitedly.. (she knows bc of the aforementioned gossip, in case you were wondering)
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scarlet177 posted in General:
annoyed, irritated, sad, and ''ahhhhhhhh''
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"Tati-00" wrote:Heck yeah I have been playing Soccer since I was 5. I played Goalie this school year for my JV Soccer team. Awesome
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Toy Bonnie gasped, " I forgot to tell Jeremy good-bye!!!" Toy Bonnie suddenly frowned and then looked down. 
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Someone tries to add you to their online network but you don’t think you know who they are. Do you
  • Add them
  • See if you know anyone in common
  • Accept them but limit what they can see
  • Ignore/block the request