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Science Project: Slime

Science Project: Slime

There are plenty of ways to enjoy slime, no doubt about that. But one of the best ways to enjoy it is to make it! This recipe for slime is easy and more

Canadian Provinces Crossword Puzzle

Canadian Provinces Crossword Puzzle

Most Canadian kids learn about the provinces and territories in school, but it can be tough remembering all of them and what makes each one unique! more

How to Host a Trivia Party

How to Host a Trivia Night

Jan 22, 2013 Everyone loves game nights and when it comes to trivia, everyone has at least one thing that they know better than anyone else, so why not give your more

Quiz!: What Kind of DIY'er Are You?

Quiz!: What Kind of DIY'er Are You?

Aug 29, 2014 Do you like to make things? Are you the type to see a junk drawer and imagine a game or a pencil case or a form of transportation? Does your more

Famous Places Crossword Puzzle

Famous Places Crossword Puzzle

Think you know all about the world? We've created this Famous Places Crossword Puzzle to test your more

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BEST QUOTE EVA "Every one is going insane... Just some faster than others" -Me
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A16 posted in Say Anything:
Yowane Haku, who knows who she is?? :3
reply 21 minutes
originalgirl posted in Debating:
I personally believe it does. There are many factors supporting the murder theory, the most obvious of all being Courtney Love's own continuity errors surrounding her husband's death, i.e., lack of grief, as well as the many motives to consider, both Courtney's motives and the hit team's motives (I say hit team because although I'm quite sure Courtney didn't do the dirty work, I'm pretty sure there were several people involved it the, forgive the expression, execution of the murder). There are very many factors to consider. How do you think Kurt died, and do you think th case is worthy of being reopened? Why or why not? I await your answers.
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My dad owns a mechanic shop and I sort of help him over the summer. Based on which one is easier to work on, I would have to say Chevy. Ford really just puts parts in odd places! Driving or riding, no idea. My family doesn't own any fords (surprise surprise) because we don't like working on them!
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Coolest Science Experiment?

  • Baking soda volcano.
  • Potato battery.
  • Homemade lava lamp.
  • Making your own mummy.