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Here's a quick sneak peek at my next story!  They had been planning this trip for a week, and today was finally the day. They were leaving, and going on a three day camping trip. Of course Ruby’s dad knew first, and he’d set some clear rules. She’d probably be breaking most of them as soon as they were out of town. Sure she was a daddy’s girl by standards, but she was a total rebel when she was out of sight and earshot. 
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    The Guild- Memories-   Chapter 1- Nightmare He felt his soul pulsing, his breaths were heavy, a red hue spread across his face as he gulped down air. He was bent over, hands on his knees, his second set of arms placed on his hips. “I think I’m going to barf…” He groaned. “This is why you need to eat breakfast!” A playful female voice called to him. From the sound of it, the girl was thirteen years old or so. His white pupils narrowed on the ground, his blue irises shining faintly. He really didn’t feel good right now, and the snow seemed so inviting. He didn’t know why, but it felt like he’d been here before, like he’d experienced this before, but he knew he’d never felt this way before. He was tired for some reason, normally he could go for what seemed forever, but today, he just didn’t feel the same, like something was wrong. He collapsed, his eye sockets shutting. He could feel the cold seeping into his clothes, some of it melting from his body heat and wetting his bones, causing him to shiver. “Oh c’mon, you can’t be tired already! Even without breakfast you can normally go longer distances. We’ve only been running for half an hour!” The voice came again. “Go on without me, I’m dead now.” He mumbled into the snow. “I’ll sit on you then!” “That isn’t a threat. You do it all the time.” “True.” The voice giggled. He felt a weight on his spine, and he huffed. “Get off me.” “Only when you stop acting like a dog. I mean, honestly, you hang around the dogs way too much! You act like one, you growl sometimes, and you smell like one of those canines. Then again, you’re a boy. All boys smell like that. So never mind.” “Hey!!” “Well it’s true.” “Is not!” “You want to prove that?” “Oh I will.” He felt the weight shift, but it was too late. He forced himself upwards in a burst of speed that came out of nowhere, tossing the girl high off him, and he quickly got out of the way as she crashed into the snow. He lost it laughing, gripping his sides. The girl sat up, glaring at him with her bright white pupils. She was a skeleton just like him, only a year older, and without the second set of arms. The girl’s name was Flora, and his was Alexander, but everyone tended to call him Alex. They were what one might call ‘half-siblings’. They had the same father, but Alex had a different mother, as far as anyone knew. Nobody knew who Flora’s birth mother was. They’d tried multiple times with Alphys, the royal scientist, to pick up the other fifty or so percent of magic that Flora would be carrying from her other parent, but the closest they’d come was discovering some sort of darker magic nobody else had ever seen before. Flora sighed, readjusting the collar of her green turtleneck sweater, dusting off her jeans, not bothering to fix her white sneakers though. She had bright white glowing pupils, floating there in the middle of her eye sockets, like almost every other skeleton. Their ‘Grandma’ was one of the rare exceptions that didn’t have a distinct source of vision though. Alex got up, wiping away a few little tears that had formed, and he went to Flora, helping her up. “Thanks for nothing, dog boy.” She gave him a smile, and he lightly pushed her away, grinning in amusement. “Alright flower brain.” They didn’t exactly make the cleverest of names for each other, but it wasn’t meant to be hurtful, it was in play, and they always knew that it was just joking when name calling started up. “I don’t even have a brain so, there.” “Yeah, you’re right, how about numbskull?” “You don’t have one either!” She laughed, then after a few moments she grew very serious, a competitive gleam slipping into her gaze. “Race you to Dad’s forest station.” “You’re on.” They got into racing stances, Alex crossing his second set of arms behind his back, and they glanced at each other for a moment. “Ready?” She giggled. “Ready.” “Okay, in three… two…. One… go!” She suddenly shoved Alex into the snow face first, and took off. He growled, scrambling to his feet, and darted towards the buildings around them. He looked at his hands for a moment, before unfolding his second set of arms, and he slammed his sharp, claw like fingers into the wall, and he forced himself upwards, alternating positions, scaling the side of the building with