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Hot Track: Ansel Elgort's Totem

Did you know that The Fault in Our Stars actor Ansel Elgort is also a DJ/musician - more

New Nick Jonas Single: Chains

Nick Jonas has gone solo, and just dropped his first solo single: "Chains". The more

July 2014 Horoscopes: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Edition!

July 2014 Horoscopes: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic edition!

Jul 02, 2014 Check out these July 2014 Ponyscopes to see what you have in common with your favorite MLP and to see what you can work on this summer! Happy more

Sun Safety 101

Sun Safety 101

If you're spending most of your summer vacation outdoors, you'd better know how to play it safe while soaking up the sun's rays. Get important sun more



Jul 10, 2014 Watch the brand new trailer for Marvel’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY on Kidzworld! more

Top 10 Teen Movie Romances

Top 10 Teen Movie Romances

Jul 07, 2014 Puppy love, first love, love at first sight - teen movies are almost always about taking risks for the right someone. Check out the Top 10 Teen Movie more

Planet of The Apes Cast Talks Humanity and Humor

Planet Of The Apes Cast Talks Humanity and Humor

Jul 08, 2014 Kidzworld got behind-the-scenes info from the upbeat cast of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes! more

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JWittz posted in Fantasy:
( *Greg Cipes Voice* Welcome to the rp little bro! )
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musicgenuis12 posted in Fantasy:
Paris saw a warepony and went up to her before going into sugarcube corner"hi I'm Paris"
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Mrawsomegamer posted in Fantasy:
Name: Carter Burton Age: 13 Gender: Male Personality: Despite him being only just a teenager, Carter is somewhat the youngest in the pack. Carter is pretty smart though, and he is the Packs brains.  He is easily able to predict most of the other factions moves, which is his job, so the pack can get the upper hand. Carter is usually nice, and civil, but if you push him to his extreme limits, then he'll be rather angry. Carter is an amazing singer and guitarist. Carter is always there to help somebody in need. Carter is granted permission to see his brother, as he is a connection between the two factions. Carter is usually on his own, but when with his brother, his shyness goes away completely. Carter is quite adventurous, and daring. Though through all the shyness, Carter is a human weapon, and extremely capable of killing anybody.   Looks: Human Form: Wolf Form: (Coming)   Faction: Canine Pack   Species: Wolfblood: Wolfbloods are creatures that transform from human form into wolves. This transformation usually happens during a full moon. Because of their connection to the full moon, wolfbloods are often perceived as werewolves.   Wolfbloods are stronger, faster, and more graceful than humans and possess heightened senses, among other supernatural abilities.   Once a "cub" (a Wolfblood under the age of about 13/14) has reached a certain age, they will transform into a wolf on the full moon. Before this occasion they may transform, and special remedies will calm down Pre-Transformation.   After their first transformation, young Wolfbloods can become very moody, like human teenagers. They can start to rebel against normal life, and maybe even be forced to do dramatic things they later regret. Also, this enables Wolfbloods to transform freely but controllably.   When Wolfbloods transform, the first visible sign is that the irises of their eyes turns from their regular eye color,to a swirling black colour and then turns bright yellow. The veins in their hands and neck then start to become darker and unconceal themselves. Every cell in their body changes and they become a wolf.   This process can occur when a Wolfblood is just feeling angry or threatened, and can be reversed at any stage by calming down again. However, this process cannot be stopped once the moon is full and the Wolfblood has begun Transformation during adolescence (in human years). Also, Wolfbloods can transform by taking wolfsbane, which will trigger a transformation similar to if the moon was full.   Wolfbloods cannot transform on Dark/New Moons instead they are stuck as a human. On lunar eclipses Wolfbloods get locked in human form but with all their wolf like abilities enhanced.      Weapon(s) : His Mind, as well as his Katana.    Power(s) : Heightened Senses - A strong sense of smell, they can smell better than a regular human. A strong sense of hearing,this means they can hear much further than a normal human.   Super Stamina - The ability to run very fast for long periods (they have increased stamina and enhanced speed in human and greater speed in wolf form).   Eolas: connecting with nature, culminating in the user discovering someone's whereabouts. Wolf Form - The ability to change into a wolf on full moon or being angry or threatened (some very focused and gifted Wolfbloods can change into a wolf at will.)   Accelerated Healing - Wolfbloods heal from wounds much faster than a human can this ability is boosted in the Full Moon.   Super Strength - Wolfbloods are stronger than humans.   Super Speed - Wolfbloods can run much faster than a human. They have enhanced reflexes which means they react much faster than a normal person.   Ansin - Allows Wolfbloods to connect with nature and its past (Like Eolas, but stronger)   Skill(s) : Carter is a great singer and guitarist. Carter is excellent at Martial Arts. Carter is amazing at Acrobatics, which means it's easier for him to move around quicker, and able to get to places, where running wouldn't work.   Weaknesses: Carter might be younger Than his brother, but is still very protective of him. Should anything happen to him, Carter would shut down completely, leaving him as an open target.   Bio: Nope   Code: Howl!  
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I made it into a mine turtle. I planted a flower.
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