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Search Engine Tutorial

Don't know the first thing about using a search engine? Kidzworld put together some top search engines, image sites, some search tips and tons more. S... read more

Puppies Fed to Boa Constrictors

Do you have a classroom pet? When it comes to feeding time, is it difficult to watch? One biology teacher wanted to feed his pet boa constrictors pupp... read more

Dead Bodies - Fact or Fiction?

Most people are buried in a cemetery when they die but not these guys. They went to extremes. Find out what these men did with their bodies after deat... read more

Flights of Inspiration

Flying was just a dream until two brothers, who never gave up, built the perfect flying machine. Keep reading for more about the first flight, longest... read more

Chemistry Final

If you miss your final exam in Chemistry, it doesn�t matter if you have top marks. These two guys made up an excuse for missing the exam and ended up ... read more

Mexican Stray Dog

Rescuing a stray dog can be a very rewarding experience. This lady went to Mexico and took a dog back to the US. Except not everything is as it appear... read more

Alarming Lunch Box

Lunch thieves beware. There's something new lurking in lunch boxes in New Zealand that might have you wishing you weren't such a coward. You can thank... read more

Why Cats Purr

Do you really know why your cat purrs? You think it's cuz your cat is happy and loving the attention you're giving it, don't you? Not even close. Here... read more

Guilty of Farting

Do you say sorry after farting? If you're a police officer and on the job you might get in trouble for that. In fact, you might even be charged. Do yo... read more
Real Deal on Reindeer

Wild Things: Reindeer and Caribou

Do you really think that reindeer can fly? Have you ever seen a flying deer? So what makes you think that Santa's reindeer can fly? His probably run o... read more

Cell Phones Cause Cancer - Digital Radiation

Did you know every time you talk on a cell phone, you're putting yourself at risk? I read about it on the Internet. People have even had tumors the sh... read more

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loviearmi posted in Say Anything:
Yeah. i am hugely a fan of rock bands specially the band EVANESCENCE.....
reply 17 minutes
Alois_Trancy_ posted in Food:
"hugebear" wrote:"Alois_Trancy_" wrote:CrispyChocolate Tiny little chocolate balls Dust, pollen, cut grass [gives her the] eh not ## #####  I'm not a fan of chocolate 
reply 33 minutes
hugebear posted in Food:
Crispy Chocolate  Tiny little chocolate balls  Dust, pollen, cut grass [gives her the] [photo:6034300]
reply 44 minutes
hugebear posted in Say Anything:
Play some golf Hehee :D
reply about 1 hour

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