ease, hauling himself onto the roof. He could see all of Snowdin from here. His sister was almost to the woods. He’d have to hurry and make up for lost time. He ran across the rooftops, taking flying leaps and jumping the gaps, using his second pair of arms to steady himself by touching the ground when he landed, shoving off as soon as he was in positon, giving him an extra burst of speed. His sister was faster, but he had strategy and determination on his side. His black sneakers pounded on the rooftops as he put all of his restored energy into sprinting, the strings to his red hoodie flying through the air behind him, his breaths coming quickly and heavily, steam trails rising behind him. His blue eyes gleamed as he hurled himself from the top of the last building. Everything seemed to slow for a few moments, giving him just enough time to position himself for the landing. He crashed into a tree, his second pair of arms snagging the tree trunk, his first grabbing ahold of the branches. Snow fell all around him, plummeting to the ground below, a branch scratching his jeans, but he didn’t stop. He only took a few seconds to recover, before he was leaping from branch to branch in the trees, snow colliding with him in waves as he disturbed the limbs of the evergreens, getting lower and lower as he cleared the pines, until he took a final bound, landing on the ground below like a cat. He could see the station, and his sister just behind him. He ran for the station, Flora just on his heels. With a last burst of speed, he jumped into the station, dropping onto the soft carpet inside, although he fell over the moment he hit ground. “Ha! I win.” He panted as Flora came to a halt in front of the desk. “Ugh. You cheated.” She complained. “Tossing me into the snow as the race starts is cheating.” He simply replied, standing up. “Fair enough, still doesn’t mean you’re faster though.” “Yeah, it just means I’m smarter.” “It does not!” “Yes it does.” He poked her forehead, and they stared each other down for a moment as if they wanted to murder one another. They broke out laughing after a few seconds of this tension. Flora hopped into the station beside him, and they exchanged glances. “Seems we beat Dad here.” He commented. “Yeah. You want to wait for him here?” She offered, looking at Alex. “Sounds like a plan. We can surprise him when he gets here for his shift.” He agreed, settling in the corner of the station, Flora sliding down to the ground beside him. They watched their breaths rise in small clouds of steam as they relaxed. His soul was beating quickly, but it was slowing down. He had so many human traits, and yet, he was so unlike the humans he’d heard about. There were things he could do that went unheard and unseen... It almost terrified him to really think about what he was hiding within himself. The station itself was kept together very nicely. It had a roof that formed into an upside down V made of wood, and four poles holding it up. The entire structure was made of wood though, so this wasn’t exactly out of the ordinary. It had a gate to the side where one could slip in and out, and it had a desk that circled the entire structure, leaving a relatively large gap between the desk and roof. The outside of the station had been painted a light yellow, although the roof, desk, and poles were still brown. He smiled, closing his eye sockets as Flora cuddled up to him. They were both tired, and they knew their father wouldn’t mind if they took a nap in the station. He felt like he was going to fall asleep, when memories came back to haunt him, forcing him to stay awake. He’d woken from a nightmare around two in the morning, leaving him gasping for his breath as the pain in his ribs and spine dulled, black teardrops rolling down his face. He could still remember his dream. In his dream, he could do nothing as he stood by, watching his family turn to dust in a slash of red accompanied by the glint of steel. The worst had been his sister’s and mother’s scenes. His sister had stared at him, crying as snow fell around her in the darkness, slowly turning to dust. She’d reached for him, parting her jaws in a silent scream for help, and when he’d tried to reach for her hand, he could almost feel her fingertips brush against his before she’d completely crumbled away into dust. His mother hadn’t turned to dust, she instead had a red sort of liquid beginning to form from the wound, and her eyes, her eyes had been haunting. Her eyes had dulled as if blind when she’d fallen to her knees. She’d seemed like she was trying to grasp what was left of the world, clutching the wound. Her body had gone limp, falling to the snow with a soft thud, the liquid turning the snow a dark color. Alex thought he’d never wake up, that he’d be caught in