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One Direction Debut You and I Vid

After endless teasers One Direction released their brand new video for the single " more

Elle Fanning: Maleficent Featurette

In a brand new featurette Elle Fanning dishes about what attracted her to the movie more

Disney's Maleficent Trailer

Disney's Maleficent Trailer

Apr 04, 2014 Maleficent, the untold story of Disney’s most iconic villain from the classic Sleeping Beauty. Watch the trailer on Kidzworld! more

Cartoon Network New Show: Clarence

Cartoon Network New Show: Clarence

Apr 14, 2014 Clarence is a refreshing blast of heartfelt irreverence, served piping hot from the microwave on a TV dinner tray. Premiering on the Cartoon Network more

How to Pick a Prom Dress

How to Pick a Prom Dress

Apr 11, 2014 It's prom season again and before you start searching for your perfect prom dress, you need to find your most perfect prom style! From vintage to more

The Pirate Fairy Blu-ray + DVD Review

The Pirate Fairy Blu-ray   DVD Review

Mar 31, 2014 Disney's The Pirate Fairy is available on Blu-ray + DVD April 1st! Read Kidzworld's review, watch clips and check out a shipload of fun more

Best Baseball Stadium Snacks

Best Baseball Stadium Food - Hotdog

Apr 09, 2014 Now that baseball season has started it's time to hit the ballpark and catch some games. One of the best parts about watching baseball? The food! more

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Name ; Alexa Turner age ; e # # h t e e n looks ; personality ; Alexa did not grow up with her mother , but throughout her life , she did try & be there but all efforts failed miserably . Her father raised her & she would do anything for him . Being that her mother was never there , her trust issues are sky high - sometimes lashing out a people without eveb knowing why ; maybe out of her own fustration . She doesnt open up to people easily , making more difficult to make friends , seeing as she tenses up around people , being that she is - different - . Scinc her father was the only person she could trust , when he passed away in a car accident , leaving her unharmed - she completely shut herself out from the world , mostly keeping to herself . species ; Siren { guy coming in a minute .. }
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Gupi1999 posted in Fantasy:
(Gaah, no no I'm sorry! I'm kind of making a giant mess of all this -.-) (ALL APPROVED)
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Name: Everett "Rett" Joy Age: Nineteen Looks: Personality:: Everett is the type of person who dips his toe into the water before diving in. He has a fear of falling in love and winding up completely broken because of it. Because of this fear he is cautious when it comes to other people and he tends to keep his secrets and his thoughts buried deep beneath the surface because he believes that he shares them with other people it will make him emotionally vulnerable. He is temperamental and sullen, and is sometimes difficult to get through to. And sometimes when Everett is in the midst of one of his exceptionally bad moods he seems to forget that other people have feelings and dismisses them as if they are unimportant. But while Everett has his not so pleasant qualities he is also a good person who is easy to love. He is incredibly witty, when it comes to textbooks and to life. When you need someone to talk to or support you he is always there listening to whatever problem you might have, even if he thinks it's extremely stupid and pointless. He can be kind, protective, and charming. But his best quality is his ability to fight for what he believes in. Courage drives Everett to never give in when standing up for the things that are important to him. Species: Werewolf
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Name: Bryony Pennington Age: Eighteen Looks: Personality: Bryony is incapable of love. She has been that way since she was a child and it's mostly because she doesn't allow herself to put faith into or trust people. She builds walls and shuts people out because she doesn't want people to see all of the fear that harbors inside of her. She hates cliches and stereotypes, and she will always fight for the underdog. Bryony is stubborn and will only follow her  instincts rather than listening to other people's. She doesn't take patronizing lightly and she could be described as feisty. Her goals are what drives her. Bryony dreams only of things that she knows she is capable of due to her fear of failure. In her eyes love, friends, family, and any connection with a person makes you weak, mostly because she has never been presented with the opportunity to fathom romance and happiness.  Species: Witch
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