US Presidents Crossword Puzzle

Feb 01, 2015

Most American kids learn about U.S. Presidents in school, but it can be tough remembering who they all were and what they did! Time to test your IQ about some of the greatest American leaders in our U.S. Presidents Crossword Puzzle! See if you can beat the clock by reading the clues (Down and Across) and filling in your answers (remember: they have to fit!). If you need help with any of the clues, just hit the "Hint" button; if you want to save your puzzle for later, click on "Save." Good luck!


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What Would You Do if You Were Prez?

  • I'd make a law that kids could ground parents.
  • I'd try and be friendlier to other countries.
  • I would give more money to charities.
  • I'd ban mystery meat from school cafeterias.

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