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Kendall Jenner: Vogue 2015

Move over Kim Kardashian, your little sister Kendall Jenner is taking over your more

ICYMI: Sam Smith's Like I Can Vid

UK crooner Sam Smith is one of the most exciting artists to break this year, and the more

This Week in News: Jurassic World Trailer, Star Wars and LEGO Batman

This Week in News: Jurassic World Trailer, Star Wars and LEGO Batman

Nov 27, 2014 Kidzworld got news about the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, a female Wonder Woman director, dinosaurs and more! Here’s what you more

Kidzworld's Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Kidzworld's Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Dec 03, 2014 Ready, set - shop! The holiday season is finally here, and that means finding the perfect presents for your family and friends. Check out Kidzworld's more

Female Breakout Stars 2014

Female Breakout Stars 2014

Dec 05, 2014 Watch out Hollywood leading ladies, there's a whole new crew of young actresses and performers ready to steal the scene this year - find out who in more

Christmas Day

Christmas Day

Dec 18, 2014 Christmas is the Christian holiday that celebrates the day when Christ was born. Today, December 25th has taken on a bit of a different spin, with more

Rory's Favorite Video Game Trailers Of 2014!

Rory's Favorite Video Game Trailers Of 2014!

Dec 15, 2014 Kidzworld's resident gamer Rory aka RedEyeGames shares with us his favorite game trailers of 2014. Grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy. more

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"Okay," Jake said.
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"noordinarygirl" wrote:You're lost on a dark, stormy night. Upon wandering around and inspecting your surroundings, you come upon an old house and enter. It seems to be abandoned, at least for now. You try to turn on the lamp, but the power is out. You explore the house.Several of the doors are locked, and there seem to be no beds, couches, or any other furniture to sit on. At last you come to a room that is not locked. You open the door and see something you did not expect.The room is bare save for three chairs. One has knives embedded in it, one is an electric chair, and the other one is swarmed with spiders. You are tired after searching for a place to stay and desire to sit and rest. Which chair do you choose? The electric chair cuz it won't kill you unless you flip a switch lol
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1: A simple way to avoid Mary-Sues is to come up with some sort of flaw your character has. If you can't think of some, try balancing it and matching it with their personality. For example, if someone is brave, you could mention that they are also reckless and that gets them into trouble. 2: Some things to put in their personality are how they act towards people, how people react to them, and their basic traits. Such as, are they shy or brave? Are they smart or, shall I say, dim-witted? Do they have certain quirks? Also, what are their weaknesses? [Tips on that stuff are on #1.] 3: This honestly depends on the situation. I mean, you could be in the same place as someone or in a completely different place. If you were in the same place as another character, you could create a scene where you walk up to them and talk to them. Or, say, it's in a forest, and you could be running through the forest and bumping into said character. If, however, you're in a place alone, it might be alright to go on alone. Yet if you're still not comfortable with that, your character can travel to a certain place where somebody else is. Then, you can do what I mentioned above, trying to come in contact with the other characters. 4: Ways to be a good owner....just as with Number 3, it depends on the type of roleplay, such as the restrictions. Open Roleplay: If the roleplay is open, you should usually accept everyone that makes a form. However, that doesn't mean you can't give advice to people on how to improve their forms, or you could just share that thread I made with them.  Advanced/Lit Only: You should definitely be more strict with the acceptances here, just don't go way overboard. Try to set requirements for what to include in the forms, such as 'at least four sentences in this field' or something similar to this.  For both roleplays, be sure to not tolerate OOC bullying and I suggest you kick out anyone who does. And make sure no one breaks the rules you have set. Don't forget to [sometimes] be ready to make the starting post! 5: And finally, for the appearance I'd recommend a description. Try to include: -Skin color -Hair color -Eye color -Height -Body type -Clothing And personality can be such as a paragraph, or 5 to 8 sentences. Hope this helped!
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gufht posted in Food:
Hmm let's see *burp*... French Fries with mustard. :D
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