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LEGO Dimensions Sonic and More PS4 Review

Sonic is the star of LEGO Dimensions Wave 7!

Jan 09, 2017 LEGO Dimensions is the game that keeps on getting! Check out Kidzworld's thoughts on the most recent level packs, Sonic the Hedgehog, Adventure Time, ...read more

February 2017 Horoscopes

February 2017 Horoscopes

Jan 01, 2017 February is the month of love. Check out what your future has in store in Kidzworld’s February 2017 Horoscopes....read more

Marvel and Square Enix Announce Multiple Avengers Games

Marvel Entertainment and Square Enix

Jan 27, 2017 Marvel and Square Enix have teamed up to announce an upcoming game. Check out which details we know so far at Kidzworld!...read more

Dream Big: Engineering Our World Movie Review

Dream Big: Engineering Our World Movie Review

Feb 16, 2017 Kidzworld saw Dream Big: Engineering Our World and the creative variety of tasks that engineers accomplish is amazing. Many are lifesaving! Should you...read more
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What Games Are Launching on Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch's New Games

Feb 01, 2017 Nintendo's next console, Switch is releasing very soon! Take a look at which games you can get your hands on with Kidzworld!...read more

Disney's Pinocchio Signature Collection Blu-ray Review

Disney's Pinocchio Signature Collection Blu-ray Review

Feb 01, 2017 Disney’s Timeless Tale, Pinocchio, Joins the Walt Disney Signature Collection. Read Kidzworld's Blu-ray review to learn more and watch the trailer!...read more
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The LEGO Batman Movie Review

The LEGO Batman Movie Review

Feb 10, 2017 Kidzworld checked out The LEGO Batman movie. How hilarious is it? Is it as entertaining as the first LEGO movie? Here is our movie review. ...read more

Black History Month

Black History Month

Feb 01, 2017 February is Black History Month, a time to remember the African Americans who made countless contributions to help shape the country we live in today....read more

