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Top 10 Valentine’s Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Top 10 Gifts For Your Boyfriend

Everything about Valentine’s Day screams “girls!” from pink hearts to teddy bears and chocolates, but what about your boy? Want to show your boyfriend...read more

Fun Ways to Get Fit!

Kidzworld can help you have some fun while working out!

Feb 01, 2016 It can feel like a lot of work to eat healthy and get a good amount of exercise, but there are lots of ways to exercise that are much more fun than yo...read more

Quiz! How Well Do You Know Your Video Game Box Art?

Quiz! How Well Do You Know Your Video Game Box Art?

Feb 12, 2016 Kidzworld teases the cover of a video game. You guess which game it is! Think you'll know them all? Test yourself here!...read more

Are School Hours too Long?

Kidzworld learns about the pros and cons of the 5-day school week.

There's been a lot of talk over the last few years about whether a change in school hours could benefit students' learning and general happiness. What...read more

Cute Winter Leggings

Add some fun to your wardrobe with these cozy winter leggings!

Dec 18, 2015 Looking for a way to stay warm this winter, but want to have a little fun with your style? Try some comfy, cozy winter leggings! Find out which cute w...read more

Amazing Technology to Watch Out For!

Get a sneak peek at some amazing new technology with Kidzworld!

Jan 27, 2016 These days, every year is marked by amazing innovations in technology. Take a sneak peek at some of the really cool inventions that could be coming ou...read more

Hotel Transylvania 2 Blu-ray Review

Hotel Transylvania 2 Blu-ray Review

Jan 12, 2016 Drac is back in Hotel Transylvania 2. Read Kidzworld's Blu-ray review to catch up with your favorite monsters!...read more

Exotic and Unusual Pets

Kidzworld learns all about exotic and unusual pets!

Jan 04, 2016 It's pretty common to see a dog or a cat as a pet, but there are a lot of other options out there if you're looking for a more unusual addition to you...read more

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banj05 posted in Lyrics:
It was the summer before the real world started and, The deal was we would get to go, if we Cleaned it up, and got it running, Daddy's old Winnebago. Wing and a prayer down 65, Five best friends on four bald tires, I can still see Billy smiling When we finally made it.
reply 1 minute
banj05 posted in Country:
mine is die a happy man  and i'm comin' over 
reply 16 minutes
i'm commig over chris young  [s:sm3/1jw1] [s:sm3/1jw1] [s:sm3/1jvt]
reply 18 minutes
FireWolfRain posted in Fantasy:
"It will take you ages to find another. Even if you fly." Amie muttered truthfully. The fact that this person used to be a holy angel, beings that are good and righteous made her sigh again. Evil didn't stem from him. Her mercilessness was an exception to this rare case.  "You should stay. If you don't like hell, then... stay here." She said solemnly, her eyes on the ground. "Do something good. Something really good to let yourself back in the gates of heaven. Maybe you should end the war." She joked and smirked.
reply 24 minutes
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Which game released on nearly every platform imaginable and features some very recognizable super heroes?
  • Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare
  • X-Men vs Street Fighter
  • LEGO Marvel Superheroes
  • DC Universe Online

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