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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Some tourists were driving their car through the [kwlink 165]Australian[/kwlink 165] outback and were so taken with the scenery that they didn't see the big, old kangaroo cross their path. They hit it - hard. At first they were stunned and saddened, but then they thought: Hey! What a wicked photo opportunity.

So the tourists got out of the car and propped up the six foot kangaroo figuring this would look great for all their friends at home. To make the picture even cooler the driver took off his jacket and put it on the Roo. Just as the one guy is going to take his friend's pic, the Roo opens his eyes and hops off. Turns out the marsupial was only stunned and regained consciousness, making off with the guys jacket which contained his passport, wallet and, of course, car keys!

Believe it or not? Take our poll and see what other think.

Last weeks story, Blue Star Tattoo, was about tattoos soaked in drugs and being sold in the hallways at school. If you haven't been asked to buy a tab yet you aren't the only one. In fact, nobody has been offered any blue star tattoos because the story wasn't true.

Here are last weeks poll results:

Believe It or Not?

Yes: 42 percent
No: 31 percent
I don't know: 26 percent
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Believe it or Not?

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • I don't know.

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By saying this: i donno
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GenesisVolta posted in General:
Banned because i dont know what that word means
reply about 1 hour
ℓιтєяαℓℓу ωє нανє αℓℓ ѕαι∂ ѕтυρι∂ тнιиgѕ вυт ωнαт ωαѕ тнє ѕтυρι∂єѕт уσυ нανє ѕαι∂
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Rescueluv posted in General:
Banned for being hypocritical 
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