this dark realm forever, but at the end of it all, he had to fight his family’s killer, and he saw his own death, from his own prospective. He’d felt the bitter cold pain as metal bit into him and broke his bones, he’d watched his own body turn to dust before his vision blackened. A beautiful red splash of light had flickered in front of him like a flag that was battle torn and wounded, yet still it danced as he fell into his inevitable fate, wrapping around what was left of his body, and he’d felt hands on him, a soft, familiar voice filling his head. It had spoken, saying, “I will help you. For now, just stay determined. All will be as it once was, but learn from your mistakes, change time. Save them, I believe in you.” He’d turned to look where the voice was coming from, and he’d seen his great uncle, Sans, dressed in white, with a long red scarf and some sort of ‘glitch’ covering one of his eye sockets. His great uncle had been smiling at him sadly, as if he wanted to comfort Alex. That was when he’d finally woken up. When he’d sat upright he thought he’d seen the same vision of Sans, standing by the foot of his bed, but when he blinked it was gone. He shuddered, the memory of his dream sending a chill up his spine. He hadn’t told anyone about what he’d seen. He didn’t want to scare them; he’d deal with his own nightmares. He heard the snow crunching as someone walked by. It sounded like it came from the direction of that old door… but nobody comes from there. He peeked over the top of the station, and froze. If he could’ve, he would’ve gone pale. He saw the back of a young person, maybe fourteen or so, with shoulder length brown hair, a blue and pink sweater, brown pants, black shoes. Clutched in their hand was a knife that glinted in the faint light, covered in dust. A new human was in the underground. Images flashed in his mind from his dream. He remembered this. He’d seen them before. He could almost feel his dream and what was happening now overlapping second for second. His gaze shifted. He could see his father coming down the path, the same path the human was traveling on. He tried to shout, he tried to call to him, but nothing came. He could barely breathe. His father was a tall skeleton, who wore heavy armor, made for the royal guard. He tried to calm down. He would be alright… He had to be. His father had to be alright. He’d defeat the human, take their soul, and then everyone would be free. His dad would be the hero, just like always. His father stopped in front of the human, and the human stared up at him. They stood there silent for a few seconds, before his father spoke. “So, another human has finally fallen… It seems you’ve been busy as well. I might have left you alive, but, seeing as what you’re obviously planning on doing… You’ve sealed your fate.” The human chuckled, shifting their knife, and spoke, their voice cold and quiet. “Well, seems you can read me like a book big guy. Just like last time. And the time before that, and the time before even that. Oh this should be fun. You always were an entertaining opponent Tempus.” Maybe he was the only one who heard their voice, or it was just that he was going insane, but his father didn’t seem to notice the human’s speech, instead his response was to pull out his black sword. The metal of the blade matched his father’s armor, a dark grey, almost the color of pitch. He felt someone tug on his shoulder, and he whirled, seeing Flora standing behind him, a look of fear on her face. “What’s going on?” He took a few moments to think before speaking. “A human has fallen; Dad’s going to get their soul. Let’s just get out of here, okay…?” He took her hand, and she slowly nodded. He led his sister out of the station, and together they stealthily made their way past. Their father and the human were fighting now, bones flying through the air, the human’s knife leaving trails of dust through the air as they slashed. He could see the two clashing, a sword and magic versus a knife and determination. He slipped into the trees with Flora, and they waited. The battle raged on for a long time, they could still hear the two fighting, and it didn’t seem to be going well. Flora dared a look, and he heard her gasp. Before he could stop his big sister, she was gone from their hiding place, and into the middle of the battle. He scrambled to his feet, darting out and standing to the side, because there was nothing he could do, but stare in horror at the sight before him. Flora had jumped in the way of what would’ve been the final blow to their father, and was beginning to turn to dust. His father stared, tears beginning to form in his eyes sockets. He felt his own tears forming as his sister’s eyes turned green, and she slowly reached out with a fading hand, using the last of her magic to heal their father’s injuries, and for a moment, everything was silent. Life itself seemed to have stopped in its tracks to capture this moment in time.  