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Fresh Vid: Pharell's It Girl

Pharrell just dropped his brand new video for the single "It Girl," and it's more

New Couple Alert: Ariana Grande and Big Sean

Ariana Grande left the NBC Saturday Night Live after party holding hands with her more

How to Make a Cornucopia

How to Make a Cornucopia

Oct 01, 2014 A cornucopia is an ancient symbol for abundance. Literally it translates from its Latin derivative as, “horn of plenty”. Today the cornucopia is most more

Ghostbusters 1 and 2: 30th Anniversary Blu-ray Review

Ghostbusters 1 and 2:  30th Anniversary Blu-ray Review

Sep 18, 2013 Kidzworld goes retro and reviews the 30th anniversary Blu-rays of two hilarious and fun classic sci-fi action comedies that should be in your more

5 Best Back to School Apps

5 Best Back to School Apps

Sep 03, 2014 When you think apps, you probably think games and shopping, but heading back to school there are tons of cool apps that can help you get on top of more

5 Seconds of Summer Bio

5 Seconds of Summer Bio

Aug 27, 2014 Aussie pop punk-rock band 5 Seconds of Summer are ready to climb up the charts. Find out more about 5 Seconds of Summer in their Kidzworld Bio! more

Skylanders: Trap Team - All About the New Game, Characters and Traps!

Skylanders: Trap Team - All About the New Game, Characters and Traps!

Sep 16, 2014 Kidzworld got to play Skylanders: Trap Team for the Xbox One, PS4 and Tablet! We've got all the info on the brand new game, including new more
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Jomeimei posted in Fantasy:
Maia flew back to the lake, and landed gracefully beside the tree. She crossed her arms across her chest, looking squarely at Charlie.  "THeo's alive, but he's being a jerk and a gas station worker." she grumbled. Maia face Touka, "There are tourists over there, its a popular spot. I sure you can find one sleezy person that won't stop looking at you there"
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Arlo threw his hands up in the air, " You have got to be kidding, Princess. Why do I have to be the one to change, the one to fall in love, the one to die? I am sorry I am such an inconvenience. " Arlo shook his head gritting his teeth, and walked away from Ebony, he had to think something up before she did the honor of killimg him herself. He scoffed at the idea of marriage but what else was there to do? he paced back and forth, and looked up to meet up with the sun set. It was getting dark, he pursed his lips and his brown doe eyes met up with Ebony's cool grey ones. then he shifted his gaze and walked over to Axel. He jumped on and untied the horse then trotted a few steps as if to leave her, then he looked over his shoulder, " Are you camping out here?" 
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"What if we what?" Ebony asked, advancing on Arlo. She walked with her hands behind her back, still considering all of the possibilities. "One of us could die. Preferably you."
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" So now the object is for me to fall in love with some one else. But someone else who looks like you. Hmmm." Arlo scratched the back of his head, " We better think of something else." He moved his foot in circles playing with the soft sand, then looked up his eyes bright like the sun that was setting. " what if we..." he shook his head and his voice trailed off, the arranged marriage seemed to beat every plan, and almost impossible to escape. 
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