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✖ Rules ✖~ All KW Rules~ My word is law!~ No Mary-Sues~ You must make 1 Carrier and 1 Relation each, but if the RP isn't doing too well, I may allow more.~ Romance must be PG, violence PG-13~ At least 5 sentences per post~ Please try to keep this RP alive!~ Put "Sin" as your code if you've read these rules~ Have fun!✖ Form [Delete the parentheses] ✖Name:Nickname?:Age [14-25, though keep the descriptions in mind! A working judge wouldn't be 17.]:Gender:Sexuality:Sin:Appearance [Picture and/or description]:Clothing- Everyday:Clothing- Formal:Clothing- Sleep:Personality [At least 5 sentences]:History [At least 4 sentences]:Vessel [The role name! Not needed if you're a Relation.]:Powers [2 max. Should match the vessel! Not needed if you're a Relation.]:Code:Other Info?:
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✖ Relation Roles ✖✖ The Childhood Friend- Lust ✖` ` I can't even tell him how much I hate his face ` `You were the childhood friend of the first carrier of Lust, and even you didn't spare them any friendliness concerning their unfortunately ugly appearance. While you truly liked spending time with them, you never showed it and instead were hostile, oblivious to their love for you. You were one of the many manipulated to love them, and after his murder, you managed to escape him. You died of boring old natural causes.Name:Age:Gender:Traits: Hostile, Hot-headed, Inwardly-sweetRoleplayer: Me ✖ The Waiter/ress- Gluttony ✖ ` ` Today is a special menu ` `You spent your life waiting on the first carrier of Gluttony's family, giving them only the best food. You were raised a servant, yet you didn't exactly mind it. Sure, your food wasn't great, but you managed to sneak leftovers. As soon as the carrier's family "mysteriously disappeared", you were tasked with serving every last gruesome, gory meal to your master/mistress until you yourself were put into one of those meals.Name:Age:Gender:Traits: Indifferent, Loyal, Squeamish.Roleplayer: Open✖ The Servant- Pride ✖` ` Never fear, never cry, I will always be near ` `You were the twin of the first carrier of Pride, and while they became the ruler of Lucifenia, you became their loyal servant. You did everything to please them, and were very loyal to your dear sibling. During the Lucifenia-Elphegort War, you discovered they were to be executed. Due to your alikeness as twins and in order to protect them, you gave them servant's clothes to run away, while you took their place in their execution- leading to your untimely death.Name:Age:Gender:Traits: Loyal, Gullible, Calm.Roleplayer: Open✖ The Spouse- Sloth ✖ ` ` It's so cliché to say you're my only ` `You were forced into an arranged marriage to the first carrier of Sloth due to their wealth from a young age. You spent a lot of your childhood with them, and while they fell in love with you, you never reprociated their feelings. Instead, even after your marriage, you went around with others, almost completely ignoring your spouse. You were killed by your spouse by falling into an everlasting sleep, as they believed you were "stressed".Name:Age:Gender:Traits: Unfaithful, Flirty, Hostile.Roleplayer: Open✖ The Stranger- Envy ✖` ` Hello, it's nice to meet you ` `You never met the carrier of Envy formally, yet they were infatuated with you from first sight. You had a family you adored, but as they slowly began to "disappear", you found it difficult to stay as positive as you were before. When the carrier finally approached you, you greeted them as you would any other stranger. This angered them, as they believed you were already married. This led to them killing you out of sheer anger.Name:Age:Gender:Traits: Gentle, Loving, Gullible.Roleplayer: Open✖ The Child- Greed ✖[i]` ` Show the world how happy it can be ` ` `You were the child of the first carrier of Greed," and you were loved unconditionally. You were spoiled due to the riches your parent somehow aquired from their job, yet you never questioned it. You adored the outdoors, and spent most of your time out playing in the forest or in the park with your friends. You died by complete accident, as you drowned after falling into the lake at the park by accident.Name:Age:Gender:Traits: Naive, Childish, Clumsy.Roleplayer: Open ✖ The Beloved- Wrath ✖ ` ` I don't have enough courage ` `You met the carrier of Wrath, and it was love at first sight. You were too shy to admit your feelings for them, but eventually you opened up to them. You and them were happy together, and later married. You had no idea they were a trained assassin- nor did you know their next target was you. Instead, they stayed quiet, and you remained oblivious. You died due to being assassinated by them.Name:Age:GenderTraits: Gentle, Timid, Oblivious.Roleplayer: Open
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✖ Vessel Roles ✖✖ Venom Sword- Lust ✖` ` Taken by surprise, they fall enchanted ` `You were an ugly child born into a rich, picture-perfect family. You were outcasted by them for your unattractiveness, and treated like you weren't their own. A childhood friend of yours, of whom you fell in love with, also ridiculed your hideous face. Upon reaching your late teens, you changed. Using your vessel to become extremely attractive, you then used its power to charm everyone your eyes laid upon- including your beloved childhood friend. You were killed by a vengeful man, claiming you stole his beloved away. The Vessel of Lust, the Venom Sword, allows you to assume a more attractive appearance, as well as make anybody fall in love with you at a glance. Name:Age:Gender:Traits: Flirty, Manipulative, Self-consciousRoleplayer: Open✖ Glass of Conchita- Gluttony ✖` ` Eat until there's nothing but bone ` `You were the child of a rich baron, and were fed from a silver #####. ### were only given the best foods, and you were a true conoisseur by early adulthood. However, you began to crave the most disgusting foods known to man, in sickeningly large quantities. You just sat there, devouring meal after revolting meal while your waiter prepared it for you. You died due to requesting that you yourself be put into one of your own meals. Yeah, disgusting. The Vessel of Gluttony, the Glass of Conchita, allows you to eat whatever you please with no damage to your health, and also have a larger-than-average appetite.Name:Age:Gender:Traits: Greedy, Sadistic, Impatient.Roleplayer: Open✖ Four Mirrors of Lucifenia- Pride ✖` ` Now, bow to me! ` `You were a wicked young member of the Lucifenian royal family who manipulated to get what you wished. After your parents' death you took over the kingdom, your twin as your loyal servant. You had fallen for a young man, who chose another from Elphegort. This caused you to attack the nation, causing a century-long war. Your reign of tyranny over your country ended when your twin took your place in your execution, and you later died of a broken heart. The Vessel of Pride, the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia, allow you to bend people's will to your wish, and allow you to become increasingly confident.Name:Age:Gender:Traits: Arrogant, Manipulative, Two-faced.Roleplayer: Me✖ Clockworker's Doll- Sloth ✖` ` Close your eyes and let go of everything ` `You were the child of a doctor, and had been placed into an arranged marriage. You grew up with this soon-to-be-spouse, and you ended up falling for them. They, however, did not reprociate those feelings, and often strayed away from your loving gaze. You didn't mind this, being naturally lenient. You began to notice him becoming stressed, so you used the powers of your Vessel to make him sleep eternally. Noticing other stressed people, this continued until the whole of your hometown was in eternal sleep. You died by giving yourself the same fate. The Vessel of Sloth, the Clockworker's Doll, gives you the ability to hypnotise others into sleep, and you become increasingly sluggish.Name:Age:Gender:Traits: Sleepy, Uninterested, Relaxed.Roleplayer: Open✖ Twin Blades of Levianta ✖` ` How is it? Aren't I beautiful? ` `A young tailor with a fine skill, you were the talk of your neighbourhood in Jakoku. You had fallen for a man in your neighbourhood, and in your mind, you were already married. Upon seeing him talk to members of his family (their spouse and 2 children) you grew increasingly jealous, killing them and taking an item of clothing from them, tailoring it to you. Upon meeting them they introduced themselves, as you had never formally met. In a fit of rage due to this, you killed them. You died of natural causes, surprisingly enough. The Vessel of Envy, the Twin Blades of Levianta, allow you to copy attributes of another person, and and also increase your popularity.Name:Age:Gender:Traits: Jealous, Possessive, Two-faced.Roleplayer: Open✖ Marlon Spoon- Greed ✖` ` Money is the best lawyer in hell ` `You were a judge in court, and were relatively ordinary... but, you were extremely greedy. You would set criminals free for large amounts of money, no matter how bad the crime was. If enough money was given, you were happy. You covered up your stealing by saying that you were raising money for your child who can't walk- but you really kept all the money for yourself and to spend on ridiculously expensive properties. The beloved child you spoke of passed away years prior. You died in a house fire. The Vessel of Greed, the Marlon Spoon, gives you good fortune in business, and attracts wealth and money.Name:Age:Gender:Traits: Greedy, Compulsive liar, Courteous.Roleplayer: Open✖ Grim the End- Wrath ✖` ` Now, repent! ` `You were raised an assassin from birth, taught you were cleansing the world of evil. Of course, you believed it, becoming one of the most notorious assassins within the Union State due to this belief. You fell in love with someone, and later married them- and then you found out your next target would be them. As much as it hurt you to do so, you went ahead and killed them. As it had hurt you so much to hurt the one you loved, you killed yourself soon afterward. The Vessel of Wrath, the Grim the End, can become a sword or a knife in addition to its key form, and allows you to view the committed sins of other people.Name:Age:Gender: Traits: Stoic, Ruthless, Caring.Roleplayer: Open
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I like Blobbytown and Conveyortown! If you don't know what Platformania is, google it! It's a platformer game just like Mario Bros! You can even make your own levels there! !  :o)  edit: can't post links here  :| But you can Google it!!
reply about 2 hours

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