He saw the light fade from her, her soul fluttering in front of her form, and her body crumbled away into dust. Her soul was shivering. It was going to fade and break. He did the only thing he could think of. He couldn’t handle the thought of her being completely gone. If he could, he would save what was left of her. Her soul turned blue, and darted to him. He caught it in his hands, holding it close to himself, above his own soul. He could feel the two beating together at the same pace, like hearts. His father stood up, and the battle raged on, but this time, the tides were turning. It was as if someone had unleashed a savage animal there and then, but it would not be enough. It seemed to last an eternity, Flora’s soul shivering, beginning to crack, his pulsing even faster, as if encouraging it to hold on, to stay determined. He could barely process anything past the sound of the souls, and the pounding in his head. He felt strangely numb to everything, and yet he could feel the grief building inside him. It was a collision between two instincts within him. He felt like he’d been here before, like he’d seen this a million times over, but he’d just seen his sister die, and his father was fighting a losing battle. He wanted to scream. He wanted the heavens to break open above him and rain down his fury and grief, he wanted his numbness to either take over or leave him completely. He felt himself shaking, sobs coming out of him, and yet it seemed miles away, like he was just a spectator in this twisted world that had opened up before him. In his mind it felt like he was being tossed around in a whirlwind of rage. What he felt entirely, was indescribable. Some sort of power was tugging at Alex, giving him strength, but he still couldn’t move. He still couldn’t speak. He let out a breath, and he saw the human raise their knife. He couldn’t do this. He couldn’t stand here and watch. He found the willpower inside him to turn and run. So he ran, and he ran, the snow crunching underneath his feet, a distant sound reaching him, and the effect of it was like a wound to his mind and soul. He nearly lost his footing, almost going headfirst into the rocks when he heard it, but he caught himself after letting out a yelp, and kept going. He didn’t stop until he could only hear his breathing. He let himself fall to the ground, and crawled under one of the many pines that surrounded him, and curled up underneath it, hiding within the safety of its branches, embracing its silence and unspoken strength like an old friend.      He remained there in the forest until his breathing had steadied, and he believed he could walk again, but even then he hesitated. He tried to stand, nearly collapsing in the process, but the tree above him was there, and he leaned against its thick trunk, using it to support him in his efforts to get up. He ran his fingers along the bark of the evergreen, feeling the rough, torn up surface, before managing to bring himself to stand on his own. It almost felt like someone had frozen his bones together so they wouldn’t work. He could barely walk without tripping or his knees giving out on him. He had to catch himself every other step of the way, slowly working his way back to the path. After traveling a long distance, he reached the place of the battle, and looked around for a few moments, assessing everything. Neither the human nor his father was here, but there was new dust, and chips of black armor scattered amongst it. He quietly went to the dust and metal, easing himself onto the ground, and he began to sift through it. Something was here…he knew something just had to be there. He didn’t know what, but he knew something was here, it was reaching out to him, he could feel it. There, buried in the snow, he found it after searching for what one might’ve processed to be ages; his father’s soul, barely holding itself together, cracked and about to shatter. He cupped his sister and father’s souls in his hands. He didn’t know what to do. He had their souls, but they were gone. He didn’t want to lose what he had left of them. He couldn’t.  