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Pretty Little Liars: Big Screen Dreams

There's no mystery when it comes to the popularity of ABC's hit teen thriller-drama more

One Direction Debut You and I Vid

After endless teasers One Direction released their brand new video for the single " more

April Holidays

April Holidays

Mar 31, 2014 There are lots of April 2014 holidays like April Fools' Day, Ching Ming, Arbor Day, ANZAC Day and Easter. Check out what they're all more

Refreshing Your Bedroom for Spring

Refreshing Your Bedroom for Spring

Apr 04, 2014 Update your bedroom for spring with these easy and affordable options! more

Top 10 Hottest Young Actors 2014

Top 10 Hottest Young Actors 2014

Mar 16, 2014 Everywhere you look in Hollywood there's new talented young actors, and we have the teen novel-turned-movie craze to thanks for seeing more hot more

Earth Day: Cleaning Up Our Planet

Earth Day: Cleaning Up Our Planet

Apr 16, 2014 Kidzworld covers the history behind Earth Day, how it started, who started it and when. Here's the facts behind Earth more

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Jomeimei posted in Fantasy:
Maia rolled her eyes, "They're still oven mitts..." She grumbled, shooting a glance at Luke. She acknowledged Clara with a quick nod, and turned int a large room. There were the normal high ceilings, but the room was huge. It was a giant metal box that stood 25 feet high, 40 feet wide and 60 feet long.  Every wall dripped with metal weapons of all kinds, bows, arrows, knives in their leather sheaths, broad swords, short swords, machetes, katanas, whips, throwing knives, daggers, scythes, rifles, staffs, snipers, pistols, everything imaginable.  Maia laughed, and ran in, turning a cartwheel and spinning around, her arms outstretched a couple times. "This room is the best!" She proclaimed loudly. In fact, this room was the only room that had bright lighting, so naturally, it was Maia's favorite place. 
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lightshadow posted in School:
Two months ago after being in the top 10 in the gaming leader board of your country for half a year you were sent an #####... Hello Young Gamer, You have been formally invited to the Digital Realm Academy. Here you will get to use the latest gaming tech, tuition in game design, tactics and more. With amazing computers, virtual reality headsets, sensor suits and a game hall you'll be the best of the best within a year! Reply if you accept. Your sincerely, Ms. Karter You accepted and after the summer holiday got flown out to DRA. Let the Games begin. Rules are standard. Class Scedule Monday: Advanced Computing, VR Arena, Keyboard Battles. Tuesday: Game Engine Creation, VR Tech, Graphic Design. Wednesday: Advanced Computing, VR Arena, VR Training. Thursday: Build-A-Computer, Athletics: Gamer Style, Free Gaming Time. Friday: The Ranked Arena. Advanced Computing: Learn the skills to create working code. VR Arena: With latest tech you can battle in an unranked match of different games. Keyboard Battles: Play various private keyboard based games. Game Engine Creation: Read name and ask again. VR Tech: Learn about the tech behind VR. Graphic Design: Design amazing graphics and develop your style. Build-A-Computer: Exactly what it says on the tin. VR Training: Learn new tactics for your next match. Athletics: Gamer Style: Play VR sports games. The Ranked Arena: Battle for points to win the school trophy. Form: Name: Age: (13-16) Gender: Looks: Country: Years Gaming: Sexuality: Other:
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brunostar posted in General:
"radiical" wrote:// For me, during childhood, everything was simple and un-stressful. There wasn't that pressure of others expecting the highest from you. During childhood, no one really cared what we did. But to be completely honest, what I missed most about childhood is that time never seemed to run out //
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brunostar posted in General:
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