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posts from the Random forums

iCaitlin_ posted in Debating:
The teachers are correct, it is not your place to teach/inform/ask other students about something their PARENTS should be guiding them through when they deem it appropriate. You are on school property to learn as are the other students and I doubt when some of them were dropped off their parents expected them to be learning about something they may not be ready for. You might be but you don't get to decide for others. I'm all for the LGBTQ+ rights but not like this. 
reply 6 minutes
XxMadokaaxX posted in Debating:
Ok, this is an extremely long story so please either read it all before responding or don't comment on the subject. So, I'm bisexual. My friends and my favorite teacher are aware of that. Everyone else is not. I'm in sixth grade, and me and my friends Rachael, Sarah, and Bella decided to create a poll on how many kids in the grade support the LGBTQ+ community. The options were 'yes', 'no', and 'I don't know' for the kids who had never been educated on the subject. We didn't make comments on kids' answers and if people didn't want to answer we accepted and moved on. We had gotten about 56 kids when we decided we should ask the teachers. We asked Abusive Llama Aid first (I honestly don't know her name, but she mistreats the special needs student and looks like a grumpy llama) and she said she didn't want to answer. So we moved on, but later she came back and told us we couldn't do the survey because it wasn't appropriate. Having expected this, Rachael responded back pleading our case. They went back and fourth a couple times and finally Abusive Llama Aid told us we'd have to ask a teacher if we could do the poll. Our favorite teacher wasn't there that day so we just stopped the poll and we were gonna ask her the next day, because we knew if she said no she'd politely explain why instead of offending us, embarrassing us, and making us cry. But apparently that wasn't enough for the math and language arts teachers and Abusive Llama Aid because after recess we all got called in the hall. And no, of course the hall wasn't enough because we had to go into an empty classroom for them to scold us. On the way to the classroom we linked arms like always and the math teacher yelled at us not to touch ( :angry?). Then in the classroom they told us not to sit near each other, which I still don't understand. Obviously I can't remember all of what they said but they yelled at us more about the subject not being appropriate for school and less of just doing the poll. At one point the math teacher said "This is something you talk over with your parents, or priest, or pastor. Not your classmates. This isn't something you just decide, you don't even understand this subject, why should you be talking about it?" Now that pissed me off because she was basically saying we have no power to make our own decisions because we're too young, and that we're too young to understand this subject. What she doesn't realize is that I most definitely know more about sexual orientation, gender expression, and the politics of it than she ever will. She was accidentally saying that my sexuality isn't valid because how could I possibly know anything about it at this age? They offended me and my friends so much. Then they told us not to speak of LGBTQ+ or the poll ever again. Freedom of speech and freedom of press? Pfft, no, we're kids! We don't deserve rights opinions! So my question to you is 1. Is the LGBTQ+ community appropriate to talk about at school? 2. Do you think I or the teachers are correct and why?
reply 17 minutes
Tomboy03 posted in General:
The meatball songWhat's a cup?
reply 24 minutes
arreglar, aprender, adios, ayer, aeroplano, amarillo, arroz, etc.
reply 35 minutes

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