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Demi Lovato: New Face of Skechers!

It's official, Demi Lovato has just been announced as the new face of iconic shoe more

Sneak Peek: Queen Elsa on OUAT

Once Upon a Time fans have been abuzz since finding out that Queen Elsa, Anna and more

Top 10 Teen Movie Romances

Top 10 Teen Movie Romances

Jul 07, 2014 Puppy love, first love, love at first sight - teen movies are almost always about taking risks for the right someone. Check out the Top 10 Teen Movie more

Road Trip Checklist

Road Trip Checklist

Jul 03, 2014 Road trips are a fun and exciting way to travel - you feel free as a bird as you follow your own schedules, stop whenever you want to see the sights more

Justin And The Knights of Valor Exclusive Clip

Jul 08, 2014 Watch an exclusive clip from Justin And The Knights of Valor on Kidzworld! more
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Official Trailer

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Official Trailer

Jun 24, 2014 WATCH the new TMNT Movie trailer debut starring Megan Fox on Kidzworld! more

All About Ice Cream

All About Ice Cream

Jul 20, 2014 It’s probably no surprise to you that July is National Ice Cream Month, in the summer an ice cream is the perfect cool treat to help you beat the more

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Yeah. What are you gonna be like. Personality and looks. Tell me that and i'll accept you. 
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"Pink_Kitty" wrote:Really? Us kids actually lie?  :devil :angel :o) my lies never works for mum. I think she has the power to read my mind.  she would say" look me in the eyes, say it again." 
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Okay this is definitely a problem with your PC and not the browser. It could be an outdated JavaScript (check add-ons and plugins for updates) It could be your security/antivirus settings ( AVG, avast, adaware, norton, etc) It could be a pop-up blocker (check add-ons and plugins for one)
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Mrawsomegamer posted in Fantasy:
(Should we bring in the main anime and game characters? So, if I brought Lucas in, would somebody else bring in Dawn as a main character?)  Giratina stood, with flickering eyes, locked on Jayden. "Since, you have not found out what I want you for, let me tell you. Each one of you humans, possess a spirit Pokemon inside you. They're all Legendaries. But, you, and the sisters, are the main ones I need. You, are Azelf, the giver of willpower, Autumn, Mesprit, the giver of emotion, and you, Alexa, Uxie, the giver of knowledge." Giratina attacked with another dragon pulse, but Jayden's Bisharp intercepted it with a night slash. "But what makes Autumn so valuable, she holds more than one Spirit Pokemon. Arceus. He escaped before I could destroy him, and hid inside Autumn. He only chose somebody with all 3 of these traits. Willpower, emotion, and Knowledge, that is why I need her."  Jayden Argued back. "You're not getting Autumn at all!" He called.  "Foolish, human. You underestimate my power. I've gotten stronger than when you last encountered me. Prepare for elimination!"
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