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"clockwerk" wrote:Apr. 22 Forever alone :'(  =(FOUND MY TWIN!!!!!
reply 14 minutes
"CLALoveForever" wrote:April 28 so close! 30th April
reply about 1 hour
Boysrock50 posted in Debating:
@AlphaT  1) Sure. Removing the existing fencing is going to cost too though, as well as add to construction time. 2) It's a possibility. It's certainly going to be tricky maintaining security whilst construction is underway though. Hey, you might even get illegals dressed as builders! xD 3) Sounds like a plan, so long as power isn't abused. Is the wall going to be significantly different in size/location to the current fencing? 4) That's going to dampen relations with Mexico for sure, especially considering just how much they export to the US. I think this is one of the key issues with the wall. I can't imagine trade tariffs will be too popular with the govt. Also the trade deficit was $58bil by the end of 2015 according to USTR. No idea where you're getting $550bil from. But seriously, I'd love to see how you're going to lower the deficit by more than $10bil using trade tariffs. 5) What good is a wall with gaps in it? If illegals want to come across the border, they're going to do everything they can to get in. 6) A very big new wall across the border will certainly make Mexico feel divided. I can't imagine many Mexicans will be too pleased about that, though I wouldn't be surprised if many dislike America already, given current events. If I were to build a 10 foot high wall between my house and my neighbour without their permission, I can almost guarantee it will negatively impact relations. 7) Trump didn't build the Great Wall of China. He may have the finance to pay the top engineers in the world to build things, but that still doesn't make this proposal any easier. If you have a look at the plans for the design of the wall you'll see plenty of flaws. 8) "Quite convincing" - Maybe for the Trump fans. Almost everyone else on the planet who has voiced their opinion seems to disagree. Note that I haven't once called Trump a racist, though it seems blatant to me that he wants to discourage people with different views/backgrounds from living in America. 9) Which countries would those be? Does this include western terrorism or doesn't that count? Do you really think terrorist immigration is a major issue in the US? Especially considering that around four times more terrorist attacks since Sep.11 were carried out by American citizens. I think Trump is painting a false image in people's minds that there are huge amounts of immigrants coming into America attempting to cause terrorism, but this simply isn't the case. Countless articles and statistics will show you this. It's a minor issue that is being exaggerated to cause more fear and divide between the US and the rest of the world- specifically non-Western countries. Scaremongering at it's finest. 10) Trump's speech on national security, 13th June. I'm not sure of the exact wording. 11) A Holiday maker is just someone entering the country on holiday. Could you please quote me a statistic proving that the majority of terrorists are Muslim? (I won't bother getting into the argument of how terrorism isn't compatible with Islam, that's another issue entirely). I have no reason to believe this is true at all. Plus, this still doesn't justify the other 1.5bil innocent Muslims (including myself) from not being able to enter. There's a school trip to New York next year, I'm really looking forward to that. :/ 12) What makes you believe he is able to make the right decisions regarding political issues though? As far as I'm aware, he is a man who claims he is willing and able to do quite a lot of things, without reasoning or evidence as to how he will actually do it. Similarly, he seems quick to criticise things without giving viable alternatives as a solution to the issues.  13) Economists don't make good presidents. That's why we don't tend to have economists running the country, or even trying to gain the power for that matter. However it is far more useful to have economic skills than business skills, considering the country has an economy and does not behave like your typical business at all. Actually I think you'll find Lord Sugar may just represent the views of many, it's just that he has the sense not to attempt to become a politician. Trump represents the negative views of many Americans. The kind of views that brings out the bad traits in people. Traits like hatred, ignorance and arrogance. I'm sure many would much rather their PM shares their love for the environment, rather than negative views on Mexicans, for example. 14) Okay not gonna lie, I would love to see Trump trying to negotiate trade deals with others. That would certainly be a sight to behold. You have no idea how Trump's trade plans will effect the economy, only time will tell. Like I said earlier, he's a businessman, not an economist. Are you sure he even fully understands the components of trade? What I do gain slight assurance in, is the fact that he will be advised by others. I have a feeling he will need a tremendous amount of guidance if he was to be PM. 15) Congratulations. Trump is a 'successful' businessman. Unfortunately this isn't a vacancy for owner of Apple inc, it's a job for PM. How successful has he been politically in the past? I think I covered everything, let me know if I missed anything out. [I seem to have wrote more than intended xD]
reply about 1 hour
Kidgamer123 posted in General:
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Coolest Science Experiment?

  • Baking soda volcano.
  • Potato battery.
  • Homemade lava lamp.
  • Making your own mummy.

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