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Science Fair Project Examples & Ideas

Looking for a really cool science experiment? Clear the house and then check out some of these school science projects.... read more

How Blood Carries Oxygen

Oxygen hitches a ride with our blood to get everywhere it needs to go. Find out how oxygen gets into our blood and how it travels inside our body.... read more

Wild Things :: All About Dogs

Dogs are man's best friend. But do you know where they came from? And do you know which one is the smartest and the dumbest? Read on for all the facts... read more
Civil Rights Movement Timeline

Civil Rights Movement Timeline

Long before Martin Luther King Jr. walked onto the civil rights stage, many important events took place in the movement to establish equality and peac... read more
Jan 09, 2015 | 16 comments
The Human Heart

The Ins and Outs of the Heart

Valentine's Day is all about hearts but you know that funny shape isn't actually what your heart looks like, right? Here's the real deal... read more

The Science of Scabs

Sure scabs are gross but everybody gets them, sometimes. Find out how your body makes scabs and how they help you to heal.... read more

Smart Bear Adventures

Learn more about the wonderful world of wild bears with the Smart Bears Adventures interactive CD-ROM.... read more

When It Rains, It Pours

Since 1900 floods have killed more than 10,000 people in the US alone. Why are so many people killed? Floods easily fool people. It only takes a secon... read more

Brushing Up on Your Study Skills

Having trouble studying for that big test? Can't seem to retain anything you read? How about brushing up on your study skills?... read more

How Sunsets Work

We've all stopped to stare at a sunset, but have you ever wondered how the sky fills with so many colors? Take a look to see how a sunset is made.... read more

Lake Monsters - Nessie and Ogopogo

In the dark depths of our lakes and oceans, there may lurk some scary creatures. Kidzworld takes a look at lake monsters like the Loch Ness monster an... read more
The Science of Tanning

The Science of Tanning

There's a lot of controversy surrounding tanning - but do you even know what a tan is? Get the 411 here!... read more

Summer Camps to Satisfy Your Inner Explorer

Who knew science could be this exciting? Find adventure at a camp that takes you out of the classroom and into the wild!... read more
How to Save for Something Big

How to Save for Something Big

Whatever you're saving up for - college, an Xbox - you're going to need a game plan. Get the 411 on saving your money right here!... read more

Wild Things :: All About Small Pets

Small animals, like rabbits and hamsters, make some of the best pets for kids. Find out the 411 on these cute fur balls!... read more

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10 Facts About Me: 1. I Love Maths, but seldom get it right. 2. People may think i have a short height but i'm happy being a 5'3 3. I have been Cheated By my friends many times but i still trust them blindly. 4. I feel it is my duty to stand up to something wrong even if that means harming my relation with other people. 5. I'm a big foodie, dont care if gulping enormous heaps of it means gaining weight. All i care about is Me and My Food. 6. I Love Harry Potter 7. Love English Movies but Hate English Songs and Hate Bollywood Movies but Love Hindi SOngs 8. I love My Family, no matter how my life goes, my fam is something that always stands upto me. 9. Love to read Books 10. My deepest desire is to be a journalist and see my parents' happy faces.
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Coolest Science Experiment?

  • Baking soda volcano.
  • Potato battery.
  • Homemade lava lamp.
  • Making your own mummy.