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One Direction Breaks Record

One Direction are gearing up to release their latest single "Steal My Girl" off more

Ariana Grande Gives Fan Great Advice

There are a lot of rumours circulating that singer Ariana Grande might be a diva in more

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Review

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Review

Aug 08, 2014 Directed by Jonathan Liebesman, mean, green fighting machines Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have returned the big screen, but the real question is more

Simon Swipe Review

Simon Swipe Review

Aug 19, 2014 Hasbro Toys brings back a classic game with a twist. Simon Swipe will have you hooked after the first play. Read Kidzworld's Simon Swipe review, more

School Lunch Superfoods

School Lunch Superfoods

Aug 21, 2014 Only one thing at school beats the 3 o’clock bell … lunch time!!! And there is definitely one thing that makes lunch exciting … the moment when you more

Innocence Movie Review

Innocence Movie Review

Sep 03, 2014 Kidzworld reviews another supernatural film based upon a YA novel. “Innocence” finds teen Beckett dropped into a nest of evil vipers at a posh prep more

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"That would be hilarious." Hunter laughed grinning widely at her. "You are awful in heels." ~~~~~~~~~~~ Piper rolled her eyes playfully at him a smiled spreading across her lips. "Whatever you say, Pro."
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LAZY778 posted in Debating:
"wolflover2001" wrote: Lets just look at it this way. Many people die each day. Thousands. From murder, old age, a disease etc. But many people are born each day. Thousands. You just have to look at the world differently sometimes. Bad things happen for sure, but good things happen too. So far today most of it has been bad. And what's good is just some stupid new phone! Or tab! No progress what so ever when it comes to actual important stuff. 
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LAZY778 posted in Debating:
"Teh_Skittlez" wrote: "LAZY778" wrote: "-Karpov-" wrote: You read those things more because it's what people are interested in. You're also more exposed to it because of how much easier it is to gather and communicate news. Nothing has changed. What are you talking about? Lot's of things have changed maybe you haven't seen the news. Why in the world would people be interested with what's happening in Isis?! So tell me again about how nothing has changed! Yes, things have changed, for the better. The problem isn't that you don't know what's going on today, it's that you clearly don't have the historical context.  We can talk about the events of today all we want, but in their historical context, the world is much more peaceful than ever before, overall. We are in a golden age.  Not truly i mean like hello global warming and there is still abuse in all sorts of ways! In fact little girls and boys are being abducted everyday! And you call this the golden age! Isis look at that! Africa things are really bad there people are starving! This is the Golden Age! Like are you joking!?  Did you know that people are still beheaded?! and it's not some big axe or something it's a little knife!  Tell me again how this is the golden age!  :angry
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