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Science Project Idea: Amazing Natural Disasters :: Earthquakes

Science Project Idea: Amazing Natural Disasters :: Earthquakes

Want a REALLY COOL science fair project? Look no further than Mother Nature, who's known to have some pretty bad days! Check out fun facts about earth... read more
Science Project Idea: Amazing Natural Disasters :: Hurricanes

Science Project Idea: Amazing Natural Disasters :: Hurricanes

Want a REALLY COOL science fair project? Look no further than Mother Nature, who's known to have some pretty bad days! Check out fun facts about hurri... read more

Science Project Idea: Amazing Natural Disasters :: Tornadoes

Want a REALLY COOL science fair project? Look no further than Mother Nature - she's been known to have some pretty bad days! Check out fun facts about... read more

Printable Pumpkin Pattern: Shy Guy

Challenge yourself with this not-the-norm pumpkin stencil. Download the Shy Guy Printable Pumpkin Pattern on Kidzworld!... read more

Printable Pumpkin Pattern: Grinning Ghoul

Challenge yourself with this not-the-norm pumpkin stencil. Download the Grinning Ghoul Printable Pumpkin Pattern on Kidzworld!... read more

Creepy Halloween Party Food

Planning a Halloween party? There are certain spooky snacks you just can’t forget to serve to your ghoulish guests – otherwise it would just be a plai... read more
Philo Farnsworth

The Story Of Philo Farnsworth: The Kid Who Invented TV

Ever wondered what life before TV was like? What did kids do for fun? One boy who lived at a time like this was Philo Taylor Farnsworth - he invented ... read more
Summertime Science

Summertime Science

Summer’s the perfect time to brush up on some of your science skills for school in September. Don’t worry – it’s not all boring brainwork. ... read more

Constellations :: An Out-of-This-World Science Fair Project

Looking to ace your science fair project this year? Why not reach for the stars with this simple, fun and district-winning science fair project on con... read more

Strawberry Sensation

Everyone loves strawberries! Bright-red, juicy and sweet, they’re one of the fruits we look forward to eating all summer long. This year, why not plan... read more
History Of Hamburgers

History Of Hamburgers

Everyone loves burgers, but do you know the history of Hamburgers? What is the best topping? Learn all about burgers on Kidzworld!... read more

Swine Flu: The Whole (True) Story

If you’ve been watching the news or talking to your friends, parents or teachers about what’s going on in the world right now, you’ve probably heard a... read more

Dinosaur: Book Review :: Monsters Of The Deep

While dinosaurs ruled the land, the oceans of the world were filled with incredible species of their own. Vast marine reptiles dominated the seas. Som... read more

Dinosaur: Book Review :: Weird & Wonderful

Nearly 2,000 different types of dinosaurs may have walked the earth at one time or another, and they came in a variety of shapes and sizes – just like... read more

Dinosaur: Book Review :: Celebrity Dinosaurs

Tyrannosaurus rex – “Tyrant Lizard King” – even the name’s impressive. When the T-Rex was first given his title, he was the largest land predator ever... read more

