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Midtown Madness :: PC Game Cheats

Midtown Madness is bumper car madness for your computer. It's all about sending cars, trucks and mailboxes flying with your turbo-powered vehicle. For even crazier action - aliens, slippery streets, backwards traffic and wacky skies - check out these codes.

There are two ways to enter the codes to power-up your game. Watch out for the "no points" codes cuz you won't be racking up any points for your high score while you're using them. Here's what to do:

Method #1:

Start a "New" player and enter one of these cheats as the name.

Code / Effect
Showme Cops Police show up on the map. (no points)
Big Bus Party Traffic is all buses. (no points)
Tiny Car Traffic is all small cars. (no points)
Jet Planes Traffic is all airplanes. (no points)
Warp Eleven Faster computer drivers. (no points)
amizdA eoJ Backwards traffic.
- Cruise Mode Cheats -
vacompact Choose the VW Bug to get a VW Rabbit.
vavan Choose the Ford F350 to get a van.
vapickup Choose the Ford F350 to get a pickup.
vadelivery Choose the Ford F350 to get a delivery truck.
valimo Choose the Mustang GT to get a limo.
valimoblack Choose the Mustang GT to get a black limo.
valimoangel Choose the Mustang GT to get a white limo.
vasedans Choose the Cadillac to get a standard car.
vataxi Choose the Cadillac to get a yellow cab.
vataxicheck Choose the Cadillac to get a green checkered cab.
vabus Choose the City Bus to get a bus of a different color.
vadiesels Choose the City Bus to get a Diesel.
vaboeing_small Choose the City Bus to drive a mini-jet.
vasedanl Choose the Bullet to get a standard car.

Method #2:

Once you're in the game and roaring around, there are a bunch of other codes you can punch in. Hold down Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F7 and a window will pop up. Punch in one of these codes to activate the cheat of your choice and kick some butt with your mad driving skills.

Code / Effect
/nodamage Turn damage off. (no points)
/damage Turn damage back on.
/fuzz Turn police radar on/off. (no points)
/bridge Make bridges very fast. (no points)
/slide Other traffic has no friction. (no points)
/puck You have no friction. (no points)
/grav Low gravity. (no points)
/postal Shoot mailboxes with your horn. (no points)
/ufo Turn the planes into UFOs
/swap Turn the train into airplanes.
/dizzy Make the sky spin like crazy.
/talkfast Super-speed commentary.
/talkslow Super-slow commentary.
/big Giant people.
/tiny Itsy-bitsy people.
/nosmoke Turn off smoking tires.
/smoke Turn smoking tires back on.

Now get out there and wreak some havoc!

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