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Best Beach Reads 2015

Best Beach Reads 2015

Jul 13, 2015 What's the best thing you can bring to the beach? A book of course! Settle down on the sand and dive in to the pages of some of our summer more
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DreamWorks HOME Activity Sheets

DreamWorks HOME Activity Sheets

Jul 21, 2015 Celebrate family, friendship and fun in the surprise smash comedy hit of the year in DreamWorks HOME! Check out these fun activity sheets on more

Could Jurassic World Really Happen?

Could the dinosaurs from Jurassic World exist in real life?

Jul 15, 2015 We've all been amazed by the dinosaurs created for the film Jurassic World, but could we actually bring dinosaurs back to life? more

Take a Staycation!

Kidzworld has some tips for your summer staycation!

Jun 11, 2015 Not going anywhere special this summer? Good news! You can make your staycation fabulous by following these tips! more

Quiz! Test Your Marine Life IQ!

Quiz! Test Your Marine Life IQ!

Jul 29, 2015 It's a whole different world when you're beneath the waves, have a "whale" of a time catching up on your sea creature knowledge when you Test Your more

Does TV Damage Your Brain?

Is watching television bad for your brain?

Jul 07, 2015 We all love watching TV, but can spending too much time in front of a screen have a negative effect on your brain development? Find out more more

Minions Movie Review

Minions Movie Review

Jul 09, 2015 Kidzworld saw Minions in 3-D. Should you make the trek to the Cineplex to learn the origin of these tiny, yellow, pill-shaped, big-goggled henchmen? more

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JWittz posted in School:
Marshal started to eat a chocolate frog; another found its way out of its container, hopping out of the small room and down the cart. "No!" Marshal yelled, looking back at the way it went. "Let it be." Lucas waved it off. Marshal glared a bit at Lucas, but also waved it off.
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Rayla smiled, "Yeah, it is." She bit her lip as she smiled, "I'll be upstairs." She giggled as she ran upstairs. 
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Broken heartz
Nyla laughed "you should see what shes done, then you wont think shes so sweet and soon she'll be coming after you"
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87pastels posted in School:
Emerald chewed on the tart, and looked at her, obviously seeing her envy. Hoping to reassure her, she said " Oh, in the third year they have trips to this village. You can buy the best brooms there. " she smiled, the pastry tasted so good in her mouth, why didn't the other girl want one? She shrugged, and said. " Do you mind me getting changed in here? " 
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