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The Curse Of The Romany Wolves Book Review

The Curse Of The Romany Wolves Book Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Aug 04, 2009
( Rating: 3 Star Rating)

The Curse Of The Romany Wolves is a follow-up (or sequel) to S. Jones Rogan’s The Daring Adventures Of Penhaligon Brush.

Author: S. Jones Rogan
Illustrator: Christian Slade
Age: 9-12

The Curse Of The Romany Wolves is a follow-up (or sequel) to S. Jones Rogan’s The Daring Adventures Of Penhaligon Brush. It’s an action-packed book that’s accompanied by amazing black-and-white sketches by illustrator Christian Slade.

The Story

Picking off where The Daring Adventures Of Penhaligon Brush left off, the creatures of Porthleven are suddenly stricken by a terrible and mysterious disease that looks an awful lot like Febra lupi, also known as the curse of the Romany wolves. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for this strange sickness.

But that won’t stop Penhaligon, a brave and boundless fox, from trying to find one and save the citizens of Porthleven! So off he goes to adventure on the high seas, where he takes on nasty pirates and some seriously scary sea creatures!

Finally, Penhaligon finds a tiny piece of parchment that might hold the clue to a cure for the curse of the Romany wolves. According to the parchment, Penhaligon needs to gather up a number of ingredients – unfortunately, each of the items can only be found on Howling Island, which is said to be haunted.

Penhaligon, who’s just finished facing fierce enemies (pirates, sea serpents, double-crossing ferrets!) on the high seas, figures the ghosts of Howling Island are nothing compared to what he’s just been through. So off he goes to find the cure – but will he make it back in time to save the village of Porthleven?

You’ll have to read The Curse Of The Romany Wolves to find out!

The Curse Of The Romany Wolves Rating: 3

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    Nandez posted in Say Anything:
    thanks for posting this Kristen. I think that it is a tough subject to talk about with other people and honestly I think it's good to talk about it in a moderate amount. Now that more pepole are being diagnosed with learning differences or some sort of other mental health disorder, I think that talking about it and informing people will only make it easier for people to feel less awkward or the odd man out. That's how I found about that I am not the only person in the room who has ADD. I'm more willing to come out and talk to people and discribe what I have to go through on a daily basis to raise awareness. School will always be hard for me so I look at my strengths to help push me forward in life. 
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    Oh wow, a genuine trigger warning. Did the memes teach you nothing?  First off, an actual warning. Take no action based on what you've read here without first consulting a mental health professional.  Now, I have a lot of experience in mental illness. I have ADHD(Pre-DSMV), an anxiety disorder, and I've tested significant for bipolar (Pre-DSMV).  My best advise is to find a therapist that you personally connect with. It's not about being comfortable, because a good therapist will challenge your thoughts, but you need to be able to accept those challenges. And to do that, you'll need a therapist that you mesh with.  Aside from that, good medication can go a long way to helping you live with your mental issues. However, this isn't true for everyone, and it should be handled by a medical professional. 
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    I mean, it's a problem, but it's a problem that most all hormonal teens go through. 
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    This is great, Kris! Loved it.  Thank you :) It's one of those things I wish someone had said to me in the past, y'know?
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