Alex pressed their souls to his ribs, his soul fluttering and pulsing erratically as the others got closer. He didn’t know what he was doing exactly, he didn’t know what he thought might happen, but something in him changed that moment. Something clicked deep inside himself, and in a faint flash of light, the two souls were gone. He blinked, feeling magic surge through him, thoughts and memories flooding him like a tsunami, and he screamed. His mind felt like it was on fire. He gripped his skull, his body giving in to the torment that had crashed down upon it, causing him to pull himself into a ball in the snow, wailing in pain and confusion. He saw so many things at once, he could barely process anything. He saw from his father’s gaze, he felt what his father had felt, and he saw what his sister had seen, he felt what she had felt, and he could feel the agony of death pulling at him as their memories ended with their demise. He could feel the best moments they’d ever had, and it blended with the pain, he couldn’t try to understand what was going on, it was a chaotic blend of agony and joy. He could see their final moments, and feel the bitter cold steel biting into him. His screams faded into sobs as his visions faded, and he stared into the distance, his sight blurred by tears brought on by pain and grief. He lay there, shaking, his bones rattling faintly. He uneasily managed to force himself upright, propping himself on his arms. He slowly regulated his breathing, but couldn’t stop himself from crying. He touched his cheekbone, looking at his fingertips. The tears were the color of pitch, and seemed to burn him, but he was strangely numb to the pain. It felt far away, barely reaching him. His emotions went dark on him, and he could feel nothing other than a dark desire burning deep within his body and mind. It kept growing the more he tried to focus on something else. The more he resisted, the more it took ahold of him. He dug his fingers into the frost beneath him, steam rising from between his parted jaws. He had to do something. He had to do something so he could just feel something. He searched around, until his hand gripped a piece of the broken armor, and he held it in front of himself for a moment, observing its scratched surface. He looked up, seeing the vision of Sans again, standing before him. The white jacket was zipped up tight, the hood pulled over his great uncle’s head, the red scarf shifting in a breeze he could not sense. They stared at each other for a moment, before Sans held out a hand to him. “Get up.” His great uncle’s voice was soft, but commanding. He couldn’t help but obey, slowly getting up from the ground, and he reached for Sans’ hand. As their fingertips touched, a small shiver ran down his spine. Sans’ hand curled around his, helping him stand on his own. “You know what must be done now.” Sans spoke quietly. He nodded slowly, even if he didn’t know. “Then fight for them. Fight with all of your strength.” His great uncle’s form faded away, and he looked around for a moment, before lowering his gaze to the armor piece in his hand. He raised it to his head, and crushed it in his grip. He began to collect all of the other pieces of metal that lay around, determination rising up within him, but still, the only emotion he truly felt now, was the darkness within him that he couldn’t name. ----   It had been hours now since he’d discovered his darkness, and he hated and loved every second between then and the coming moments without even really feeling the love or hate. He had followed the human around, keeping hidden in the shadows, and as each monster died, the black hole within him grew. His entire family was dead now, he’d seen it all. He’d seen their deaths, he’d seen the deaths of his friends, and he’d taken their souls once the human was gone. Each time he absorbed a new soul, he saw their memories and felt what they’d felt in a consuming fire. It was the only way he could really feel anything other than in echoes of his own emotion. Every time he absorbed a soul, he felt himself growing stronger, and he thought he could sense the faint echo of enjoyment whenever he got a surge of power through his body. He was young, but he was no longer a child. That had been taken from him, stolen before he could grasp what he’d lost. He heard the human’s footsteps coming down the golden hallway, and he grinned to himself, stepping out from behind one of the pillars. He stared at the human, who was smiling, fingering their knife. When he spoke, he felt his voice had changed, it had a darker tone to it, though he didn’t notice very much, he didn’t care. “So you’re finally here again. Good. I’ve been waiting for this. But, I’ll play fair for a moment…” He paused for dramatic effect. “Oh, but wait, you didn’t. And there aren’t any rules here, now are there? You don’t play by them if there are, that’s for sure.” The human seemed confused. They had been confident every step of the way, because they’d experienced every single bit of this journey time and again, but he knew this was different. He’d never spoken these words; he’d never been here like this, without any emotions, with the burning thirst for revenge.  “Oh you seem so puzzled, but don’t be. You’ve taken these steps hundreds of times, maybe even thousands or millions, but this time, I’m prepared. I remember you; I remember your every action. I’ve seen what you’ve done; I’ve heard their cries as they were murdered in cold blood. And this time, I am not deaf to their pleas. I am not blind to their pain. Now I carry all of it with me, and, I don’t care anymore. I don’t care about any stupid rules; I don’t care about who I was. I was weak then, but now, I am different. I carry the hopes and dreams of the underground with me!” He laughed, sliding a dagger out of his pocket. He’d collected the metal of his father’s armor, and turned it into a weapon. “I also carry one other thing….” His eye sockets went black. "Determination." He continued after letting this sink into the human’s mind. “I’ll give you one chance to turn around, and fix what you’ve done, on behalf of them.” The human stepped forward, shifting their knife in front of them, ready to fight. “Well then, if I still had emotions, I might actually feel bad for you.” Everything turned black and white, except a bright red glow that ignited within his right eye socket. The human slashed at him, but he dodged around the knife, and darted at them, swinging his blade, his red eye leaving a short trail like a comet. He’d never been this fast before. The human tried to move out of the way in time, their eyes widening, and they just barely survived the attack, the blade catching their shoulder, leaving a cut, torn cloth flying. He landed, skidding to a halt, twisting around to face his opponent. The humanity inside him was gone. He was a killing machine now, his only target, being the human. They rushed at each other, their blades clashing, dust scattering from the human’s knife. He grit his teeth, and forced against the human’s weapon, tossing them back, and he slashed at them relentlessly, They ducked and weaved around his attacks, trying to keep up with him. He paused after a while, and the human took their turn to swing at him. He dodged, his gaze narrowing. He was sick of this game of mortal weapons. “This is tiring… here; I’ll give you one last chance.” He smiled, and held his arms out, dropping his dagger, offering a hug. The human looked at him like he was insane. No, he wasn’t. This was a simple tactic that might work. If it didn’t, then he didn’t care. The human didn’t believe him, and attacked him. He vanished, and reappeared behind them, a darker grin forming on his face, and he curled his sharp fingers around their shoulders and arms. “Oh this should be fun. Well, it would be at least, for me.” He laughed as they whirled, trying to attack him, but his hand caught their knife, and he held their arms in place. He increased the pressure on the knife, shifting his grip slightly so he also had ahold of their hand. The human cried out in pain, but he had no mercy, nor did he care. He in fact, thought he could feel the faint traces that he was enjoying this somewhere deep inside. What was he doing? He would’ve never been like this, but now he was driven to be this… It was too late now to go back, but some part of him didn’t want to. He wanted to see his family’s killer brought to justice by his own hands. He crushed the human’s hand and shattered the knife with a hard squeeze, and they screamed. Even if it meant that he would become a true monster. “Oh this is just the beginning.” He growled. “I’ve felt the jaws of death more times than you can count, and well… now it’s your turn to leave this world. But I think you can wait just a little bit.” He tossed them back, his red eye turning black. The human stared in horror, trying to flee, running from him. “Oh, it’s much too late for that.” He lifted a hand, a wall of bones firing up in the human’s path. They skidded to a halt, trying to go another direction, but more walls came to block them. He chuckled. A gigantic dragon skull appeared behind him, opening its mouth wide. It fired, the human quickly darting away from the blast of what seemed to be darkness. The floor was cracked, and began to flame, a crater left where the human had been just seconds ago. “Oh dear, I missed.” His voice was flat and cold. He didn’t even act disappointed. A bone shot up from underneath the human, tossing them high into the air, and they were suddenly surrounded by the skulls. “Goodbye, human. It was nice to meet you. Oh, wait, sorry. That was a lie… what I meant to say was… I hope your soul burns in the eternal flames...” The blasters fired all at the same time, the sound becoming a deafening roar, the walls catching ablaze and crumbling, the ceiling and floor left in no better condition. “Because nobody can save you now.” The black beams faded, the skulls were gone, and so was the human. There was nothing left of their body, their soul shivering, about to shatter. Everything