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Matt Damon: Back to Bourne

Matt Damon: Back to Bourne

Jul 28, 2016 Matt Damon returns to the screen as killer/spy Jason Bourne after nine years. Is Bourne still cool? How was the action in the film? What is fun about ...read more

Top 10 Study Tips

Top Ten Study Tips

Sep 09, 2016 Having a hard time hitting the books? Studying doesn't have to feel like a grind, with a few helpful study tips you'll be aceing your homework in no t...read more

When Can You Play The New PlayStation?

PlayStation's invitations to their upcoming event.

Aug 31, 2016 The new PlayStation will be releasing soon! How Soon? Check out Kidzworld to see our predictions!...read more

Loot Crate Unboxing | August 2016 | Anti Hero

Loot Crate Unboxing | August 2016 | Anti Hero

Sep 23, 2016 Kidzworld opens up the Anti Hero Theme Loot Crate August shipment and finds some excellent goodies in the Anti Hero pack...read more

OM Nom Stories Episode 4 - Candy Prescription

OM Nom Stories Episode 4 - Candy Prescription

Sep 08, 2016 Om Nom has a bad case of theMonday morning blues! Now he’s on a mission to find the one thing that will make him feel better… candy! ...read more

For the Love of Spock Movie Review

For the Love of Spock Movie Review

Sep 07, 2016 Kidzworld reviews For the Love of Spock, a loving documentary about Leonard Nimoy, who played Mr. Spock for so many years on Star Trek. Does Leonard’s...read more
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Starlord Plays Minecraft

Starlord Plays Minecraft

Sep 14, 2016 Watch some great Minecraft gameplay from Starlord and his friends as they build an epic base of operations and also try to survive Minecraft's version...read more
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twenty one pilots Band Biography

Twenty One Pilots Band Biography

Jul 18, 2016 Musical duo twenty one pilots have made their mark on the charts with chill anthemic summer hits - find out more about them in their Kidzworld Biograp...read more

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"So... where are we?" she looked around to get at least some bearing of where she was
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"See ya!" she smiled and closed the door immediately running to the bacement with the powder. She later changed and went out to grab something to eat.
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"JWittz" wrote:[Yay! Finally a post from J!] ((Yay!))  The class flew by quicker than normal. People did keep looking back at the group and whispering "Illuminates", but nothing else was bothersome. Their tardiness was excused, and people were seeing them as something other than those weird kids who were in a cruddy garage band. Victoria felt invincible. Everything seemed to be going so smoothly. The only problems were the secrets among each other, but she tried to not let that bother her. They were famous. After their first half of rather fast-paced classes, it was finally lunchtime. The whole band would be together again for an entire hour. Walking down the hallway between Astra and Mel, Victoria wondered if Vincent had the same experience as they did.
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"Fair enough" I stand back up and crack my neck.
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