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Taylor Swift: Welcome to New York Preview!

Taylor Swift had a treat in store for fans today - she released a teaser of her more

5SoS's Calum Hood: Child Poet?

Bet you didn't know that 5 Seconds of Summer's Calum Hood is a poet, well, kind of. more

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Movie Review

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Movie Review

Oct 10, 2014 Kidzworld reviews the fun film based on the popular kids’ novel. If you think you have problems, check out Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No more

The Boxtrolls Movie Review

The Boxtrolls Movie Review

Sep 26, 2014 Kidzworld saw the fanciful adventure The Boxtrolls made by the stop-motion animation company that created Coraline and Paranorman. Check out our more

Best Girls’ Group Halloween Costumes 2014

Best Girls’ Group Halloween Costumes 2014

Oct 16, 2014 When it comes to these group getups, it’s 90% inspiration and 10% work. Check out Kidzworld's list for Best Girls’ Group Halloween Costumes! more

The Best of Liana Liberato, Luke Bracey and Michelle Monaghan

The Best of Liana Liberato, Luke Bracey and Michelle Monaghan

Oct 14, 2014 Kidzworld gets the romantic scoop from the cast of the new Nicolas Sparks endless love story “The Best of Me”. Check out our interview! more

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The blond lowered himself onto the darker haired boy, his bare chest against tattered clothing and burned and blistered skin that oozed syrupy red, the strings of pearls of varying whites and sizes that were strung around his waist almost like a skirt made soft noises of 'cling' as their skin touched. Avery smiled, teeth sharpened to a point, and gently licked blood from the male's black and purple bruised cheek with a soft giggle. He couldn't help it, he was awfully excited. The taste of thick, metallic blood elicited a soft groan from the boy, the bitter red liquid more sharp than he had ever tasted before, not that he had tasted much to begin with. He'd always been denied the luxury of sweet blood. The sound of excited shouting resounded somewhere beyond the jagged edges of the cliff and he instinctively dived off, tail slipping into the water with a light splash. Avery made a small whimper sound, beryl eyes darting here and there, before he leaned over onto the rock where the boy lay with a spreading smile. Fingers caressing the other's cheek, he once more licked the drops of fresh blood from the dark haired stranger, until he was clean and his wounds ceased to bleed. Hardly satisfied, though undeniably glad at the chance to taste such sweet blood, Avery pressed his lips against the boy's in a deep kiss that stole some of his energy and life, leaving the blond near bouncing with ebullience. He didn't get to see humans much, and he hadn't done that in years. He'd missed that almost more than the blood.
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"Team Audi #46" wrote:"He is great," Eli answered, "Much more knowledge than you would think. A lot of the mentees stayed after to talk to him. I was quite surprised. And he is skillful combat-wise as well," Eli said stopping abruptly afterwards, realizing what he said. "So what about Black? How's he," he said trying to play it off. "Blind." Rebecca said bluntly. "Blind but can 'see' in a sense I's reall odd. He knows everyone and where everything is so easily. You wouldn't think he was he's really good at sensing things. He can even tell when you're not breathing!" Her eyes were wide as she said this. "How amazing would it be to do that!!"
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Definitely a Monitor Lizard because they don't make a lot of noise,sleep most of the day and are awesome colours!
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Quidd posted in Fantasy:
-Emma- She tilts her head and leans from side to side occasionally, checking you over. "Protocol," she tells you. "Be glad I'm not someone who does enjoy this," she says. "Alright, you're good; now redress. Unfortunately, I'm not going to bother with a full cavity search."
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