returned to color, the hallway golden once more. “Oh… what do we have here?” The soul turned blue, and floated down to him. He caught it, observing it for a little while, watching as it danced on the line between breaking and staying together. “Just my luck… I get a reward for my troubles.” He put on a fake smile. “I suppose being allowed to come back was just too good for you anyway.” He tossed the soul between his four hands for a moment, before throwing it into his mouth. He could feel it shaking and pulsing, warmth radiating from it. He swallowed the soul, feeling it vanish where his throat would’ve been if he was human. What he experienced from the soul was incredible. He saw brief glimpses of the human’s thousands of memories, images of the hundreds of resets that they’d done. He experienced every single moment they’d lived, he could feel the twisted joy of when they increased their LV and Exp, but what sent a chill down his spine, was their memories of pacifism. He could see himself, and his family, standing together with their friends from the human’s eyes, watching what the humans called a sunrise. His younger sister and brother smiling at him, Flora dancing around happily, himself standing there quietly, but he looked the most joyful he’d ever been. His father strong and proud, his grandmother racing off to make a first impression, his great uncle going after him… his mother joining Flora in her dancing. The second the memories of the pacifist route ended, it shifted to their last moments. He saw himself, and it terrified him somewhere deep down to see what he’d become. He had pure black eye sockets, a darker glow within them that was barely noticeable, but it was there. His clawed fingers had the red liquid on them, his hands resting by his sides, except for one which was held out in front of him, twitching slightly, the fingers curled halfway into a fist. His expression was one of a killer, the one he’d seen so many times on the human; cold, emotionless, smiling. He heard his words, but they seemed so much more detached and foreign than he thought they’d been. He felt the human’s fear as his hand fully clenched into a fist, and everything went black. He shuddered, and sat down, pulling his knees to his chest. “What have I done…?” He whispered softly, looking at the hand he had unconsciously used to fire the blasters. The human’s soul had restored his emotions, not fully, but just enough that he could feel guilt and horror towards what he had done, and just enough to feel grief, and faint love towards the ones he had lost.  He shifted. He couldn’t sit still, not now. He stood, and began to pace the hall, looking at the destruction he had caused, and his breath caught. What kind of monstrous being was he? He had a rough idea of what he was capable of… but this was absolutely terrifying. The ceiling was crumbling and cracked, the floor and walls were full of burning holes, and flames were beginning to spread along with some sort of darkness that crawled along the floor. It looked like the once beautiful hallway had turned into a warzone. He couldn’t piece what he was feeling into words; instead he spun, and using all four of his hands, punched one of the pillars with a cry of frustration. He heard it crack, and saw bits of the marble come down and crash into the ground with clatters and snaps. He snarled lowly, resting his head against the pillar, black tears beginning to fall from his eye sockets. “What kind of creature am I?” He mumbled, beginning to sob, his shoulders shaking. He wanted to give up. He had nothing to live for anymore. His family was dead, along with almost everyone else in the entire underground. He had killed the human, and he had nowhere to go. He couldn’t go home, not there, not ever. He sank to the ground, covering his eye sockets, the black tears turning to a crystal like see through, just like a human’s. He felt a gentle hand on his back, and he jumped to his feet, backing away. A tall skeletal man stood there, with a long black trench coat, a white sweater, pants the color of pitch, and dress shoes. The man’s hands had holes in them where the palms should’ve been, and one of his eye sockets were in the shape of a crescent moon, a crack running up his skull from the socket, the other baring a crack below it. “W-who are you?” He murmured. The man gave him a patient smile, and suddenly everything went black.
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Okay, here we go guys! This is my first fanfiction forum, and I'm going to post my fictions on here... Hope you like them. 
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I like this one guy but I'm afraid to ask bc everytime i do ask someone out, I get turned down
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