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New Couple Alert: Ariana Grande and Big Sean

Ariana Grande left the NBC Saturday Night Live after party holding hands with her more

Lorde: Yellow Flicker Beat

We're all getting at glimpse at what's to come on the Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack more

5 Best Back to School Apps

5 Best Back to School Apps

Sep 03, 2014 When you think apps, you probably think games and shopping, but heading back to school there are tons of cool apps that can help you get on top of more

October Holidays

October Holidays

Oct 01, 2014 There are a ton of holidays taking place in October besides Halloween, so if you're looking for something other than All Hallows Eve, why not try more

The Fault In Our Stars Blu-ray Review

The Fault In Our Stars Blu-ray Review

Sep 18, 2014 Kidzworld reviews the tragic teen love story the Fault In Our Stars. Now available on Blu-ray + DVD! more

Blended Blu-ray Review

Blended Blu-ray Review

Aug 26, 2014 Two families will have to survive their vacation when now that “Blended” has arrived onto Blu-ray + DVD! Read Kidzworld's review of the Blu-ray Combo more

Jungle Master Exclusive Clip

Jungle Master Exclusive Clip

Sep 16, 2014 Watch an exclusive never before scene clip from Jungle Master on Kidzworld! more

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CatShreya posted in General:
i agree with you!
reply 5 minutes
"Alek, how nice of you to join us," Mr. Bradford said when Alek snuck into the classroom. "Could you see me after school, please?" tiMEsKiP This is a terrible idea, Mr. Bradford thought to himself, when Alek opened the door to the classroom. Just tell him to leave, say that it doesn't matter. "Have a seat," he said. Oh, wow, good job, his conscience sniped sarcastically. "Okay, Alek. Uh..." He trailed off and sighed audibly. "You just need to understand that your actions have consequences. And before you say it again, I know, she started it, whatever, but like... You need to say no in situations like that." He avoided Alek's gaze and scratched the back of his head awkwardly. "I get that you're a teenage boy and you have needs or whatever," Oh my God, he thought to himself, "But you seriously could've cost Lily her job. You can do whatever the duck you want outside of school, because that's none of my business. But as soon as you start doing ship like that on campus, it becomes my business. And that's weird and awkward but you're my student and you're my responsibility. And I totally could tell the principal and you could be expelled and Lily could get fired, but I'm not gonna do that. But if the principal finds out that I knew about ... that, and I didn't say something, I could lose my job too. So just don't be a pick and do that ship in your own time. And ... yeah."
reply 18 minutes
Kiken posted in General:
Nobody needs a boyfriend/girlfriend like Huge pointed out. It is better to wait and form a friendship with somebody before you immediately try and ask somebody out. That way you are more likely to get a yes. Its also not so bad being single. Being single doesn't mean you aren't lovable, it means that the right person hasn't come along yet.
reply 19 minutes
Alek caught sight of himself in the mirror before sliding into the cubicle, a bright red blush had spread right across his face. Stupid Bradford, he thought as the cubicle door shut behind him. As he walked into the class the blonde kept his face focused on the ground, moving straight to his desk and not saying anything. It hadn't taken nearly enough time to 'finish' and go back to the Nurses office to collect his things. Lily was pretty peeved, which he thought was stupid since she hadn't locked the door and she had stated it.
reply 41 minutes

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