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Write a Letter to President Obama

According to the White House’s official website, President Barack Obama is committed to creating the most open and accessible administration in American history.

This means he wants to hear from YOU! Use the simple contact form at www.whitehouse.gov/contact to send your personal message to President Obama; tell him what you think he needs to focus on as president, and what issues matters most to you and the rest of America’s kids.

You have the power to change your country and to help make the world a better place!

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What Would You Do if You Were Prez?

  • I'd make a law that kids could ground parents.
  • I'd try and be friendlier to other countries.
  • I would give more money to charities.
  • I'd ban mystery meat from school cafeterias.

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Because I lay on the floor. (
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A superhuman! How is it possible that you are a superhuman too?
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I mean to dumb people >:pWhat are you
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I want pizzaWhat do you mean?
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Cause it's the aliens getting ready to invade. What will the aliens do when they take over earth
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