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The Divergent Series: Allegiant Blu-ray Review

The Divergent Series: Allegiant Blu-ray Review

Jul 11, 2016 Kidzworld watched the Blu-ray for Allegiant, the next in the Divergent series of films. Do all the tech additions and story changes work? Are there co...read more

twenty one pilots Band Biography

Twenty One Pilots Band Biography

Jul 18, 2016 Musical duo twenty one pilots have made their mark on the charts with chill anthemic summer hits - find out more about them in their Kidzworld Biograp...read more

James Bay Biography

James Bay Biography

Jul 21, 2016 British singer-songwriter James Bay is best known for his singles Hold Back the River an Let it Go find out more about him in his Kidzworld Biography!...read more

Amazonia Exclusive Trailer

Amazonia Exclusive Trailer

Jul 27, 2016 After a plane crash, Saï, a capuchin monkey born and raised in captivity, finds himself alone and lost in the wilderness of the Amazon jungle. Watch t...read more

New Pokémon and Competitions

Pokémon Sun and Moon bring new additions later this year!

Jun 19, 2016 Pokémon Sun and Moon are coming at the end of year. New characters and ways to battle are headed to the game; read all about it on Kidzworld!...read more

Pokémon GO Is Live

Pokémon GO has finally hit all platforms!

Jul 07, 2016 Nintendo's Pokémon has jumped into the real world with Pokémon GO. Get the scoop on the new iOS game on Kidzworld!...read more

Batman - The Telltale Series Releases in August

Telltale's Batman game will coming sooner than thought.

Jul 15, 2016 Telltale Games has made its mark on their episodic adventure games. If you're looking to see when they officially add Batman to the roster, look no fu...read more

