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Austin Mahone for Teen Vogue

Austin Mahone is featured on the cover of the December/January issue of Teen Vogue! more


Everyone knows the animated classic Cinderella - but did you know that there was a more

Dear Dish-It: Too Aggressive... Help?

Dear Dish-It: Too Aggressive... Help?

Dish-It has advice to help your deal with aggression and puberty. Get all the info on Kidzworld! more

Kidzworld Kitchen: Thanksgiving Leftovers

Kidzworld Kitchen: Thanksgiving Leftovers

Nov 26, 2014 Everyone loves Thanksgiving dinner, but the never-ending turkey leftovers are a little less lovable! more

Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS Video Game Review

Read Kidzworld's review os the first portable version of Super Smash Bros.!

Nov 17, 2014 Add another must have game to your 3DS library. Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS is a smashing success. Read Kidzworld's video game review more

Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving Crafts

Oct 06, 2014 Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate the family that surrounds you and the feast that lies before you. It’s also a great time to stuff your face. So more

One Direction Bio

One Direction Bio

British boy band One Direction broke onto the music scene via British TV as contestants on the X Factor! Find out more in their Kidzworld Bio! more

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kmerr posted in Private Roleplay:
and who told you that you can join this fight - Killjoy said to the guy - let's see nobody did but I can if I want clown face - the guy said Killjoy growled and grabbed the guy by the shoulder and shoved him the guy hit the ground hard then quickly stood up his eyes narrowed - you know what happened to the last person who pushed me I broke his nose -  the guy said to Killjoy -
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Kaya stopped and sat down. She put the violin down. She found music based on Harry Potter.  She wanted to jump around.  Marcus looked at Kaya and laughed. 
reply 1 minute
Jason: I don't notice Natalia's gone, I'm busy staring at a bird in a tree.I feel hungry all of a sudden, I remember the meals my mom used to make. What we're they going to say at school. ......... Nat: I try really hard not to cry, but a few tears xome out anyway. Jason's mom was always there for gim, and mine was always busy making out with hee boyfriends. She left me. Did anyone in my life like me? I took a deep breath.
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musicgenuis12 posted in School:
(Okay) AnnaRose ran out the ffield and back. She was training for track . She stopped and the end and sat down. This was her 5 time trying out for track and making it in. She looked at a ball and raised it with her mind. It flew in the air and hit someone in the head. " Oh dear" Matthew was in the library reading a book about greek mythology.  He read on the part when Athena was born coming out of Zeus head. He growled as his bracelet rang from a call.  It was his mother " Yes,mom?" Matthew said little annoyed.  His mother calls every five minutes.  Gally was found on the ground.  A ball was right next to him. "Urgh" he said as he stood up. AAnnaRose ran over to him. Gally picture up the ball " Explain! " Gally said to her. " I was just playing around.  Sorry Gall" Anna said.  Gally nodded " Apology accepted.  Next time your dead" He said walking away.  AnnaRose breathed in relief. 
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Which book is your favorite from The Hunger Games Trilogy?

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  • Catching Fire
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  • I love all of them!