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Elise Estrada :: Video Interview

Kidzworld sat down with Elise Estrada and got the scoop on her music, fashion sense and love life. Check out what Elise had to say!



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ChocolateDragon posted in Movies:
reply about 17 hours
Tomboy_ posted in TV Shows:
Baka to Test!!!
reply about 21 hours
bgirlmattyb posted in TV Shows:
how come man?
reply 2 days
yugimutoz posted in TV Shows:
i've seen 12 seasons of supernatural! not planning on watching anymore of it, though... it's so long. u__u
reply 2 days
bgirlmattyb posted in TV Shows:
Never seen any supernatural posts. Been a fan since I was 7. Anyone else like Supernatural? What's ur opinion on the season finale ?
reply 2 days