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Top 10 Summer Sports

Top 10 Summer Sports

Apr 14, 2016 Summertime sports are a great way to have fun and play outside in the sunshine. Maybe the ONLY bad thing about summer sports is choosing which one to ...read more

twenty one pilots Band Biography

Twenty One Pilots Band Biography

Jul 18, 2016 Musical duo twenty one pilots have made their mark on the charts with chill anthemic summer hits - find out more about them in their Kidzworld Biograp...read more

Summer Netflix Picks 2016: Movies

Summer Netflix Picks 2016: Movies

Jul 18, 2016 Not every day is a beach day, even in the summer. Planning on binge-ing on some feel-good 'flix before its time to head back to school? Check out Kidz...read more
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New Pokémon and Competitions

Pokémon Sun and Moon bring new additions later this year!

Jun 19, 2016 Pokémon Sun and Moon are coming at the end of year. New characters and ways to battle are headed to the game; read all about it on Kidzworld!...read more

Batman - The Telltale Series Releases in August

Telltale's Batman game will coming sooner than thought.

Jul 15, 2016 Telltale Games has made its mark on their episodic adventure games. If you're looking to see when they officially add Batman to the roster, look no fu...read more

Ghostbusters Movie Review

Ghostbusters Movie Review

Jul 15, 2016 Check out Kidzworld’s movie review of the new Ghostbusters film. Did bringing girlpower to the lead roles work or even matter? Is the movie really fun...read more

Summer Sunscreen Tips

Summer Sunscreen Tips

Jun 17, 2016 Your questions about sunscreen and sun protection are answered on Kidzworld. Have fun and stay safe this summer!...read more

Ice Age: Collision Course Movie Review

Ice Age: Collision Course Movie Review

Jul 21, 2016 Check out Kidzworld’s movie review of Ice Age: Collision Course. Is little Scrat still adorable? Will the Ice Age family of characters stick together ...read more

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VocaliousRose posted in Fantasy:
Koda wagged his tail, slamming it into the ground as he waved the note at Aster. "But it's not how I am. It's not how I was.. Fell, do you think everything would reset again if I died?"
reply less than a minute
PunMaster posted in Fantasy:
"Then I'll help you through it."
reply 1 minute
PunMaster posted in Fantasy:
"Deal." He shook her hand. "now then, let's get started." He held her hand for a few seconds longer, and his one eye lit up even brighter, the other blacking out, and it seemed to be on fire, and so did his hand. He let go then after a few seconds, his eyes returning to normal.
reply 1 minute
PunMaster posted in Fantasy:
Aster face-palmed heavily at that. "No, it's just how you are. It doesn't mean you aren't a good person."
reply 3 minutes

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