posts from the Random forums

A wall of fire appears before me, melting Blue's snowballs before impact. "Ha." ​I begin a rain of snowballs over the area. I quickly run out, but as I throw, I pick up more snow. ​I'm so concentrated on my task, I don't bother looking to see if I've hit my intended target. ​(("Yeah, yeah. I'm really good. But, I was wondering... why are you...? Why are you spending time with me? You barely know me..." Papyrus is very grateful to Punmaster, but everyone usually has something better to do than be with him.))  
reply 5 minutes
PunMaster posted in Say Anything:
(PunMaster finishes her crossword, and smiles up at Papyrus. "You okay?") There was faint giggling coming from the trees, and then Blue burst out, raining down a plentiful amount of snowballs on Iron. "Mweh heh heh!!" 
reply 35 minutes
((Papyrus is so nervous he drops his pencil, but it rolls out farther than he can reach. He doesn't know what to do, because he doesn't want to disturb PunMaster by moving. Oh, well. He was done with his crossword anyway.)) ​I looked at Blue's hiding place for a moment, then, after some careful planning and aim, I chucked a fire ball right before the lump of snow. The burst of flame melted it instantly, but the snow's mere presence had kept Blue unharmed. ​"Sorry, kid. I only fight with fire. But... I guess I'll make an exception." I unfortunately am unable to use telekinesis, which would've been really cool, but I was forced to gather snow by hand while Blue ran for a new hiding place. I had been looking down at the ground, so when I looked up, I couldn't see where he'd gone. ​"Come out, come out!" I laughed in a pretend evil voice. Under one arm, I held plenty of snowballs, and my other arm was on fire, almost melting the snow. {A chance for Papyrus to see and get angry or something.}
reply 40 minutes
Dear Fred,         The morgue was dusty and it smelled like chemicals and dead plants. Is dead plants even a smell? I'm not sure. Whatever the smell was, it made me want to run and hide. Because that's what i usually did when bad things happened. Whenever mom and dad were fighting, when me and you fought, when the cat died. Running was my instinct and i was good at it. But i decided i wouldn't just for you. "Thank you Miss Jackson, i was surprised that your parents didn't come." The man said as he guided me towards the room. "Yeah well they're good at missing out." I said bitterly. I knew you loved mom and dad. You were too good Fred i don't understand why you didn't hate them. Especially when they got a divorce. You were too good for this world. And sometimes I believe i should've been the one with brain cancer.  The man guided me into a room and i saw your body on the medical table. At that moment i wanted to turn around and run away screaming bloody murder. But i didn't. Again, for you. I always gave you too many favors. There was a body under the sheet and i stared at it. "Miss Jackson?" The man said again. "Huh?" I asked looking up. He looked at me with sympathy and asked again "Would you like him cremated or buried?" Mom and Dad had an argument about this one. Mom wanted your ashes made into three necklaces and each of us wear them, so you were always with us. Which i thought was a load of crap. But you would totally think that's cool because that's how you are. Were, i mean were. Dad wanted you traditionally buried and mom thought that was a horrendous idea. And now here i am at the morgue going against their will deciding what to do with you.  Mom and dad never cared about us Freddy. You depended on them too much. "Cremated." I finally said. Remember that spot on Newbury beach we always went to. You called it the 'Gossip Gathering Spot' and we would sit there on the big rock over the ocean talking for hours. Because at that time was when it was only us. I remember ever summer weekend we would anticipate the Gossip Gathering. When we asked each other what was wrong and we both said 'Gossip Gathering'. I liked that beach house. I think that was the only time when all four of us were happy. Mom and you would gather seashells on the beach, me and dad would play bad mitten, and i always won. Then after that we would get dinner at The Lucky One because their fish and chips were to die for. And then we would drive to Sally's Sundaes because that was the best ice cream in the world. I'd have to say those were the best memories of you. Of course, we stopped going after the divorce.  Anyway, I'm going to spread your ashes at the Gossip Gathering Spot. And when high tide comes, the ocean will wash you away into the earth. You were always that kind of nature guy. Even when you could barely stand you tried to help rake the leaves with the workers outside the hospital. Avery Hospital, that was a good hospital. I remember when you died. Every nurse in the room cried. The whole hospital was in a sort of a depression after that. Man, everyone loved you Fred. At the First Stage you were skipping the halls and bribing the nurses with your smile for pudding. And how you wheeled that little 11 year old girl around like it was a car race. I swear to god Freddy you were 18 and you acted like a 13 year old. Still, everyone loved you. Even when you got meaner and angrier. You never got angry with mom. Because you knew she was too fragile. It was always me. But i think you knew that i knew you never meant any word.  "Alright." The man said, writing something down. "The ashes will be ready next Monday. I'll give you a call." I nodded and said thank you leaving the building as fast as i could. I got in my car and sat there for awhile. And then i cried. I wasn't one to cry. Not when mom and dad fought, when they kicked ## out, and not even when you died. I don't understand why i started crying now. But seeing you so lifeless made something click and suddenly all my emotions caught up with me. I told you I'm very good at running away from everything. You were so lively, even as the brain cancer took over. You made sure to smile each and every single day. You never ran from your problems. You embraced then with a hug. And I'm sorry the way I am. I'm just really sorry. I'm sorry I'm always running. I'm sorry i stormed out when you yelled at me. I'm sorry I left without telling you. Those months apart were awful. And as soon as i heard about you being diagnosed i came back.  I don't get it. Why you and not me? It really should've been me Fred. Mom misses you, dad misses you. The Davidson twins miss you. Amber really misses you.  I miss you.  Goodbye Freddy,  Delilah.  Note found at 2:27pm after car collision at 1:45pm. The car had been impacted from driver side. Resulted in immediate death. EMT's arrived 12 minutes after collision. But of course, It was too late.  They ran out of time. 
reply about 1 hour

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  • Baking soda volcano.
  • Potato battery.
  • Homemade lava lamp.
  • Making your own mummy.

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