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Wild New Animal Species

Kidzworld learns all about a some new animals species!

Jan 20, 2016 Each year, scientists and researchers discover new species of animals from all over the world. Get inspired to take care of our planet by checking out...read more

February Holidays

February Holidays

Feb 01, 2016 Check out the cool holidays you should be celebrating during February. Not only is Valentine's Day this month, but it's also Groundhog Day and Canadia...read more

Robert Munsch Biography

Kidzworld learns all about children's author Robert Munsch!

Jan 22, 2016 You've probably read a Robert Munsch book at some point in your life; he's one of the best-selling and most loved North American children's authors ev...read more

Polar Bear Fun Facts!

Polar Bear Fun Facts!

Dec 14, 2015 Wonderful, white and fluffy, everyone loves polar bears! But how much do you know about them? Find out more about these amazing Arctic animals in Pola...read more

Why Video Games Are Better Than Movies

Why Video Games Are Better Than Movies

Feb 04, 2016 Video games and movies are both fantastic means of entertainment but video games can offer an experience movies may never be able to replicate. ...read more

The Finest Hours Movie Review

The Finest Hours Movie Review

Jan 28, 2016 Check out Kidzworld’s movie review of The Finest Hours, a true-life sea rescue yarn starring Star Trek’s Captain Kirk Chris Pine as a by-the-book, unl...read more
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All About Ice Skating

Learn all about ice skating with Kidzworld!

Dec 10, 2015 Ice skating is a super fun way to get some exercise during the winter! There's a lot to learn about your newest favorite activity, though! Learn All A...read more

Winter Health Tips

Have a happy winter with these help tips!

Nov 30, 2015 It can be hard to stay healthy when the temperatures drop, but following these tips on Kidzworld will make it a lot easier! ...read more

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"MissSlothySloth" wrote:Can I join? (Yup! :D )
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Name: Ryan Leroy Age: Lost count after 100 but looks to be 19 Being: [Human, Magical creature, Magical Person, Spirit, etc] Fallen Angel, can manipulate peoples thoughts but not everyone's,Some old and powerful beings can resist his sharp tongue of lies.  Can be killed though with a blade bathed with the blood of an innocent being. Sometimes his eyes are red but most times they are a bright blue that consumes even the whites of his eyes.   General Appearance:   He's tall, dark, and menacing, he seems to tower over everyone else and look down on them. He needed he has black wings that sprout from his back and expand almost 8 feet out.   Hair Color: Black Hair Style: Long and shaggy, kind of matted. Eye color: Red eyes when angry, but most of the time he has blue eyes that seem to glow like lights in the dark, the blue takes up even the white of his eyes. Clothes: All black generally long combat boots, black tight jeans, a black shirt, a long black hood that falls to his knees and the hood is big with hanging room over his face a little, he also has white bandages lacing up his arms and hands.  Any marks:  Has a small cross branded on his chest. Accessories: He wears a necklace with a single white feather hanging from it. the feather is his last pure feather from when he fell from grace.    Personality: Daring, cunning, cold, mysterious, wise, and yet oddly charming. He has a very convincing tone when he speaks, and is very good at thinking his way around things. He keeps to himself and never shares anything about himself or past that the doesn't have to. He knows more than a lot of others but it doesn't really phase him. He has a very dark and twisted mind and pretends to be this hardcore relentless guy but in reality he's just a daredevil who loves to break the rules. Likes: human-suffering, winning, out smarting his enemy.  Dislikes: Other than those, everyone and everything.  Talents: Convincing others, persuasion, he is very fast and sly and uses this to stalk and evade bad events.  Hobbies: Stalking, teasing, taunting, and striking fear in others hearts.   Bio: Ryans real name is Mictian but changed his name after gaining access to Earth. He was serving Lucifer as his second hand man and most dependable person in the underworld. He was given permission to go to Earth only to persuade and trick people into crossing sides. He waited for havoc to kick in until he came to Earth. When he fell in love with Lilith as he watched her deny Adam, and was stripped of his wings for it. Even after that though, Lilith denied his love and went with the archangel Samuel. Broken and stripped of his wings he was banished to hell where he gained lucifers trust.  Family: None he cares for.  Friends: Lucifer himself, other than that no one has befriended him.  Enemies: Everyone who stands against him   Other: N/a
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BB-8 posted in Movies:
- Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone                                                                                                         - The LEGO Movie                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         How could I forget those?                                                                                                      
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Can I join?
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Which game released on nearly every platform imaginable and features some very recognizable super heroes?
  • Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare
  • X-Men vs Street Fighter
  • LEGO Marvel Superheroes
  • DC Universe Online

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