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Athletes, coaches and general managers are putting sports on hold while they mourn the thousands of people who were killed during the attacks - including people from the sports world.

Sporting events around the world have been cancelled after the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, DC on September 11, 2001. Athletes, coaches and general managers are putting sports on hold while they mourn the thousands of people who were killed during the attacks - including people from the sports world. Ace Bailey and Mark Bavis who were scouts for the Los Angeles Kings were both on board one of the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center.

Here's what some of your favorite athletes and coaches are saying about the horrible attacks.
1"For a lot of people my age, we've only read about history and haven't really felt the impact of terror that we're dealing with."
-San Diego Padres pitcher, Trevor Hoffman.
1"This is a national disaster and I wouldn't want to watch baseball right now if I was anybody. I'm sure most of the guys don't really want to play right now. I think they just want to get home and be close to their families right now."
-San Francisco Giants shortstop, Rich Aurilia.
1"This is an unbelievable tragedy. Stuff likes this happens in plenty other places around the world every day, but we're blind to the fact that it can happen here. That's why everyone is in such shock. No one ever expected this to happen here."
-Ottawa Sentaors defenseman, Wade Redden.
1"This is a sad, sad day in America."
-Tiger Woods.
1"It's unconscionable to think this could happen. We're all speechless on what happened, but we'll try to get through it and try to help people who suffered losses and have been hurt."
-New York Jets quarterback, Vini Testeverde.

Sports Cancellations

  • Major League Baseball has cancelled all games scheduled for Wednesday, September 12th and Thursday, September 13th. The weekend games may be cancelled as well.
  • The NFL has also cancel the games scheduled for week 2.
  • The PGA will not have events this weekend. The Ryder Cup which starts at the end of September may also be cancelled.
  • The start of NHL training camps for several teams has been cancelled.
  • All European Champions League matches for this week have been postponed.
  • NASCAR has cancelled qualifying for the New Hamshire 300 scheduled for Friday.
  • Major League Soccer has cancelled all games scheduled for September 12th.

    These games are being cancelled because other things are more important - like caring for injured people, looking for survivors, being with family and making sure the United States is safe. Major concerts and entertainment events have also been cancelled. But don't let that drag you down. The games will be back on eventually and you can take your mind of the bad news by playing sports with your friends.

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