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MTV Video Music Awards 2015: Best and Worst Dressed

MTV Video Music Awards: Best and Worst Dressed

Sep 01, 2015 The stars at the 2015 MTV VMAs can tell you, even if you don't win you should dress for success - find out which celebs looked like winners! more

Read Your Way to a Better Grade!

Read Your Way to a Better Grade!

Apr 28, 2014 Did you know that the very best way to improve your spelling, grammar, writing, and grades is to read books? Kidzworld as helpful tips! more

Does TV Damage Your Brain?

Is watching television bad for your brain?

Jul 07, 2015 We all love watching TV, but can spending too much time in front of a screen have a negative effect on your brain development? Find out more more

Back to School Gadgets 2015

Kidzworld introduces you to some gadgets to make back to school a bit more fun!

Sep 03, 2015 Not looking forward to heading back to school? Kidzworld has a list of awesome gadgets might just brighten your outlook! more

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation Movie Review

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation Movie Review

Jul 31, 2015 Kidzworld reviews the latest Tom Cruise-driven thriller Mission Impossible Rogue Nation. Is it as action-packed as you hope? more

Unusual Animal Friendships

Check out these animal odd couples!

Aug 05, 2015 You've probably heard that opposites attract; apparently, the same is true in the animal world! Check out these unlikely animal friendships on more

Cara Delevingne Biography

Cara Delevingne Biography

Aug 24, 2015 British beauty Cara Delevingne broke onto the entertainment scene as an award-winning model, find out more about her in her Kidzworld more

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Cye getting tired of sitting doing nothing turned the car off and walked to the car with Claire in it. "Hi" she said and stared at the girl before her. Perli sat in the car thinking not saying anything mostly to nervous to and she jumped when she heard the door slam it pulling her out of her thiughts. She opened her moufh and closed it again leaning back in her seat.Cye then said to the girl "im cye who are you?" she said her voice sounding mean without her intending for it to. She cleared her throat.
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What's Your Most Important School Supply?

  • Your eraser - cleans up your mistakes. What could be more important?
  • Pencil pouch - I can keep everything important in there.
  • Highlighters - I highlight anything I can get my hands on!
  • My calculator - I can play games on it.