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Fun Ways to Get Fit!

Kidzworld can help you have some fun while working out!

Feb 01, 2016 It can feel like a lot of work to eat healthy and get a good amount of exercise, but there are lots of ways to exercise that are much more fun than yo...read more

This Pokémon Super Bowl Commercial Is Awesome

This Pokémon Super Bowl Commercial is Awesome

Jan 25, 2016 Celebrating 20 years of Pokémon, the first Pokémon Super Bowl trailer ever is an epic must watch. Check it out on Kidzworld!...read more

The Martian Blu-ray Review

The Martian Blu-ray Review

Jan 12, 2016 Kidzworld reviews The Martian, now in stores to take home. It’s the cool story of an astronaut left for dead on Mars. Actor Matt Damon just won a Gold...read more

Cute Winter Leggings

Add some fun to your wardrobe with these cozy winter leggings!

Dec 18, 2015 Looking for a way to stay warm this winter, but want to have a little fun with your style? Try some comfy, cozy winter leggings! Find out which cute w...read more

Cassandra Clare Biography

Learn all about author Cassandra Clare with Kidzworld!

Feb 01, 2016 Cassandra Clare has gained much fame and acclaim as an accomplished young adult fantasy novel writer with her well-known series The Shadowhunter Chron...read more
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February Holidays

February Holidays

Feb 01, 2016 Check out the cool holidays you should be celebrating during February. Not only is Valentine's Day this month, but it's also Groundhog Day and Canadia...read more

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Movie Review

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Movie Review

Dec 18, 2015 Will Star Wars: The Force Awakens thrill and please long-time fans and newbies alike? Has the light-saber truly been passed to a new generation? Check...read more

Dangerous Golf Looks Like Smashing Fun

Dangerous Golf Looks Like Smashing Fun

Jan 26, 2016 This is what happens when you mix golf with Burnout, Black and NBA Jam. Check out the first screenshots of Dangerous Golf here on Kidzworld. ...read more
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Black_Rose_19 posted in Fantasy:
` ` Just whistle while you work ` ` ` ` And cheerfully together we can tidy up the place` `   Name: Rosemary White Nickname: Rosie, Mary. Age: Twenty Three Gender: Female Sexuality: Straight Nationality: Erm…kingdom-stonian? They never really said where Snow White lived. Parent: Snow White.   Birthday: May 13th Zodiac Sign: Taurus Time of Birth: 11:16 AM Birthplace: The Dwarf Woods (The only reference I have for places is Kingdom Hearts.)   General Appearance: Hair Colour: Ebony Black Hairstyle: Her hair hangs long and goes down to her mid-back. Eye Colour: She has silver eyes, taking after her father in this respect. Skin Colour: Her skin is extremely pale, she inherited this trait from her mother. Build: Rosemary’s build is very girlish and cute, although she does have pretty broad shoulders because of her father. Height: She’s a bit shorter than average, at 5’3” Weight: She weighs in at about 146 pounds. Notable Marks?: She does have a lot of natural blush around her cheeks. Notable Modifications?: N/A   Posture: She always stands up extremely straight, like a stick. Left/Right Handed?: Left! Unique Gestures? : She’ll often call on animals to do simple tasks she should be able to do herself, such as getting her a cup of tea or handing her a book a few feet away from her. Walk Style: Rosemary’s walk style is always very sweet and cute. She’s very bouncy when walking. Voice: Rosemary’s voice is higher than the average girl’s. Laugh: Her laugh is a sweet, kind giggle. Smile: She smiles very sweetly as well.   Clothing- Everyday: She wears a long-sleeved red blouse along with a blue skirt and white flats. Sometimes, even when not cooking or cleaning, she’ll drape an apron over herself. Clothing- Formal: She’ll wears a polka-dotted red princess-styled dress along with black tights and blue heels. Rosemary’s red dress is very special to her, and she will “get angry” if you mess it up. Clothing- Sleep: Rosemary wears traditional type white nightgowns that drape loosely over her body. She does wear red slippers, and carries around a white bunny with her while in her sleepwear. Clothing- Party: She’ll wear a short, red dress, along with blue leggings and yellow flats. Any Makeup?: She does wear a bit of blush and mascara. Any Accessories?: She always wears a signature bow, be it red, white, yellow, or blue. Personality:   ღ-  Sweet Flower -ღ   Rosemary acts nice and sweet to everyone she meets. She believes that kindness is the best policy, and that cruelty is unnecessary. She tries her best to be kind to even those who have wronged her, and seems to never get angry. If she does get angry, though, all she does is shout at you, call you an idiot, and run off crying. Her sweet demeanor would seem like a façade, but it’s not.   ღ- Pacifist -ღ   Rosemary is a pacifist, and tries to avoid conflict whenever possible. This results in her being rather weak and unable to defend herself. She has hardly any army, and has declared her kingdom neutral. If she was to be attacked, she would most likely attempt to solve the conflict through diplomacy and kindness.   ღ- Surprisingly Genuine -ღ   She actually does have the personality that most of the other rulers have been raised to pretend to have. Rosemary acts as a bit of a role model and a parent, telling the other rulers life lessons and giving them advice. Her motherly qualities shine through and portray her as a great leader.     Way of Talking: ` ` It’s okay, you tried your best! ` `   ` ` Smile, it could be worse! ` ` Humour: She always giggles at goofy puns and visual gags. Likes: Singing, Cooking, Animals. Dislikes: Dirt, Being mean to others. Hobbies: Singing, Cooking. Talented At: Singing Good At: Cooking, Cleaning Bad At: Being Cruel, Staying completely quiet, Dancing. Terrible At: Fighting Powers : She has the ability to summon and communicate with animals Weapons: Well of course none!   History:   She was born to Prince Charming and Snow White. Growing up in a huge, beautiful castle, she was pampered as a child, but her mother taught her not to be cruel. Taking this message very seriously, Rosemary tried her best to be as nice as possible to people. Her mother taught her to cook, clean, and sew, and her father taught her how to ride horses. Rosemary one day saw that a new country had formed, but the country didn’t seem very nice at first. So many villains ruling! So, she became the ruler of part of the country and immediately stated a policy of neutrality and kindness.   Family:   Snow White | Mother | Alive Prince Charming | Father | Alive   Friends: Everyone, but TBC Enemies: Why heavens no! Crush?: Oh, anyone cute is good! Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: N/A   Dream[s]: To have the world live in harmony Fear[s]: For war to break out   Code: Royals Other Info: N/A ` ` So hum a merry tune ` ` ` ` It won’t take long when there’s a song to help you set the pace. ` `
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As Andre continued to sing the song to Harley, she quieted down.Harley closed her eyes and lied her head on Andre's shoulder.
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Ember looked at her phone, "Oh, it's getting late, I should go home." She hugged Fox, "I'll see you tomorrow."Aglaia stood up.
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Black_Rose_19 posted in Fantasy:
[Got it. Then I'll just take a citizen of Ursula's kingdom.]
reply about 1 hour
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