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Urban Legend or Coffee Delicacy?

Are you tired of getting your caffeine fix from your morning can of Coke or Pepsi? Lookin' to try something a bit out of the ordinary? Then you should... read more

Exploding Water in the Microwave

Have you ever used the microwave to bring a cup of water to a boil? This is extremely dangerous and you should never, never do it. Take my advice - it... read more
Back-to-School Urban Legends

Back-to-School Urban Legends

Have you been dreading going back to school all summer for fear of being stuck in a locker? Check out these high school urban legends!... read more
Aug 28, 2013 | 67 comments

Bizarre Stuff - Incredible Human Feats

Think you're talented cuz you can do the splits? Think again. Check out these three unusually gifted people and decide for yourself if they aren't a h... read more

The Kick Behind Caffeine

Even if you're just drinking coffee or pop because you like the taste, the caffeine will still kick in and perk you up. Read on to find out how caffe... read more

Spontaneous Human Combustion

Do you believe humans can suddenly burst into flames from the inside out? It's called spontaneous human combustion. Check out this story about Mary. D... read more

Are We All on Big Brother?

Most of us are being videotaped every day - at the store, the bank, schools and sidewalks. Police say surveillance videos help solve crimes but isn't ... read more

Beam Me Up Scotty - A Real Live Teleporter

Beam me up Scotty! Scientists have managed to transport a laser beam from point A to point B in just seconds. But does this mean we'll be teleporting ... read more

Wild Things: Endangered Reptiles

Despite their fierce and scary image, many reptiles are endangered species including the Komodo Dragon, the Green Turtle and the ancient Tuatara.... read more

Tight Fit

Do you like to stay in style? It wasn't that long ago when really tight jeans were in. Find out how staying in style almost killed one teen girl. Luck... read more

Weird Collections

Lots of people have a collection of some sort. But would you believe that somewhere out there are people who collect locks of celeb's hair and even t... read more

Wild Things :: Skunks and Skunk Spray

If you come across a fluffy looking black cat with white spots, chances are it's probably a skunk. Skunks are famous for their stinky spray which leav... read more

What is The Periodic Table of Elements?

Are you sleeping through science class and missing important information? Here's a detailed look into the Periodic Table of Elements – what it i... read more

Are These Phobias For Real?

Everyone has fears. Plenty of people suffer from arachnophobia (fear of spiders,) and aviophobia (fear of flying.) Check out this list of fears and te... read more

Phantom Pain Mystery

Kidzworld did some digging to solve the mystery about phantom pains. Those are pains an amputee feels from a missing body part. Find out more and play... read more

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