Chris Pine Biography

Chris Pine Biography

Jul 18, 2016 Chris Pine star as Captain James Kirk in the latest Star Trek movies - find out more about him in his Kidzworld Biography!...read more
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~Characters~Canon~ Frisk:  "Despite everything, it's still you." Frisk is currently one of the few humans living in monster town, and lives with Toriel, Sans, Papyrus, Flowey, Technically Chara, Muffet, and Monster Kid. Frisk goes to school, but works at the embassy often on weekends and after school. They love butterscotch cinnamon pie, and have the power to reset, although they very much would like not to. Pacifism is what they strive for in all situations. Roleplayed By: Open Asgore: "Human. It was nice to meet you. Goodbye." Asgore is still having some issues with Toriel, and of course isn't very well liked by humans, but he's otherwise quite happy living with Napstablook, Undyne, Mettaton, and Alphys. He works at the embassy and will occasionally come over to visit Frisk and the others. He has found that he has a great liking for golf, and loves going out to talk to human and monster children. Roleplayed By : Open Toriel: "I am Toriel, caretaker of the ruins" Toriel currently lives with Frisk, Sans, Papyrus, Flowey, Technically Chara, Muffet, and Monster kid. She runs a human/monster all inclusive school, and has quite a nice relationship with everyone but Flowey and Asgore. Asgore because of you know what, and Flowey because she doesn't yet know he's Asriel. She acts as a protective mother, but can be a bit clingy.  Roleplayed by: Open Sans: "i'm rootin for ya, kid." Sans is unfortunately pretty happy, although he has a bit of a bad feeling about his current situation. It just doesn't seem like it'll last long. He knows about the resets, but only remembers a bit of them, as well as he can't reset himself. He's very close to Papyrus, of course, and works as a stand up comedian. His routine with Snowdrake and his father is actually quite popular. He knows Chara is there, and often drops obscure insults to them, although not knowing where they are at any given time. It wasn't even their fault. Roleplayed by: Open THE GREAT PAPYRUS!!!: "NYEH HEH HEH!" Papyrus is of course cheerful as always, and is still trying to work out how to properly make a delicious meal of spaghetti. He's now part of the royal guard, but really all he does is wave a badge around and occasionally attend embassy meetings. He cares very much about Frisk, and heads over to visit Undyne often for cooking lessons.  Roleplayed By: Open Undyne: "Anime is real, RIGHT?" Now officially together with Alphys, Undyne has abandoned her career in the royal guard and now has created a monster Wrestling league. The only members are Aaron and herself. Alphys and Undyne spend quite a lot of their time watching anime. Undyne of course visits Frisk often, and is still giving Papyrus cooking lessons. She is as loud as ever. Roleplayed By: Open Mettaton: "I'll make your last living moments...ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!" Ah, yes, he's the only monster star on television, which is quite a feat! The shows he does range from news to concerts to cooking shows! Sure, he faces a lot of ridicule, but it's worth it for the fame. He is usually in his regular form, rather than his EX form, although Alphys is working on the power usage. Mettaton probably sees Frisk the least out of everyone, because of his busy work schedule. It's for the best, most likely. Roleplayed by: Open Alphys: "I'm gonna stay inside and watch anime like a total loser!" Alphys is now officially together with Undyne, and is binge watching all the latest animes. How are there so many of them. She's taught Asgore quite a lot about fanfiction, anime, and the like. She works at the embassy, providing financial estimates and the like to conversations, although the humans barely ever listen to her. She is one of the few who knows about Flowey's... *ahem*... situation. Roleplayed By: Me Napstablook: "I like to just sit on the floor and feel like garbage" Getting...slowly...happier... Roleplayed By: Open Muffet: "I think your taste...is exactly what this next batch needs!" She of course runs a spider bakery with extremely high prices. Humans tend to also scream when they buy her food for the first time for some reason... But I guess that's just what humans are like! Otherwise, it's a huge success, and all the spiders have a home at Frisk's house! Monsters are a bit more receptive towards her cooking techniques, although it's mainly just intimidation that gets people to buy her food.  Roleplayed by: Open Monster Kid: "Undyne touched me! I'm never washing my face ever again!" Quirky as ever. Monster Kid is kind of still adorable and is obsessed with hanging out with Undyne.They have a bit of a crush on Frisk, and still tend to trip a lot. Like, a lot a lot. Of course they go to Toriel's school,  but unlike Frisk, they don't work at the embassy. Actually, I don't think they even know what the embassy is. Roleplayed By: Me Asriel/Flowey: "I did some weird stuff as a flower" Currently stuck in a flower pot. He has a small fraction of a human soul, so he CAN feel emotions, but only briefly. Alphys, Frisk, Asgore, and I know the truth. That a child lives inside that flower. Sans probably knows too. Flowey is grumpy, but I hope that one day he can get better. That he can become Asriel again. Asriel.... come back. Roleplayed By: Chara.: "..." Why are you interested in me? Fine. I'll tell you a bit about myself. I've been following Frisk around, narrating their adventures. I'm a ghost, covered in golden flowers. Only Frisk can see me, but I can reveal myself to anything with a soul. I can reset with permission from Frisk. I know about Flowey. Only Frisk knows about me. There. You happy? Roleplayed By: Me ~OCS~  
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You are a scientifica extraordinaire  
reply about 1 hour
cheerleader13 posted in General:
All of them!!!
reply about 1 hour
With a blink of an eye, the redhead grunted as she slowly sat up. Her eyes laid on the theme park; it seemed like she was in a horror movie. Anastasia could only remember that she was in her room, in her bed sleep. Along with her mother bugging her to fix the car. She raised an eyebrow. Anastasia dusted herself off and looked around. This was beginning to scare her greatly. The emerald eyed girl felt pain on her forearm. On her arm was a tattoo of a  Chinese dragon with Chinese symbol meaning 'fire'. Anastasia stood up and looked around, "What in the world is this place?" She asked herself. The amusement park made her smile a bit. Although, it was odd to be laying in a amusement park without thinking you were dreaming. 
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